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Thu, 01 Nov 2012, 18:36 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #1
By David Gerard

LAS VEGAS - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division, Short line Express Gambler Shootout at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed, amount over/under index, and position in order following run, class and class index:
Left Lane: Randy Jones Runs 8.577/154.55/-0.603, Now #1 C/TA Index: 9.18
Right Lane: Brian Fitzpatrick Runs 6.433/216.24/-0.517, Now #2 H/D Index: 6.95

3:09 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 79 degrees, relative humidity 20 percent, barometer 27.74 inches, adjusted altitude 4,224 feet.

Fitzpatrick has big time shake at the green and drives on through it to finish the run. Big MPH for the corrected altitude.

Great pass for Jones to run more then sixty under his index and set a mark for the rest of the field.

Randy Jones' incremental times: 60ft-1.169 sec., 330ft-3.465, 660ft-5.424/125.02 mph, 1,000ft-7.125.

Left Lane: Tyler Hogan Runs 7.095/187.60/-0.545, Now #2 C/DA Index: 7.64
Right Lane: Bill Kent Runs 6.795/197.94/-0.525, Now #3 B/D Index: 7.32

Two clean strong passes.

Left Lane: Brian Moscini Runs 7.620/178.80/-0.390, Now #6 C/AA Index: 8.01
Right Lane: Barry Forrester Runs 7.882/165.97/-0.538, Now #3 K/AA Index: 8.42

Forrester leave well before the green and makes a clean pass.

Moscini is off his usual pace running down the track.

Left Lane: Steve Graham Runs 7.521/181.18/-0.509, Now #6 C/A Index: 8.03
Right Lane: Marty Ladwig Runs 8.613/150.48/0.693, Now #8 AA/AF Index: 7.92

Ladwig's Cobalt struggles off the line.

Left Lane: Mike DePalma Runs 9.067/148.20/-0.663, Now #1 I/SM Index: 9.73
Right Lane: Alan Ellis Runs 6.619/203.46/-0.561, Now #3 A/AA Index: 7.18

DePalma makes a strong pass. well into the sixty under range, to take the new top spot.

Ellis has a clean pass, but nothing spectacular.

Left Lane: Ross Wilson Runs 8.312/162.47/-0.578, Now #3 C/SM Index: 8.89
Right Lane: Matt Hartford Runs 6.884/195.56/-0.556, Now #5 B/DA Index: 7.44

Both cars run well.

Left Lane: Aaron Strong Runs 8.513/160.63/-0.527, Now #8 G/A Index: 9.04
Right Lane: Clark Smiley Runs 7.582/171.97/-0.428, Now #12 BB/A Index: 8.01

Smiley's blown SBC gets the tail out around a hundred feet out and drives on through it.

Left Lane: Dick Maris Runs 7.131/186.54/-0.509, Now #12 C/DA Index: 7.64
Right Lane: Randy Goff Runs 8.500/157.76/-0.330, Now #15 B/T Index: 8.83

Goff is looking for power and Maris runs into the fifty under range.

Left Lane: Dennis Smiley Runs 7.011/199.88/-0.429, Now #14 BB/AM Index: 7.44
Right Lane: Skip Dunn Runs 7.177/190.51/-0.443, Now #13 B/AA Index: 7.62

Left Lane: Phil Cocuzza Runs 10.350/104.69/1.750, Now #20 A/SMA Index: 8.60
Right Lane: David Rampy Runs 7.386/178.28/-0.544, Now #7 A/EA Index: 7.93

Cocuzza's Cobalt makes a hard move towards the wall and he horses it back into the groove.

Clean pass for Rampy, but nothing spectacular.

Left Lane: Lloyd Wofford Runs 8.471/159.87/-0.229, Now #20 B/SMA Index: 8.70
Right Lane: John Edwards Runs 7.528/180.45/-0.482, Now #14 C/AA Index: 8.01

Left Lane: Don Thomas Runs 7.390/177.95/-0.570, Now #5 C/ED Index: 7.96
Right Lane: Bo Butner Runs 8.571/156.44/-0.619, Now #2 E/SM Index: 9.19

Last pair. Butner took a small 0.01 permanent CIC hit from last weeks event. He makes a strong pass into the final number two spot for today.

Clean and straight pass for Thomas into the top eight.

3:30 p.m. Mike DePalma stays number one at -0.663 under the index. Field not filled, no bump spot.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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