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God Speed Ministry Celebrating Ten Years
Courtesy of God Speed Ministry

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:14-15

God Speed Ministry was founded in 2004 out of the need for a ministry presence at IHRA events. Over the last ten years we have had the privilege of serving folks of all ages and from all walks of life not only among the IHRA, but also at many other drag racing, automotive and outdoor events. It has been our greatest privilege to be God's hands and feet and to see Him work among you. Do you know how it all began?

When was God Speed started, how did it come about and who all was a part of that beginning?

God Speed Ministry was formed in the spring of 2004. Gary & I (Renee) had gone to the Texas Nationals in San Antonio. We had lots of time to talk on the 22 hour drive. We wondered what God was doing and what we were supposed to be doing in IHRA and ministry. We didn't feel we were making any difference in IHRA and discussed coming off the road and putting our focus on ministry in our local church.

As usual, I was working in the IHRA control tower and Gary was racing that weekend. IHRA President Bill Bader and Rev. Bill Dickerson were having a conversation in the tower on Saturday morning when Bill Bader said, "Renee!" I knew by the tone of his voice that whatever he was about to say would mean more work for me.

"What?" I asked.

"You!" He pointed his finger in my face. "You! Perfect idea," he said looking up.

"What?" I asked curiously and with some apprehension. Bill and I are great friends and I knew he was up to something.

"I'll tell you tomorrow." His tone was final. I would not know until Sunday morning.

At dinner that night, I told Gary about the strange conversation with Bill. As I relayed the details, his face went white and he began to shake. "What time was that?" he asked.

"Around 10:30 this morning. Why?"

Tears began to roll down Gary's cheeks. "Whatever he asks you tomorrow, the answer is yes." He paused. "I was on my knees in the motorhome asking God to show us what to do. So whatever Bill asks you tomorrow, the answer is yes."

And on a sunny Sunday morning in San Antonio TX, Bill Bader asked us to form a new ministry for IHRA. He said he wanted our answer at the Spring Nationals in Rockingham 3 months later after we had time to consider what he was asking. Then we would have a year to put everything together.

On Thursday at Rockingham we met with Skooter Peaco who informed us our year had turned into 3 weeks. We were incredulous! We didn't have a name or anything. How could we do this?

By Saturday night we had 3 possible names. I turned to Aaron Polburn for his expert advice. He gave me his opinion and then, as he turned to walk the hall of the Rockingham tower, he flung over his shoulder, "If it were mine, I would call it God Speed."

That was it! By Sunday night, we had our domain name and the promise of help for the website. On Monday, Steve & Brenda Corker joined Gary & me as the Board of Directors. On Tuesday I had the incorporation papers and bylaws from the attorney in my hands. By Friday we had several divisional chaplains: Rev. Bill Dickerson, Joe Sannutti and Pastor Star Scott.

The organizing of God Speed Ministry was definitely a God orchestrated event capped off by a sequence of divine acts and appointments. It forever changed our lives. Now it is forever changing the lives of other people.

God Speed Ministry became the official ministry of IHRA in November of 2004.

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