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Tue, 16 Jul 2013, 18:48 PM

Broadway Bob's Dinosaur Nationals Event Report brought to you by PEAK
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Monty Stotz celebrate his
Peak Trophy win with his family.
The owners of Great Lakes Dragaway teamed up with The 1320 Legends drag racing group to put together an event that would pay tribute to the legendary Broadway Bob Metzler.

This two day nostalgia themed event was attended by The 1320 Legends Group, Great lakes Gassers, Nostalgia Super Stocks, Midwest Gassers, Chicago Wise Guys, and Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit; of course there were also two jet cars to fill out the show.

After many days of rain, Saturday came along with warm dry weather. The festivities started early and continued all day.

After several various classes it was time for the first round of funny cars. The first pair out was The Solid Rock Mustang driven by Rocky Ausec taking on the Blue Thunder Camaro driven by Monty Stotz. Both cars came out doing strong burnouts with the Mustang stopping at about the 1,000 foot mark. With both cars staged the Mustang moved first but the Camaro marched right pass the Mustang to take the win.

Dazed & Confused - Blown Chevy
Next up was The Dazed & Confused Camaro driven by Jerry Streb taking on the MoparCrazy Challenger driven by Chris Schneider. It was a fitting display as the Challenger is the former Funny Honey campaigned by Della Woods and was most likely at this track back in the 70's. Chris moved first but turned on the red-light; the Challenger was giving the Camaro a good run in the beginning but pitched a blower belt which ended his chance on this run.

The MoparCrazy team was able to replace the broken blower belt and come back for the second round which pitted them up against the Solid Rock Mustang. This really looked like a match up from the seventies. Chris got the jump on Rocky and almost held on but Rocky edged him out at the finish line.

The final for the night was the Dazed & Confused Camaro taking on the Blue Thunder Camaro. The Blue Thunder team had some problems staging and this seem to throw off the Dazed & Confused driver. This was another exciting close race with Monty holding off Jerry for the win.

Sunday morning came around and it was day two of The Broadway Bob's Dinosaur Nationals. Sunday was hot and humid and everyone was expecting the racetrack to be a little trickier. It did turn out that there was to be a little more finessing but the track surface still had great bite to it.

Blue Thunder - Blown Chevy
By mid-afternoon the show had started and many of the various groups were in elimination mode.

First out for the funnies was the Solid Rock Mustang taking on the Dazed & Confused Camaro. Both cars came out with fantastic half-track burnout much to the thrill of the crowd. The Camaro moved first but gave the spectators a great show as the car moved out of the groove enough to make the run interesting. Jerry held on for the win.

Next up was the MoparCrazy Challenger taking on the Blue Thunder Camaro. Chris moved first with Monty leaving real late, but the Camaro was able to pass the Challenger for the win. After a few brief sprinkles it was time for the last round of funny cars. The first pair was the MoparCrazy Challenger taking on the Solid Rock Mustang. Both cars moved late with the Mustang moving all over the lane. The Challenger was able to record his first win of the weekend.

As was the final on Saturday night the Dazed & Confused Camaro was up against the Blue Thunder Camaro. The Dazed and Confused Camaro moved first with the Blue Thunder Camaro bouncing off the starting line, by the time Monty calmed the car down, Jerry was way out in front avenging his defeat from the night before.

The Good Vibration Motorsports Reaction Time Award goes to Jerry Streb for both days.

The Peak winner for Saturday was Monty Stotz in the Blue Thunder Camaro. The Peak winner for Sunday was Jerry Streb in the Dazed & Confused Camaro.

We want to thank the fine staff at Great Lakes Dragaway for making us a part of this cool event.

Thanks to our sponsors: Peak, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Pace Performance, Good Vibration Motorsports and Blu Def.

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