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Halloween Classic XIX Results from Firebird Raceway in Western Idaho
By The New Crew
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BOISE, Idaho --

Carl Youngstrom, far lane, defeats Chris Hall
Carl Youngstrom scored the four-way Classic Grand Championship at the NAPA Auto Parts HALLOWEEN CLASSIC XIX at Firebird Raceway. Five beautiful days of weather and hundreds of racers from 12 states and two Canadian provinces participated at the western Idaho monster event.

Earning individual NHRA Idaho State Championship titles, main event champions of the Classic included: Dan Lafferty, Wendell, Ida. (Super Pro), Chris Hall, Brigham City, Utah (Pro), Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, Ida. (Heavy), A.J. Armstrong, Star (Sportsman) and John Johnson Jr., Caldwell (Sled/Bike). The four overall winners from Super Pro, Pro, Heavy and Sportsman competed in a four-way runoff for the Classic Grand Championship. In the runoff for the overall title, Youngstrom initiated a .005 tree and recorded a 10.16-114.94 to defeat the reigning Grand Champion Hall who redlighted by -.003.

The Lucas Oil Top Gun Shootout pitted the quickest 16 (of each) open wheelers and full-bodied rides. Jake Neibauer, Billings, Mont., drove his `63 Corvette to a winning 7.42 on a 7.40 dial at 186.02 to beat Brett Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., who finished at 7.31 (7.32 dial)-184.12.

Jamie DenBesten and Steve Stuart earned top honors in the Air Firebird Wheelstanding exhibition on Saturday night of the Classic event.

Sunday Results from the NAPA Classic XIX

Classic Grand Championship
Champion-Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, .005, 10.16 (11.50 dial) 114.94.
Runner-up-Chris Hall, Brigham City, Utah, -.003 foul, 13.19 (10.24 dial) 69.93.
Semi-Dan Lafferty, Wendell, A.J. Armstrong, Star.

Lucas Oil Top Gun Shootout Runoff
Champion-Jake Neibauer, Billings, Mont., .009, 7.42 (7.40 dial) 186.02
Runner-up-Brett Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., .025, 7.32 (7.31 dial) 184.12.

Lucas Oil Top Gun-Open Wheel
Champion- Brett Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., .017, 7.31 (7.32 dial) 184.31.
Runner-up-Cody Hiatt, Boise, .044, 7.37 (7.39 dial) 182.81.
Semi-Blu Hayball, Boise, Tom Clark, Spokane, Wash.
Quarter-Tim Wallace, Meridian, Tom Bailey, Soda Springs, Sadie Floyd, Happy Valley, Ore., Brian
Preszler, Kennewick, Wash.

Lucas Oil Top Gun - Full Bodied
Champion-Jake Neibauer, Billings, Mont., .045, 7.41 (7.40 dial) 178.53.
Runner-up-Chad Demler, Providence, Utah, .010, 8.05 (8.07 dial) 159.17.
Semi-Steve Lambert, Boise, Marty Castagno, Grantsville, Utah.
Quarter-Ron Smith, Grantsville, Utah, Jamie DenBesten, Lyman, Wyo., Russ Parker, Salem, Ore., Bud
Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo.

Super Pro
Champion-Dan Lafferty, Wendell, .018, 7.41 (7.41 dial) 179.82.
Runner-up-Rayce Kidd, Twin Falls, .009, 7.69 (7.66 dial) 171.20.
Semi-Christopher Northup, Boise, Blu Hayball, Fort Hall.
Quarter-Don Anderson, Twin Falls, Katie Nelson-Harkema, Hayden, Frank Greenough, Idaho Falls.
Eighth-Bill Matern, Layton, Utah, Tracy Hawker, Rock Springs, Wyo., Jerry Odman, Pendleton, Ore.,
Alan Carey, Fallon, Nev., Trevor Harkema, Hayden, Jim Climer, Kimberly.

Champion-Chris Hall, Brigham City, Utah, .054, 10.26 (10.26 dial) 123.37.
Runner-up-Troy Pecht, Caldwell, .052, 10.11 (10.08 dial) 132.04.
Semi-Kory Alby, Coos Bay, Ore.
Quarter-John Pickering, Taylorsville, Utah, Melissa Wright, Sacramento, Calif.
Eighth-Matt Compton, Boise, Jackie Alley, Eagle, David Chun Jr., Vancouver, Wash., Todd Trueblood.

Champion-Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, .107, 10.01 (11.60 dial) 132.74.
Runner-up-Michelle Dooley, Adams, Ore., -.017 foul, 11.72 (11.74 dial) 113.17.
Semi-Ryan Resinkin, Emmett, Edward May, Payette.
Quarter-Ron Wurtz, Caldwell, Bruce Nickerson, Spokane, Wash., Bob Erskine, Baker City, Ore., Jerry
Trolard, Vale, Ore.
Eighth-Paul Wallace, Boise, Jason White, Jerome, Don Childers, Boise, Linda Rowland, Notus, Linda
Panunzio, Plain City, Utah, Susan Wikfors, Eagle, Dan Hurlbert, Eagle.

Champion-A.J. Armstrong, Star, .011, 12.92 (12.94 dial) 107.79.
Runner-up-Dustin Ward, Renton, Wash., .088, 12.38 (12.42 dial) 102.19.
Semi-Levi Burlile, Nampa, Sue Reynolds, Nampa.Quarter-Kyle Witherspoon, Boise, Lynde Fischer,
Nampa, Duston Wurtz, Meridian, Jeff Burns, Boise.
Eighth-Blaine Sterling, Caldwell, Jerry Durant Jr., Oregon City, Ore., Kerry Draper, Meridian,
Tyler Rush, Boise, Steve Nebeker, Emmett, Glen Phillips, Middleton, Ericka Heideman, Chad Foruria,

Woody's Sled/Bike
Champion-John Johnson Jr., Caldwell, .008, 10.35 (10.20 dial) 127.08.
Runner-up-Zak Pedraza, Boise, .147, 10.00 (9.98 dial) 125.00.
Semi-Jim Lambert, Garden City, Jacob Wood, Meridian.
Quarter-Mike Smith, Kuna, Liz Micheletty, Kuna, Dave Allen, Meridian.

Last Chance
Champion-Jabe Tattersall, Meridian, -.020, 10.06 (10.05 dial) 132.37.
Runner-up-Josh Simons, Rifle, Colo., -.031 foul, 10.10 (10.08 dial) 133.66.
Semi-Ken Casteel, Nampa, Steven Jones, Preston.

Junior Lightning
Champion-Casey Compton, Boise, .067, 8.77 (8.72 dial) 70.30.
Runner-up-Paul Sheridan, Nampa, .270, 8.53 (8.55 dial) 75.76.
Semi-Amber Meadows, Clarkston, Wash., Andres Chavez, Boise.
Quarter-Shelby Schoenfeld, Magna, Utah, Miranda Floyd, Gresham, Ore., Wes Morris, Boise, Michael
Jaggers, Middleton.

Junior Thunder
Champion-Chandler Steen, Idaho Falls, .002, 9.03 (8.96 dial) 71.93.
Runner-up-Thomas Anderson, Sandy, Utah, .126, 10.41 (10.39 dial) 61.98.
Semi-Jayden Hawker, Wellsville, Utah, Jacob Geier, Nampa.
Quarter-Lane Gerow, Hythe, Alta., Collin Thomas, Kettle Falls, Wash., Hannah VanderMeer, Nampa.

Saturday Results from the NAPA Classic XIX

Junior Dragster "A"
Champion-Justin Hof, Nampa, 9.11, 64.84.
Runner-up-Thomas Anderson, Sandy, Utah, 10.61, 60.70.

Junior Dragster "B"
Champion-Chandler Steen, Idaho Falls, 9.04, 71.32.
Runner-up-Jake Nickerson, Spokane, Wash., 7.90, 82.53.

Junior Dragster "C"
Champion-Michael Jaggers, Middleton, 8.47, 70.41.
Runner-up-Shelby Schoenfeld, Magna, Utah, 8.86, 73.72.

Junior Dragster "D"
Champion-Amber Meadows, Cheney, Wash., 8.25, 79
Runner-up-Paul Sheridan, Nampa, 8.58, 74.73.

Friday Results from the NAPA Classic XIX

Super Roller
Champion-Debbie Dawson, Sutherlin, Ore., .046, 10.08 (10.09 dial) 132.72.
Runner-up-Mark Dawson, Sutherlin, Ore., .029, 9.17 (9.19 dial) 136.71.
Semi-Sadie Floyd, Happy Valley, Ore., Tom Clark, Spokane, Wash.
Quarter-Bud Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., Dave Goff, Emmett, Cody Hiatt, Boise.
Eighth-Rick Northup, Boise, Necia Cox, Boise, Bill Matern, Layton, Utah, Brian Preszler, Kennewick,
Wash., Trevor Harkema, Hayden, Judy Radford, Baker City, Ore.

No Box/Hi-Roller
Champion-Mark Kidd, Twin Falls, .053, 9.28 (9.28 dial) 131.55.
Runner-up-Ricky Johnson, Ontario, Ore., .003, 11.17 (11.18 dial) 119.26.
Semi-Bobby Barrett, Eagle, Chris Hall, Brigham City, Utah.
Quarter-Kory Alby, Coos Bay, Ore., Joseph Karnes, Eagle, Steve Kelly, Vancouver, Wash., Gregg
Heritford, Vancouver, Wash.
Eighth-John Johnson Jr., Caldwell, Travis Bowins, Meridian, Charlie Dickinson, Vancouver, Wash.,
Paul Comeau, Vancouver, Wash., Houston Head, Fruitland, Mike Panunzio, Plain City, Utah, Brett
Olson, Sacramento.

No Box/Gambler
Champion-John Higgins, Nampa, .014, 12.63 (12.65 dial) 103.84.
Runner-up-Melanie Higgins, Boise, -.195 foul, 11.27 (11.27 dial) 118.57.
Semi-Rick Sayers, Middleton, Duston Wurtz, Meridian.
Quarter-Bill Muchow, Melba, Michael Koch, Yakima, Wash., Charles Davis Jr., Stockton, Utah, Tyler
Rush, Boise.
Eighth-Levi Burlile, Nampa, Rich Pedraza, Boise, Dylan Nickerson, Spokane, Wash., Karen Odman,
Pendleton, Ore., Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, Sabra Rasmussen, Boise, Todd Trueblook, Nampa, Bill
Meyers, Nampa.

Champion-John Johnson Jr., Caldwell, .090, 10.33 (10.25 dial) 132.00.
Runner-up-Jesse May, Boise, .165, 9.66 (9.60 dial) 126.51.
Semi-J.R. Cox, Weiser.
Quarter-Phillip Lang, Portland, Ore., Rich Pedraza, Boise, Jim Lambert, Boise.
Eighth-Zak Pedraza, Boise, Dave Allen, Meridian, Chase Bittick, Caldwell, Deb Bittick, Caldwell,
Jacob Wood, Meridian, Craig Jensen, Chubbuck.

Lucas Oil Top Gun Open-Wheel Final Qualifying
1. Dave Poulsen, Nibley, Utah, 6.74 elapsed time, 195.77 miles per hour.
2. Steve Cook, Rexburg, 6.90, 194.59.
3. Mark Tarabochia*, Astoria, Ore., 7.00, 200.62.
4. Eric Nyborg, Grand Junction, Colo., 7.01, 191.97.
5. Denton Schillreff, Billings, Mont., 7.21, 187.03.
6. Ken Nelson, Hayden, 7.26, 185.07.
7. Matt Schoenfeld, Magna, Utah, 7.26, 183.93.
8. Tim Wallace Jr., Meridian, 7.32, 183.52.
9. Sadie Floyd, Happy Valley, Ore., 7.33, 181.59.
10. Blu Hayball, Fort Hall, 7.34, 183.33.
11. Cody Hiatt, Boise, 7.36, 183.48.
12. Brett Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., 7.36, 181.15.
13. Tom Clark, Spokane, Wash., 7.46, 181.56.
14. Tom Bailey, Soda Springs, 7.50, 177.44.
15. Brian Preszler, Kennewick, Wash., 7.55, 179.10.
16. Mark Kidd, Twin Falls, 7.69, 174.35.
17. Steve Schoenfeld, Murray, Utah, 7.78, 171.07.
*broke, first alternate will be placed in field.

Lucas Oil Top Gun Full-Bodied Final Qualifying
1. Justin Linares, Grantsville, Utah, 6.93, 200.49.
2. Dan Lafferty, Wendell, 7.20, 187.93.
3. Brian Stief, Billings, Mont., 7.24, 191.00.
4. Jake Neibauer, Billings, Mont., 7.38, 186.52.
5. Derek Dickey, Hyrum, Utah, 7.64, 179.85.
6. Ron Smith, Grantsville, Utah, 7.79, 181.26.
7. Russ Parker, Salem, Ore., 7.81, 173.74.
8. Bud Preuss, Grand Junction, Colo., 7.91, 170.74.
9. Jamie DenBesten, Lyman, Wyo., 7.97, 180.10.
10. Marty Castagno, Grantsville, Utah, 8.00, 170.06.
11. Steve Lambert, Boise, 8.05, 169.77.
12. Rob Murphy Jr., Ft. Saskatchewan, Alta., 8.08, 167.34.
13. Chad Demler, Providence, Utah, 8.15, 162.36.
14. John Cuglietta, Oroway, Alta., 8.27, 162.80.
15. Troy Hawker, Wellsville, Utah, 8.29, 163.99.
16. Judy Radford, Baker City, Ore., 8.32, 162.66.

Thursday Results from the NAPA Classic XIX

Super Roller
Champion-Tom Clark, Spokane, Wash., .020, 7.46 (7.46 dial) 181.63.
Runner-up-John Cuglietta, Oroway, Alta., .039, 8.21 (8.27 dial) 162.04.
Semi-Ed Miller, Grand Junction, Colo.
Quarter-Rick Northup, Boise, Dave Goff, Emmett, Craig Tharp, Battleground, Wash.
Eighth-Jerry Carter, Pendleton, Ore., Travis Hilton, Vancouver, Wash., Trevor Harkema, Hayden, Dick
VanderMeer, Nampa, Necia Cox, Boise, Chris Jaggers, Middleton.

Champion-Mark Kidd, Twin Falls, -.022, 9.31 (9.30 dial) 133.39.
Runner-up-Todd Porter, Rigby, -.038 foul, 10.64 (10.62 dial) 126.44.
Semi-Kyle LePire, Boise, Houston Head, Fruitland.
Quarter-Ricky Johnson, Ontario, Ore., Paul Comeau, Vancouver, Wash., Stan Deming, Nampa, Lucas
Liese, Boise.
Eighth-Joe Witherspoon, Jerome, Phil Sielaff, Pine, Adam Wurtz, Caldwell, Gary Boatsman,
Greenacres, Wash., Lisa Thomas, Meridian, Bret Ward, Boise, Chris Hall, Brigham City, Utah, Matt
Stocker, Boise.

Champion-Carl Youngstrom, Caldwell, -.046, 10.10 (10.08 dial) 131.02.
Runner-up-Matt Compton, Boise, -.030 foul, 10.43 (10.42 dial) 129.72.
Semi-Shannan Gaynor, Vancouver, Wash., Rick Sayers, Middleton.
Quarter-Brent Borchers, Meridian, Terry Downard, Plummer, Dan Hurlbert, Eagle, Jim Shadwick.
Eighth-Kory Wilson, Boise, Levi Burlile, Nampa, Jerry Forrey, Kuna, Chad Campbell, Meridian, Nick
Marsala, Kuna, Glen Phillips, Middleton, Troy McDonald, Nampa, Todd Trueblood, Nampa.

Champion-Jesse May, Boise, .092, 9.57 (9.52 dial) 131.25.
Runner-up-David Wood, Eagle, .041, 9.96 (9.97 dial) 124.06.
Semi-Phillip Lang, Portland, Ore.
Quarter-Michael Watts, Boise, Matt Giusti, Meridian, Dave Allen, Meridian.
Eighth-Phillip Lang, Portland, Ore., Deb Bittick, Caldwell, Mathew Fredericks, Stansbury Park,
Utah, Craig Jensen, Chubbuck, Zak Pedraza, Boise, John Johnson Jr., Caldwell.

Wednesday Results from the NAPA Classic XIX

Club Grand Championships
Champion-Ed Wong, Valley Vettes, .057, 12.64 (12.66 dial) 111.41.
Runner-up-Bret Ward, PSI Racing, .025, 12.88 (12.91 dial) 107.05.
Semi-Steve Pyburn, Melba Outlaws, and Melissa Jarboe, Naughty Girls.

Individual Club Champions
Melanie Higgins, Down `n Dirty
Rachel Rush, Kuna Knuckle Dragger
Ryan Resinkin, DT Embroidery
Bret Ward, PSI Racing
Ed Wong, Valley Vettes
Steve Pyburn, Melba Outlaws
Melissa Jarboe, Naughty Girls
Troy Jensen, Venom Racing
Jeff Fetty, Middleton Mauraders
Stan Deming, Rock-It Racing
Annette Shumway, Hot Shots
Ron Liese, The A-Team
Seth McLean, Mopars Unlimited

Special Awards

Bader Family Founder's Award: Joyce Hawker and family, Wellsville, Utah.
Best Appearing Full-Bodied: Chris Stokes, Billings, Mont., Chevelle.
Best Appearing Open Wheel: Ryann Thompson, Washington, Utah, Dragster.
Best Appearing Sled/Bike: Mike Smith, Kuna, Harley Destroyer.
Best Appearing Junior: Conor Anderson, Sandy, Utah, Junior.
Long Distance: Mike Gerow, Valalla, Alberta, 1,135 miles one-way.
Costume Contest-Funniest: Mike Smith & Crew, Kuna Knuckle Draggers Cheerleaders.
Costume Contest-Scariest: Nick Marsala, Kuna, Chainsaw Clown
Costume Contest-Most Original: Rayce Kidd, Alex Steen, Joseph Johnson, & Wes Morris, The New Crew
Costume Contest-Firebird Staff choice: Tami Shaffer, Boise, and Nanette Cox, Bag Ladies.
Staff Costume: Joel Eggers, Dennis Law, Ron Nichols, Chuck Reed.
Kid's Costume-Cutest: Atrayu Carrillo, age: 1.
Kid's Costume-Scariest: Ricky Mayhew, 10.
Kid's Costume-Funniest: Mason Kurth, 10.
Kid's Costume-Most Creative: Donovan Barr, 8, and Katie Ridgway, 12.
Best Decorated Pit Area: Or-Ida-Wa Racing "Cave Men", Jerry Trolard & Friends "Melba Outlaws",
Panunzio Family "Scary Pit Scene".
Best Decorated Race Cars: Nick Marsala, Kyle LePire and Ashton Davis.

For more information on the event, visit: www.firebirdonline.com.

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