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Thu, 23 May 2013, 19:25 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By Dave Rowe

COMMERCE, Ga. - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Southeast Division, event at Atlanta Dragway listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Rodney Rosenstiel Runs 6.570/190.62/-0.420, Now #7; AA/AM Index: 6.99, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Jenny Treadwell Runs 8.051/139.17/-0.199, Now #12; J/D Index: 8.25, Prior Best: 8.060/143.51/-0.190, Was #11

7:09 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 82 degrees, relative humidity 48 percent, barometer 29.12 inches, adjusted altitude 2,987 feet, track temperature 106 degrees.

Rosenstiel had a leak before his first attempt and did not make a pass. he goes right down the groove here and gets in the field in the seventh spot for now. Treadwell improves a little but still drops a spot as Rosenstiel gets in the field.

Left Lane: Lee Sharp Runs 8.518/157.96/-0.422, Now #7; D/SMA Index: 8.94, Prior Best: 8.584/158.02/-0.356, Was #10
Right Lane: Pat Williams Runs 9.152/100.73/1.932, Now #14; A/AP Index: 7.22, Prior Best: 7.383/193.40/0.163, Was #14

Williams gets out of the groove early and starts drifting to the right. He gets close to the wall, tries to steer it back to the groove, then finally backs off the throttle. Sharp improves form his earlier attempt and moves up to the seventh spot for now.

Left Lane: Bruno Massel Runs 6.636/202.39/-0.604, Now #2; K/A Index: 7.24, Prior Best: 6.724/199.70/-0.516, Was #3
Right Lane: Kevin Houghtaling Runs 8.805/154.53/-0.465, Now #5; F/SM Index: 9.27, Prior Best: 8.859/153.46/-0.411, Was #10

Massel makes another clean pass and moves up to the second spot for now. Houghtaling made a clean pass and moves up a few spots.

Left Lane: Russell Joly Runs 7.395/183.94/-0.515, Now #4; C/AA Index: 7.91, Prior Best: 7.452/183.62/-0.458, Was #6
Right Lane: Van Puckett Runs 8.435/160.58/-0.415, Now #10; G/AA Index: 8.85, Prior Best: 8.664/131.90/-0.186, Was #13

Left Lane: Jim Kimbrough Runs 7.142/187.86/-0.448, Now #7; C/DA Index: 7.59, Prior Best: 7.160/187.78/-0.430, Was #7
Right Lane: Larry Pritchett Runs 10.929/83.03/2.329, Now #11; B/SM Index: 8.60, Prior Best: 8.189/166.44/-0.411, Was #11

Pritchett has problems before half track and backs off the throttle. Kimbrough improves a little but not enough to make a move.

Left Lane: Wayne Hutton Runs 9.764/98.74/1.484, Now #15; F/A Index: 8.28, Prior Best: 10.540/88.07/2.260, Was #15
Right Lane: Michael Hardee Runs 8.476/157.47/-0.514, Now #5; D/SM Index: 8.99, Prior Best: 8.516/158.56/-0.474, Was #5

Hutton has problems late in the run and backs off the throttle. Hardee improves a little but stays in the fifth spot.

Left Lane: Glen Treadwell Runs 8.498/133.37/-0.442, Now #3; E/EA Index: 8.94, Prior Best: 8.374/137.48/-0.566, Was #3
Right Lane: David Rampy Runs 7.478/177.25/-0.362, Now #12; A/EA Index: 7.84, Prior Best: 7.488/166.01/-0.352, Was #12

Rampy makes his quickest pass of the day and stays in the 12th spot. No improvement for Treadwell.

Right Lane: Lonnie Johnson Runs 9.863/116.45/2.293, Now #16; B/AA Index: 7.57, Prior Best: 10.745/105.39/3.175, Was #16

Johnson's car bogs off the line.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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