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Thu, 18 Jul 2013, 18:26 PM

BLUEO4®, The Next Generation of Natural Energy Powers the X-DRL
Courtesy of Michele Beck

KERRVILLE, Texas -- BLUEO4®, The premier oxygen enhanced electrolyte water beverage, today announced that it will become the Title Sponsor of the X-Treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL), effective immediately. BLUEO4®, provides the most bio-available oxygen its proprietary 41-mineral blend of "O4", in essence 'supercharging' the oxygen energy required by the brain.

In selecting the X-DRL, BLUEO4®'s executive team stated, "We enthusiastically support the competition, character building and athletic development exemplified by the X-DRL, its teams and its drivers. BLUEO4® is pleased to be associated with the X-DRL and its track owners and operators, who stage this drag racing series and provide a platform from which we can showcase BLUEO4? as the premier oxygen enhanced water beverage, for athletes and spectators alike."

Zero sugar, zero calories, zero chlorites and zero fluoride, all natural BLUEO4® has the highest stabilized oxygen infused concentration on the market. More than just an oxygen enhanced water beverage, BLUEO4® promotes good health, wellness and natural energy, changing the way consumers and athletes view training, performance and recovery. BLUEO4® is available in 20 oz. and 12 oz. bottles made of BPA free rPet Plastic (recyclable plastic). "BLUEO4® will 'fuel' the athlete-drivers and fans of the X-DRL all across the country, and around the world," said Jeff Mitchell, president and owner of the X-Treme Drag Racing League. "BLUEO4® will be delivered to racing teams at the track, and to wholesale customers through our distribution system," he added.

Benefits of the extra oxygen in BLUEO4® are: Reduced muscle fatigue, reduced lactate acid build up, increased pure energy - oxygen, reduces muscle cramping (sports, menstrual), reduces recovery time from injuries and exertion, and increases alertness. Other benefits of BLUEO4® include: It flushes toxins and impurities, reduces headaches, stress, jet lag and altitude sickness, and increases overall health and wellness.

BLUEO4®, the premier oxygen enhanced water beverage, is available now at many super markets, grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores, and restaurants. For more information on BLUEO4® and where it can be found in your neighborhood, visit WWW.BLUEO4.COM, TWITTER: @BLUEO4

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