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Tue, 3 Dec 2002, 10:25 PM

NMRA Introduces First Ever Pro 5.0 Entrant Support Program
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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. -- After an extensive evaluation of its NMRA Pro 5.0 drag racing class, ProMedia Events has announced today that it will create an unprecedented Entrant Support Program in an effort to increase class participation in this top-tier category. In addition, the NMRA Ford Drag Racing Series administration is currently working to develop a five-year long-term strategic plan for the Pro 5.0 class direction that will build a firm foundation for the class.

"The NMRA is the preeminent street legal drag racing series in America," ProMedia's Charlie Harmon states, "and we realize that it is critical for the NMRA and Ford drag racing to grow this headlining class. This program is designed to retain current racing teams and attract new participants in the NMRA Pro 5.0 class in 2003 and beyond."

Beginning with the 2003 racing season, the NMRA Pro 5.0 Entrant Support Program affirms NMRA's commitment to invest in its racing teams and to provide them increased guaranteed exposure and marketing opportunities.

NMRA's Entrant Support Program, which is limited to 16 teams, is available to current Pro 5.0 racers as well as new entrants. Pro 5.0 competitors will be eligible for the program by committing to attend at least six of eight NMRA 2003 national events. The program is provided at no charge to the entrants, although entry fees are required to be pre-paid for the year. The goal of this program is to help Pro 5.0 teams increase marketability and help them increase the value of their investment and lower the cost structure of competing in this class.

Complete details of the NMRA Pro 5.0 Entrant Support Program are included below. Competitors interested in more information on the NMRA Pro 5.0 program should contact ProMedia Event Division Director Charlie Harmon at 714-444-2426 or via e-mail at

A: Exposure / Marketing Opportunities (100% Guaranteed)

1) Television Interview / Car Feature Opportunity: NMRA will guarantee to each Pro 5.0 competitor a minimum of one nationally broadcast television interview on a cable network. For the 2003 season the NMRA television coverage will be aired on ESPN-2 cable television reaching over 85 million households in the United States. During this interview/team profile the driver will have the opportunity to discuss the team's performance and mention sponsors. During this profile the Pro 5.0 vehicle will be shown.

2) Radio Interview Opportunity: NMRA will guarantee to each Pro 5.0 competitor a minimum of two radio interviews in two different regional markets in the United States. The NMRA Ford Nationals uses electronic radio advertising and advance radio publicity widely in each event market. During these radio interviews typically the competitor will be asked to talk about the upcoming NMRA event, the Pro 5.0 team/profile, and be permitted to mention associated sponsors. Although the radio station's reach and rankings can vary from market to market, NMRA generally buys top-tier radio stations in each region fitting the desirable male 18-49 demographic.

3) Print Advertising: NMRA will provide one full-color full-page, or two full-color half-page print advertisements at no cost to the entrant in the Race Pages, the NMRA publication, during the race season, for the Pro 5.0 team to promote its sponsorship relationships, enhance sponsorship recognition, and provide a team profile to interested fans. NMRA will provide the ProMedia design department to assist with the ad production, if desired. Race Pages reaches over 40,000 enthusiasts each month.

4) Main Front Image on One NMRA National Event Flyer: NMRA will guarantee the following for each competitor in the Pro 5.0 Entrant Support Program: The entrant's Pro 5.0 vehicle photo*, head shot photo, and name will be featured on the front (main) image of the official NMRA Event Flyer for a minimum of one national event. At least 30,000 flyers will be produced and distributed pre-event via direct mail and regional marketing for this national event. Additional flyers can be provided to Pro 5.0 team for internal distribution and promotional purposes.

5) 2003 NMRA National Event Flyers: The entrant's Pro 5.0 vehicle photo* and name will be be featured in the official NMRA Event Flyer for every national event as a "Pro 5.0 Superstar". Over 250,000 event flyers will be distributed nationwide during each event season. Additional flyers can be provided to Pro 5.0 team for internal distribution and promotional purposes.

6) 2003 NMRA Series Official Poster: The entrant's Pro 5.0 vehicle photo* and name will be be featured in the official NMRA 2003 Series poster. Over 35,000 posters will be printed and distributed nationwide. Additional posters can be provided to Pro 5.0 team for internal distribution and promotional purposes.

6) Hero Card Promotion: NMRA will design, produce, and print 2,500 full color "Hero Cards" for each Pro 5.0 team in the Entrant Support Program. Each Hero Card will include Pro 5.0 vehicle photos, team profile, images, sponsor logos, and driver information. NMRA will provide 1,200 Hero Cards directly to Pro 5.0 team and the remainder will be retained for each event's autograph signing session.

7) Pro 5.0 Superstars Poster: NMRA will design, produce, and print 5,000 full color posters to promote the "NMRA Pro 5.0 Superstars." As part of this promotion, each Pro 5.0 team will have a minimum of one vehicle photo* and driver’s name on the poster. Additional posters can be provided to Pro 5.0 team for internal distribution and promotional purposes.

8) Pro 5.0 Autograph Session: As part of the Pro 5.0 Entrant Support Program, each Pro 5.0 driver will be obligated to participate in a 30-45-minute autograph signing session at each NMRA national event. NMRA will designate the area and provide appropriate table and chairs for the session. NMRA will provide the Pro 5.0 Superstars Posters and Hero Cards for signing purposes for the fans.

9) Magazine Cover Opportunity: Any entrant in the Pro 5.0 Entrant Support Program who wins more than one national Pro 5.0 event in NMRA competiton during the season will be guaranteed a full magazine cover opportunity in Race Pages Magazine. 50 additional magazines can be provided to each Pro 5.0 team for internal distribution and promotional purposes.

10) PRI Marketing Opportunity: Any entrant in the Pro 5.0 Entrant Support Program who wins the NMRA Pro 5.0 championship will be guaranteed the opportunity to display their Pro 5.0 vehicle at the annual PRI Racing Industry trade show, enhancing team recognition and sponsor visibility.

11) Website Team Profile: NMRA will provide a complete Pro 5.0 team profile on the website including photos, driver profile, team information, and complete contact information. As well, a driver interview will be available as part of the profile.

*It will be the responsibility of the competitor to provide the latest action photos with appropriate (current) sponsors or NMRA will utilize photo from pre-existing photo stock.

B. Sponsorship Assistance:

1) Press / Media Kits: NMRA will provide an original press and media kit to Pro 5.0 teams so that they may duplicate and distribute as necessary for public relations, marketing, and sponsorship activities.

2) During Event Sponsor / Driver Interviews: NMRA will guarantee an opportunity at each event for a pre-planned on-air Pro 5.0 driver interview over the facility public address system during event. As well, NMRA will permit interview to involve team's sponsor representatives.

3) VIP Suite Access: NMRA will provide a limited number of VIP Suite access tickets at available venues to Pro 5.0 team sponsor representatives, if pre-arranged.

C. Racer Benefit Package:

1) Preferred VIP Parking Program: NMRA will provide preferred VIP parking for all Pro 5.0 teams in Entrant Support Program. Rig parking will be pre-selected premium spots and reserved.

2) Express Tech Inspection: NMRA will provide express tech inspection for Pro 5.0 teams at pre-determined times on both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

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