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Fri, 15 Feb 2013, 21:01 PM

Top Alcohol Funny Car Qualifying Notes, Final Session
By Rick Green

POMONA, Calif. - Notes from final, round 3 qualifying in Top Alcohol Funny Car at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, 53rd annual O'Reilly NHRA Winternationals presented by Super Start Batteries listing lane, driver name, elapsed time/top speed this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time/speed, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Keeter Ray Runs 5.632/256.02, Now #5; Best prior run: 9.724/121.80, Was #16
Right Lane: Mike Drake Runs 8.294/116.33, Now #17; Best prior run: 12.906/70.24, Was #17

Drake was real loose and finally clicked it off. Ray launched hard and keep it hooked up to get into the top half of the show. Keeter Ray's incremental times: 60ft-0.941 sec., 330ft-2.489, 660ft-3.712/203.65 mph, 1,000ft-4.753.

Left Lane: Hannes Wernhart Runs 17.043/50.42, Now #16; Best prior run: 6.899/196.73, Was #16
Right Lane: Steve Gasparrelli No Time, Now #13; Best prior run: 5.788/252.57, Was #13

Gasparrelli with problems and is pushed off the starting line. Wernhart was up in smoke right at the hit and clicked it off.

Left Lane: Jay Payne Runs 7.379/124.22, Now #15; Best prior run: 5.990/247.84, Was #15
Right Lane: Bernie Harrington Runs 5.884/246.17, Now #12; Best prior run: 5.763/232.51, Was #12

Payne started to get real loose and clicked it off...Harrington with a clean pass, but will not improve...Bernie Harrington's incremental times: 60ft-0.949 sec., 330ft-2.594, 660ft-3.880/193.65 mph, 1,000ft-4.969.

Left Lane: Bret Williamson Runs 5.909/189.02, Now #14; Best prior run: 5.836/246.26, Was #14
Right Lane: Doug Gordon Runs 9.118/97.00, Now #9; Best prior run: 5.685/256.84, Was #9

Weather conditions: air temperature 71 degrees, relative humidity 24 percent, barometer 29.03 inches, adjusted altitude 2,183 feet, track temperature 76 degrees.

Gordon shook and clicked it off. Williamson was on good pass until about 1000 feet when there was a big boom as he banged the blower.

Left Lane: Jason Rupert Runs 5.716/253.80, Now #11; Best prior run: 5.718/237.05, Was #11
Right Lane: John Lombardo Jr. No Time, Now #8; Best prior run: 5.647/257.83, Was #8

Lombardo Jr. with problems before the burnout and is pushed off the starting line. Rupert was loose and using up all of his lane, but still improved. He will stay in the number 11 spot. Jason Rupert's incremental times: 60ft-0.957 sec., 330ft-2.546, 660ft-3.780/201.43 mph, 1,000ft-4.830.

Left Lane: Shane Westerfield Runs 5.563/257.73, Now #1; Best prior run: 5.709/255.15, Was #10
Right Lane: Sean Bellemeur Runs 5.659/257.14, Now #8; Best prior run: 5.637/253.42, Was #7

Bellemeur with another good pass, but will not improve and gets bumped back one spot when Westerfield goes to the number one spot. Westerfield with a career best E.T. to go to the top of the list. Shane Westerfield's incremental times: 60ft-0.951 sec., 330ft-2.482, 660ft-3.678/208.49 mph, 1,000ft-4.697.

Left Lane: Brian Hough Runs 5.575/260.56, Now #2; Best prior run: 5.614/259.36, Was #4
Right Lane: Tony Bartone Runs 12.741/72.56, Now #7; Best prior run: 5.636/261.72, Was #7

Bartone started to shake early and clicked it off. Hough with a great looking pass to go to the number two spot. Brian Hough's incremental times: 60ft-0.951 sec., 330ft-2.489, 660ft-3.691/207.18 mph, 1,000ft-4.712.

Left Lane: Annie Whiteley Runs 9.910/87.80, Now #3; Best prior run: 5.582/259.96, Was #3
Right Lane: Leif Andreasson Runs 14.661/60.12, Now #5; Best prior run: 5.626/255.73, Was #5

Andreasson shook hard right at the hit and clicked it off. Whiteley started to shake the tires right off the starting line and clicked it off.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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