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Halloween Classic XX Results from Firebird Raceway in Western Idaho
By The New Crew
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BOISE, Idaho --

Ryan Cook
Eastern Idaho racer Ryan Cook scored the four-way Classic Grand Championship at the NAPA Auto Parts HALLOWEEN CLASSIC XX at Firebird Raceway. Competing for a purse topping $45,000, the track's season closing major event attracted racers from eleven states and two Canadian provinces.

Earning individual NHRA Idaho State Championship titles, the main event champions (picture attached) included: Ryan Cook (Super Pro), Dustin Ward (Pro), Terol Rasmussen (Heavy), and Dick Wentz (Sportsman). Jacob Wood (Sled/Bike), Casey Compton (Jr. Lightning) and D. Cooper Chun (Jr. Thunder) won additional eliminators. The four individual winners from Super Pro, Pro, Heavy and Sportsman competed in a four-way runoff for the Classic Grand Championship title. In the runoff, Cook won the $5,000 payday, running 7.88 (7.89 dial)-169.30 after Rasmussen redlighted (-.053 foul).

The Lucas Oil Top Gun Shootout pitted the quickest 16 (of each) open wheelers and full-bodied rides. Blu Hayball drove his `08 Dragster to a 8.01-127.56 when the `68 Camaro of Gene Kelly broke midway through his final round attempt.

Air Firebird Champ
Jamie DenBesten
Jamie DenBesten and Steve Stuart earned top honors in the Air Firebird Wheelstanding exhibition on Saturday night of the Classic event.

Sunday Results from the NAPA Classic XX

Grand Championship Runoff
Ryan Cook, Idaho Falls, .023, 7.88 (7.90 dial) 169.30 def. Terol Rasmussen, Boise, -.053 foul, 11.82 (11.80 dial) 112.41.
Semi-Dustin Ward, Renton, Wash.; Dick Wentz, Yakima, Wash.

Lucas Oil Top Gun Open Wheel vs. Full Bodied Runoff
Blu Hayball, Fort Hall, .023, 8.01 (7.53 dial) 127.56 def. Gene Kelly, Emmett, .039, 11.12 (8.30 dial) 82.09.

Super Pro
Ryan Cook, Idaho Falls, .013, 7.97 (7.88 dial) 150.25 def. Steve Lambert, Boise, .011, 8.32 (8.10 dial) 166.05
Semi-Brad Pattan, Emmett.
Quarters-Mike Micelli, Vancouver, Wash.; Christopher Northup, Boise; Tom Clark, Spokane, Wash.
Eighths-Lonnie Grace, Fallon, Nev.; Robert Asbury, Yakima, Wash.; Frank Greenough, Idaho Falls; Juliet Barnhart, Emmett; Jason Thomas, Meridian.

Blu Hayball
Dustin Ward, Renton, Wash., .029, 10.73 (10.73 dial), 119.74 def. Paul Nicolosi, Nampa, .042, 10.78 (10.77 dial), 123.67.
Semi-Chad Campbell, Meridian.
Quarters-Dennis Jorgenson, Nampa; Steve Stuart, Estacada, Ore.
Eighths-Ernest Raile, Lakewood, Colo.; Steve Holland, Boise; Josh Simons, Rifle, Colo.; Tyler Warman, Spokane, Wash.

Dick Wentz, Yakima, Wash., .026, 12.65 (12.64 dial), 100.15 def. Troy McDonald, Nampa, .079, 14.45 (14.46 dial) 96.56.
Semi-David Meimann, Middleton; Cory Dykema, Emmett.
Quarters-Andrea Higgins, Nampa; Stephanie Meimann, Middleton; Matthew Lindsay, Nampa.
Eighths-Byron Stewart, Meridian; Blaine Sterling, Caldwell; Mike Osmus, Caldwell;Shanze Panunzio, Plain City, Utah; Jason Squire, Caldwell; Margaret Smith, Parma.

Terol Rasmussen, Boise, .023, 11.80 (11.84 dial), 112.71 def. Doug Ward, Monteview, Ida., .002, 11.83 (11.90 dial), 108.47.
Semi-Justin Cirelli, Boise.
Quarters-Luke Arneson, Rockford, Wash.; Jennifer Carey, Sparks, Nev.
Eighths-Tim Shaw, Boise; Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell; Lucas Hall, Middleton; Bruce Nickerson, Spokane, Wash.

Jacob Wood, Meridian, .051, 9.37 (9.39 dial) 130.13 def. Craig Jensen, Chubbuck, Ida., .030, 9.72 (9.80 dial), 123.66.
Semi-Brian Wilkening, Buffalo, Wyo.; Ashton Davis, Middleton.

Last Chance
Justin Cooper, Medical Lake, Wash., .014, 10.97 (10.97 dial) 132.90 def. Matt Stocker, Boise, .044, 11.09 (11.10 dial), 120.30.
Semi-Shannon Dougal, Eagle; Chris Wingert, Lewiston.

Last Chance Sled Bike
John Johnson, Jr., Caldwell, .055, 10.35 (10.45 dial) def. Zak Pedraza, Boise, .104, 10.00 (10.15 dial) 121.95.
Semi-Bryan Duvall, West Jordan, Utah.

Junior Thunder
D. Cooper Chun, Vancouver, Wash., .044, 13.25 (13.09 dial) 60.14 def. Austin Coates, Eagle, .090, 11.69 (11.76 dial) 54.36.
Semi-Shayna Nickerson, Spokane Valley, Wash.; Layne Fiscus, Boise.

Junior Lightning
Casey Compton, Boise, .030, 8.05 (8.01 dial), 78.65 def. Shelby Schoenfeld, Magna, Utah, .118, 9.03 (8.99 dial), 70.54.
Semi-Levi Burke, Bates, Ore.

Bill Bader Founder's Award
Mike Smith and friends, Kuna Knuckle Draggers, Kuna.

Best Appearing-Open Wheel
Devon Hilton, Vancouver, Wash., Dragster

Best Appearing-Full Bodied
Cody Austin, Spring Creek, Nev., `87 Camaro

Best Appearing-Sled/Bike
Dave Allen, Meridian, `08 Suzuki

Best Appearing-Junior Dragster
Austin Schoenfeld, Magna, Utah, Jr. Dragster

Long Distance
Tal Saasta, Vallulla Centre, Alta, `70 Dragster, 1,921 miles one-way

Saturday Results from the NAPA Classic XX

Air Firebird Wheelstanding Contest
Highest -Jamie DenBesten, Lyman, Wyo.
Longest -Steve Stuart, Estacada, Ore.

Super Pro Track Championship Runoff
Chris Jaggers, Middleton, .003, 8.66 (8.60 dial) 152.25 miles per hour def. Sean Shaffer, Boise, ..007, 9.91 (9.85 dial) 120.48.

Top Gun Open Wheel Eliminator
Blu Hayball, Fort Hall, .017, 7.52 (7.54 dial) 175.74 def. Tom Clark, Spokane, Wash., .029, 7.44 (7.47 dial) 178.35.
Semi-Steve Cook, Rexburg; Sean Page, Boise.
Quarter-Dan Lafferty, Wendell; Tom Bailey, Soda Springs; Cody Hiatt, Boise; Jeff Evans, Spokane, Wash.

Top Gun Full Bodied Eliminator
Gene Kelly, Emmett, .009, 8.30 (8.30 dial) 159.34 def. Steve Lambert, Boise, .006, 8.09 (8.06 dial) 169.07.
Semi-Jamie DenBesten, Lyman, Wyo.,; Marty Castagno, Grantsville, Utah.
Quarter-Tom Franks, Boise; Doug Watts, Syracuse, Utah; Brian Stief, Billings, Mont.; Butch Warner, Surprise, Ariz.

Junior Dragster-A
Austin Coates, Eagle, .275, 11.80 (11.31 dial) 54.69 def. David Cooper Chun, Vancouver, Wash., broke.
Semi-Layne Fiscus, Boise; Isaac Hawker, Wellsville, Utah.

Junior Dragster-B
Paige Harris, Meridian, .053, 9.32 (9.15 dial) 70.83 def. Hailey Smith, Nampa, .-.029 foul, 9.24 (9.14 dial) 65.42.
Semi-Rion Coates, Eagle; Audrey Odman, Pendleton, Ore.

Junior Dragster-C
Jake Nickerson, Spokane Valley, Wash., .034, 8.03 (7.99 dial) 78.34 def. Casey Compton, Boise, ..094, 8.01 (8.02 dial) 81.06.
Semi-Jayden Hawker, Wellsville, Utah; Jessica Segura, Caldwell.

Junior Dragster-D
Paul Sheridan, Boise, .049, 8.51 (8.50 dial) 71.83 def. Wes Morris, Boise, .139, 7.98 (7.98 dial) 80.77.
Semi-John Burke Jr., Bates, Ore.; Austin Schoenfeld, Magna, Utah.

Costume Contest
Funniest-Kuna Knuckle Draggers, First Round Clowns, Kuna.
Couples-Jessica Burnett and Bill King, Bill Clinton and Monica, Sandy, Ore.
Most Original-Tami Shaffer and Nanette Cox, Lego's, Boise, Payette.
Sexiest-Sharlene Lancaster and Phyllis May, Pirate Wenches, Payette.

Best Decorated Pit Area
Doug Watts, family and friends, Haunted House
Jeff & Melanie Higgins family and friends, Hillbillies
Melba Outlaws, Outlaw Bar

Best Decorated Race Car
Nick Marsala, Kuna.
Greg Sabatino, Meridian.
Mike Smith, Kuna.

Staff Costume
Tessa O'Donnell, Jellyfish.
Bryan Smith, Michael Jackson.
Tammy Silva, Hawaiian Girl.
Honorable Mention - John New, Hawaiian Tourist.

Friday Results from the NAPA Classic XX

Super Roller
Chris Jaggers, Middleton, .021, 8.55 (8.56 dial) 155.09 def. Dan Lafferty, Wendell, .023, 7.35 (7.37 dial) 183.82.
Semi-Jerry Odman, Pendleton, Ore.
Quarter-Steve Reynolds, Nampa; Ryan Cook, Idaho Falls; Jason Thomas, Meridian.
Eighth-Greg Knight, Middleton; Cheryl Wentz, Yakima, Wash.; Dan Doersch, Payette; Butch Warner, Surprise, Ariz.; Bill King, Sandy, Ore.; John Tiegen, County GP No. 1, Alberta.

No Box Hi Roller
Brian Sanderson, S. Jordan, Utah, .057, 10.81 (10.74 dial) 122.88 def. Stan Deming, Nampa, .092, 10.49 (10.50 dial) 119.06.
Semi-Mick Alley, Eagle; Ricky Johnson, Ontario, Ore.
Quarter-Travis Hilton, Woodburn, Ore.; Brett Warner, Aberdeen; Shanze Pannunzio, Plain City, Utah; Glenn Dread, Idaho Falls.
Eighth-Tom Davis, Meridian; Mary Liese, Boise; Bruce Stewart, Middleton; Melissa Jarboe, New Plymouth; Seth McLean, Nampa; Tom Bittick, Caldwell; Rachelle Nielsen, Rexburg; Anthony Keller, Kuna.

No Box Gambler
Terol Rasmussen, Boise, .018, 11.69 (11.69 dial) 110.34 def. Steve Pyburn, Melba, .090, 10.01 (9.99 dial) 134.08.
Semi-Ron Wurtz, Caldwell; Kyle Witherspoon, Boise.
Quarter-Tim Harris, Boise; Adam Wurtz, Caldwell; Dick Wentz, Yakima, Wash.; Terry Phillips, Emmett.

Sled/Bike Gambler
Craig Jensen, Chubbuck, .138, 9.62 (9.62 dial) 126.36 def. Liz Micheletty, Kuna, .144, 9.85 (9.92 dial) 139.57.
Semi-David Wood, Eagle.
Quarter-Janet Cloake, Clarkston, Wash.; Ashton Davis, Middleton; Jim Cox, Weiser.

Thursday Results from the NAPA Classic XX

Super Roller
Trevor Harkema, Hayden, .028, 7.73 (7.75 dial) 172.64 def. Gordon Boven, Boise, .019, 9.59 (9.63 dial) 129.05.
Semi-Larry Troudt, Emmett.
Quarter-Larry Saunders, Fruitland; Cheryl Wentz, Yakima, Wash.; Jason Thomas, Meridian.
Eighth-Dave Goff, Emmett; Cliff Mansfield, Odell, Ore.; Tom Bailey, Soda Springs; Justin Cooper, Medicine Lake, Wash.; Debbie Dawson, Sutherlin, Ore.

No Box Hi Roller
Jesse Sanderson, West Jordan, Utah, .006, 10.30 (10.30 dial) 124.60 def. Stan Deming, Nampa, .049, 10.53 (10.52 dial) 115.51.
Semi-Travis Hilton, Woodburn, Ore.; Ernest Raile, Lakewood, Colo.
Quarter-Jeff Bell, Meridian; Mick Alley, Eagle; Ricky Johnson, Ontario, Ore.; Rob Kennard, Redmond, Ore.
Eighth-Scott Parsons, Monroe, Utah; A.J. Armstrong, Star; Andy Strunk, Emmett; Randy Williamson, Boise; Michael Koch, Yakima, Wash.; Tyler Warman, Spokane, Wash.; Melissa Jarboe, New Plymouth; Chris Hall, Brigham City, Utah.

No Box Gambler
Daren Jepperson, Preston, .022, 12.26 (12.19 dial) 103.38 def. Brady Jesser, Boise, 11.37 (11.44 dial) 118.09.
Semi-Levi Burlile, Nampa; Marcia Randall, Emmett.
Quarter-Greg Buckert, Star; Phil Sielaff, Pine; Ryan Resinkin, Emmett; Ron Smith,

Sled/Bike Gambler
Jacob Wood, Meridian, .123, 9.16 (9.23 dial) 140.77 def. Craig Jensen, Chubbuck, 9.64 (9.75 dial) 126.20.
Semi-Brian Wilkening, Buffalo, Wyo.
Quarter-Liz Micheletty, Kuna; Mike Osmus, Caldwell.

Wednesday Results from the NAPA Classic XX

Club Grand Championships-Trailer Runoff
Troy McDonald, The A-Team, .026, 14.48 (14.44 dial) 91.74 def Stephanie Meimann, Modern Rodders, ..122, 14.45 (14.50 dial) 97.53.
Semi-Mike Smith, Kuna Knuckle Draggers; Nathan Aggen, Rock-It Racing.

Individual Club Champions
Duston Wurtz, Doorslammers
Rex Petersen, Valley Vettes
Earl McCullough, Melba Outlaws
Troy McDonald, The A-Team
Jason Squire, Venom Racing
Nathan Aggen, Rock-It Racing
Nick Marsala, The Barons
Carl Youngstrom, PSI Racing
Mike Osich, Down `n Dirty
Don Childers, DT Embroidery
Seth McLean, Mopars Unlimited
Rose Show, Naughty Girls
Stephanie Meimann, Modern Rodders
Justin Cirelli, Flyin' Brick
Mike Smith, Kuna Knuckle Draggers

For more information on the event, visit: http://www.firebirdonline.com.

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