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Sun, 14 Oct 2007, 01:58 PM

Super Pro Round 1 Winners

LAS VEGAS - Round 1 winners in Super Pro at the NHRA Summit Racing Series, Pacific Division Finals:
     Num  Class Driver, Home Town, Car Type 

     713H  SPRO  Mike Holmes, Yorba Linda CA, Dragster-Chevy
     749A  SPRO  Brian Coursen, Oxnard CA, Dragster-Chevy
     788D  SPRO  Doug Crumich, Irvine CA, '96 Corvette
     R769  SPRO  Gary Ratcliffe, Fallbrook CA, '23-T Ford
     7227  SPRO  Donnie Hendricks, Adelanto CA, '68 Nova
      739  SPRO  C.W> Hoefer, Calimbsa CA, '89 Corvette
     705T  SPRO  Tim Scott, Porterville Ca, '68 Camaro
     776D  SPRO  Larry Burnitzki, Porterville CA, '67 Camaro
     R780  SPRO  Robert Strong, Highland CA, '66 Chevelle
     X703  SPRO  Steve White, Ventura CA, Dragster-Chev
     M769  SPRO  Art Silva, Tracy CA, '74 Vega
     788A  SPRO  Lee Sweatfield, Vallejo CA, '74 Camaro
     701Y  SPRO  Steve Parsons, Ridgecrest CA, '63 Corvette
     7490  SPRO  Dustin Harris, Bakersfield CA, Victory-Chevy
     7855  SPRO  Bob Wagner, Glenn Elles CA, '71 Datsun
     P743  SPRO  Chris Pedersen, Ventura CA, '63 Falcon
     7766  SPRO  David Leighton, Ridgecrest CA, N&P-Chevy
     7512  SPRO  Ray Shearer, Bakersfield CA, Tuttle-Chev
     777Z  SPRO  Tom Lindemann, Lodi CA, '80 Monza
     768Q  SPRO  Keith Richards, Windsor CA, '70 Challenger
     7530  SPRO  Steven Shearer, Solana Beach CA, Cameron-Chevy
     7361  SPRO  Joe Niswonger, Las Vegas NV, '70 Chevy
     7606  SPRO  Ron Landram, Las Vegas NV, '67 Chevy
     781L  SPRO  Bryan King, Henderson NV, '80 Camaro
     G743  SPRO  Gary Vellenoweth Jr, Napa CA, 
     N713  SPRO  Tony Niswonger, Las Vegas NV, Yancer-Chevy
      722  SPRO  Roger Kato, N. Las Vegas NV, '05 Cavalier
      727  SPRO  Don Kruse, Las Vegas NV, '95 Chevy
     7241  SPRO  Bart Smith, N Las Vegas NV, '69 Camaro
     7772  SPRO  Janice Myhre, Sheridan CA, Uyehara-Chevy
     7007  SPRO  Mike Creason, Las Vegas NV, '70 Monte Carlo
     795D  SPRO  Becky Phlegar, Las Vegas NV, '72 Chevy
     7217  SPRO  John Dowd, Las Vegas NV, '97 Firebird
     N751  SPRO  Charlie Boyd, Las Vegas NV, Landshark-Chevy
     711J  SPRO  Jim Naffziger, Las Vegas NV, '66 Chevy Ii
      562  SPRO  Jeff Strunk, Woodland Park CO, Predator-Chevy
     K771  SPRO  Ricky Baldwin, Aztec NM, '83 Monte Carlo
     K773  SPRO  Jesse Baldwin, Farmington NM, Horton-Chevy
     406F  SPRO  Ned Parsons, Albuquerque NM, '66 Chevy II
     B713  SPRO  Victor Blea, Albuquerque NM, '67 El Camino
     7380  SPRO  Sir James, Escondido CA, '67 Barracuda
     C788  SPRO  Mike Meyers, Escondido CA, '69 Mustang
     7343  SPRO  Ron Conley, Escondido CA, Dragster-Chevy
     711D  SPRO  Dave Shipman, Albuquerque NM, Dragster-Chevy
     400T  SPRO  Joe Smithberger, Santa Fe CA, '89 Thunderbird
     Z719  SPRO  Jay Shelton, Riverside CA, Chevy
     708Q  SPRO  David Devriese, San Diego CA, Dragster-Chevy
     701B  SPRO  Durand Devriese, Santee CA, '70 Duster
     727K  SPRO  Keith King, Lemon Grove CA, '51 Henry J
     771P  SPRO  Larry Beach, Cedar City UT, '71 Gtx
     C783  SPRO  Bob Chagnon, Temecula CA, '88 Chevy
     P563  SPRO  Dick Ross, Fruita CO, '63 Nova
     702H  SPRO  John Howard, Albuquerque NM, Dragster-Chevy
     411V  SPRO  Dan Rupp, Albuquerque NM, '84 Firebird
     5101  SPRO  Dave Daniels, Grand Junction CO, '23-T Ford
     5275  SPRO  Max Tafoya, Albuquerque NM, Mullis-Chevy
     5677  SPRO  Kenneth Covington, Grand Junction CO, '73 Datsun
     X700  SPRO  John Phlgear, Las Vegas NV, '63 Corvette
     T752  SPRO  T.J. Fogarty, Henderson NV, '74 Pinto
     701X  SPRO  Bill Webber, Kingman AZ, Undercover-Chevy
     711G  SPRO  Chris Naffziger, Las Vegas NV, '70 Nova
     X775  SPRO  Michael Miller, Las Vegas NV, '79 Camaro
     H720  SPRO  Peyton Hall, Stansbury UT, 
     7888  SPRO  Barry Willoughby, Park City UT, '67 Camaro
     R717  SPRO  Alan Hoefer, Calimesa CA, '78 Camaro
     R767  SPRO  Alex Kadar, Peoria AZ, '64 GTO
     584T  SPRO  Mark Tyacke, Provo UT, Worthy-Chevy
     6774  SPRO  Tommy Debartolo, Grantville UT, Yancer-Mopar
     798Z  SPRO  Joe Leavitt, Carmichael CA, '80 Chevy Luv
     R714  SPRO  Dwight Downing, Glendale AZ, '79 Arrow
     R715  SPRO  Matt Bong,  , 
     U706  SPRO  Nick Alejandre, Glendale AZ, '66 Chevelle
     7053  SPRO  Eathon Lanfri, Milpitas CA, '74 Camaro
     7102  SPRO  Art Hoover, Concord CA, '02 Cavalier
     N706  SPRO  Chuck Williams,  , 
     739K  SPRO  Dalton Bohnet, Lodi CA, '70 Barracuda
     T515  SPRO  Tony Fuller, Las Vegas NV, Undercover-Chevy
     G782  SPRO  Kevin Sarginson, Ahwahnee CA, Dragster-Chev
     G757  SPRO  Lonnie Grace, Fallon NV, '02 Cavalier
     H766  SPRO  Tony Trimp, Ione CA, Sarmento-Chevy
     7418  SPRO  Paul Dassonville, Granite Bay CA, '69 Camaro
     7023  SPRO  Brian Lopez, Tucson AZ, '84 Camaro
     P712  SPRO  Jamie Neu, Peoria AZ, '71 Camaro
     702G  SPRO  Mike Proctor, Mesa AZ, Dragster-Chevy
     752A  SPRO  Josh Edwards, Glendale AZ, '70 Nova
     T729  SPRO  Danny Levitt Jr., Tucson AZ, 
     R737  SPRO  Gary Cox, Peoria AZ, '69 Camaro
     Q730  SPRO  Jeremy Markley, Benson AZ, '66 Mustang
     Z706  SPRO  Chris Lindsay, Peoria AZ, '77 Mustang
     792Q  SPRO  Jody Davis, Mesa AZ, '34 Chevy
     708M  SPRO  Martin Corella, Vail AZ, Suncoast-Chevy
     B739  SPRO  Peter Chulbes III, Ridgecrest CA, '65 Chevy II
     700G  SPRO  Jerry Duffy, Tucson AZ, Dragster-Chevy
     7225  SPRO  Phillip Narum, Marana AZ, Eastcoast-Chevy
     7092  SPRO  Chuck Willingham, Reseda CA, '69 Camaro
     G700  SPRO  Greg Dreher, Bakersfield CA, '76 Chevette
     G753  SPRO  Scott Evans, Ridgecrest CA, '74 Chevy Luv
     727N  SPRO  Kasey Narum, Marnana AZ, Dragster-Chevy
     712J  SPRO  Scott Stauth, Vail AZ, Undercover-Chevy
     783B  SPRO  Larry Spitali, Glendale AZ, '67 Camaro
      790  SPRO  Chuck Phelps, Chandler AZ, Yancer-Chevy
     7813  SPRO  Cindy Hawk, Tucson AZ, Yancer-Chevy
     719X  SPRO  Dave Whooley, Fallon NV, '82 Camaro
     7474  SPRO  Justin Lamb, Henderson NV, RaceTech-Chevy
     761Q  SPRO  Byron Boyd, Hat Creek CA, '84 Buick

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