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Sun, 07 Oct 2012, 13:43 PM

Top Fuel Round 1 Eliminations
By Rick Green

MOHNTON, Pa. - Results of round 1 eliminations in Top Fuel at the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series, 28th annual Auto-Plus NHRA Nationals:

   99 Khalid alBalooshi                       2 Spencer Massey               
E1   ****WINNER****  0.077  3.754 322.81                     0.065  3.772 320.81
 Qualified:             #9  3.776 327.03                        #8  3.763 321.12
Weather conditions: air temperature 57 degrees, relative humidity 62 percent, barometer 29.49 inches, adjusted altitude 851 feet, track temperature 68 degrees.

Massey is 3 - 0 against alBalooshi in prior events. Massey with the starting line advantage and the lead until 660 feet when alBalooshi drove around him and took the win by 0.0065 seconds (approximately 3 feet). alBalooshi with his career quickest pass for the win.

  475 Steve Torrence                          3 Antron Brown                 
E1                   0.058  3.775 323.12     ****WINNER****  0.063  3.745 327.66
 Qualified:            #10  3.803 321.04                        #7  3.758 325.14
Brown is 9 - 0 against Torrence in prior events. Torrence is out of the gate, but has the lead by 400 feet and then runs his quickest pass of the weekend for the win. Antron Brown's MOV: 0.0253 seconds (approximately 12 feet). Torrence with his quickest pass of the weekend in the losing effort.

   91 Larry Dixon                             6 Brandon Bernstein            
E1                   0.109  3.816 317.19     ****WINNER****  0.065  3.749 327.11
 Qualified:            #11  3.818 316.30                        #6  3.758 326.48
Dixon and Bernstein have each won 20 times against the other in prior events. Bernstein is out of the gate first and never trails for the win with his quickest pass of the weekend. This is Bernstein's career quickest and fastest pass for the win. Brandon Bernstein's incremental times: 60ft-0.843 sec., 330ft-2.129, 660ft-3.011/287.47 mph. Dixon with his quickest pass of the weekend in the losing effort, and that is Dixon's quickest and fastest pass this season.

  142 Dom Lagana                             34 Morgan Lucas                 
E1                   0.084  7.894  87.68     ****WINNER****  0.057  3.744 330.39
 Qualified:            #15  3.922 279.09                        #2  3.733 330.96
This is the first time Lagana and Lucas have faced each other in eliminations. Lucas is out of the gate first and never trailed for the win. Lucas with a big top end speed with the fifth fastest pass of the 1000-foot era. Morgan Lucas' incremental times: 60ft-0.858 sec., 330ft-2.143, 660ft-3.013/291.07 mph. Lucas will have lane choice over Brown in the next round round. Lagana with a lot of tire shake right at the hit and clicked it off.

  173 Ike Maier                              44 David Grubnic                
E1   ****WINNER****  0.099  5.699 202.18                     0.090  9.098  75.46
 Qualified:            #16  4.100 233.84                        #1  3.728 327.11
This is the first time Maier and Grubnic have faced each other in eliminations. Grubnic with a slight starting line advantage and then is up in smoke as soon as he hit the throttle and pedaled it and was back up in smoke. Maier started to shake early and pedaled it three or four times but got it to hook up enough to get the win light. Maier will give up lane choice to alBalooshi in the next round.

   21 Terry McMillen                          5 Tony Schumacher              
E1                   0.064  3.822 314.17     ****WINNER****  0.074  3.744 326.71
 Qualified:            #14  3.902 312.35                        #3  3.736 324.20
Schumacher is 9 - 0 against McMillen in prior events. McMillen with the starting line advantage and keeps it hooked up to take the win. Schumacher will have lane choice over Bernstein in the next round. Tony Schumacher's incremental times: 60ft-0.845 sec., 330ft-2.124, 660ft-3.004/287.72 mph. McMillen with a great pass to keep Schumacher honest, he runs his career quickest pass in the losing effort. Terry McMillen's incremental times: 60ft-0.852 sec., 330ft-2.149, 660ft-3.059/278.75 mph.

  255 Clay Millican                          22 Doug Kalitta                 
E1                   0.064  3.880 303.43     ****WINNER****  0.091  3.802 325.22
 Qualified:            #13  3.854 316.45                        #4  3.739 331.45
Kalitta is 12 - 6 against Millican in prior events. Millican is out of the gate first and has the lead to around half track when Kalitta chased him down. Doug Kalitta's MOV: 0.0511 seconds (approximately 23 feet).

   12 Bob Vandergriff                         9 Shawn Langdon                
E1                   0.079  3.822 318.77     ****WINNER****  0.054  3.741 324.51
 Qualified:            #12  3.824 324.90                        #5  3.753 326.32
Langdon is 5 - 0 against Vandergriff in prior events. Langdon with the starting line advantage and never trails as he runs his quickest pass of the weekend for the win. Shawn Langdon's incremental times: 60ft-0.834 sec., 330ft-2.126, 660ft-3.000/289.38 mph. Langdon will have lane choice over Kalitta in the next round. Vandergriff with a good pass, his quickest pass of the week in the losing effort.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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