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Sun, 21 Jul 2013, 16:34 PM

No Box ET Round 2 Winners

GRAND BEND, Ont. - Round 2 pairs and Round 2 winners in No Box ET at the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL, North Stars Division 3, event 2 at the Grand Bend Motorplex:
 ---Round 2 Pairings ---
                    --------------- Round 3 ----------------- 
 9090 BRK    R Wood
    8 BRK    J Mummery
                   9090 R Wood

 GT57 BRK    J Almas
  069 BRK    J Lauzon
                   GT57 J Almas

  502 BRK    P Henderson
 1963 BRK    D Staples
                    502 P Henderson

 7282 BRK    M Lindsay
 LX67 BRK    S Dubrick
                   7282 M Lindsay

 BX13 BRK    K Belanger
 1957 BRK    R Wood
                   BX13 K Belanger

  426 BRK    R Stack
 1970 BRK    B Peltier
                    426 R Stack

1986R BRK    T Runstedler
  927 BRK    J Brown
                  1986R T Runstedler

 2890 BRK    R Alvaro
 9X57 BRK    R Ruehle
                   2890 R Alvaro

  992 BRK    K Paquette
1957B BRK    R Powers
                    992 K Paquette

 3244 BRK    D Morrison
 3815 BRK    N File
                   3244 D Morrison

 7X05 BRK    S Rowse
 1969 BRK    F Ellis
                   7X05 S Rowse

 0628 BRK    J Pasquale
 3016 BRK    G Wager
                   0628 J Pasquale

 1789 BRK    T Fletcher
 GX77 BRK    B Woodley
                   1789 T Fletcher

 3301 BRK    S Capizzi Jr
 8X8X BRK    B Heans
                   3301 S Capizzi Jr

  351 BRK    D Desjardins
  874 BRK    D Keller
                    351 D Desjardins

 0729 BRK    J Glenn
  327 BRK    C Roberson Jr.
                   0729 J Glenn

 0404 BRK    S Brockman
 RIX6 BRK    R Marier
                   0404 S Brockman

 GB91 BRK    D Moore
 0811 BRK    B Duffy
                   GB91 D Moore

 XXXX BRK    S Doornbosch
 2X70 BRK    J Seabrook
                   XXXX S Doornbosch

 VX79 BRK    W Steckly
 WX30 BRK    D Moon
                   VX79 W Steckly

1967A BRK    R Sackrider
 1720 BRK    K Talbot
                  1967A R Sackrider

 8X05 BRK    S Laughton
 1954 BRK    J Lewis
                   8X05 S Laughton

 3067 BRK    T Ferguson
 3X09 BRK    R Orr
                   3067 T Ferguson

 0X09 BRK    R Orr
 HX64 BRK    S Hudson
                   0X09 R Orr

 TX44 BRK    B Thompson
  505 BRK    S Stoney
                   TX44 B Thompson

 9091 BRK    R Wood Jr.
   67 BRK    T Youssef
                   9091 R Wood Jr.

 3540 BRK    D Buchner
   17 BRK    S Payne
                   3540 D Buchner

    4 BRK    R LeClair
 8486 BRK    P Guilbault
                      4 R LeClair

  419 BRK    T Kitto
  F55 BRK    H Ireland
                    419 T Kitto

  666 BRK    G Hunt
  413 BRK    R Wagner
                    666 G Hunt

 2614 BRK    K Gauld
                   2614 K Gauld


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