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Fri, 26 Oct 2001, 11:28 PM

LAS VEGAS 2 - Super Comp Round 1 Winners

LAS VEGAS - Round 1 winners and next round pairings in Super Comp at the Inaugural AC Delco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals:
     Num  Class Driver, Home Town, Car Type 

    2          S/C  Frank Kohutek, Mesquite TX, Cameron-Chevy
    7774       S/C  Rodger Comstock, Bradbury CA, Dragster-Chevy

    7910       S/C  Frank Cervelli, Brentwood CA, Dragster-Chevy
    7817       S/C  Michael Lane, Shafter CA, Yancer-Chevy

    6035       S/C  Bill Evans, New Westminster BC, Dragster-Chevy
    7160       S/C  Andy Spiegel, Acton CA, Worthy-Chevy

    7726       S/C  Bart Hiatt, Fallon NV, Spitzer-Chevy
    7963       S/C  Brandon Dolezal, Chandler AZ, Dragster-Chevy

    177K       S/C  Al Kenny, Glenville OH, S&W
    6462       S/C  Glenn Miller, Port Moody BC, S&W-Chevy

    7536       S/C  Eric Gates, Fallbrook CA, Cameron-Chevy
    7835       S/C  Keith Downing, Glendale AZ, Framewrks-Dodg

    15         S/C  Dan Northrop, Doylestown PA, S&W-Chevy
    7132       S/C  Gary Gilbert, Scottsdale AZ, Yancer-Chevy

    7809       S/C  Val Torres, La Puente CA, Victory-Chevy
    6236       S/C  Rodney Souza, Eugene OR, Davis

    559        S/C  Steve Johnson, Arvada CO, Dragster-Chevy
    763        S/C  Debbie Dolezal, Chandler AZ, Dragster-Chevy

    4          S/C  Kyle Seipel, San Lorenzo CA, Undercover-Che
    7630       S/C  Kevin Quinlan, Yucca Valley CA, Victory-Chevy

    75         S/C  Jack Beckman, North Hills CA, Lockheed-Chevy
    76         S/C  Greg Boutte, Stockton CA, Sarmento-Chevy

    217        S/C  Rob Slavinski, Newark OH, Dragster-Pontiac
    8          S/C  Thomas Stalba, Williamston NJ, Dragster-Chevy

    3639       S/C  Nick Folk, Durand IL, Undercover
    7564       S/C  Darren Koranda, Sutter CA, Sarmento-Chevy

    7597       S/C  Jenna Lucy, Fontana CA, Yancer-Chevy
    6541       S/C  Paul Snell, Sandy UT, '87 Camaro

    5135       S/C  Grant Pederson, Brookings SD, Dragster-Chevy
    4070       S/C  Damon Dabbs, Garland TX, Dragster-Chevy

    4891       S/C  Fred Jaramillo, Bosque Farms NM, Spitzer-Chev
    735        S/C  Steve Williams, Loma Linda CA, Dragster-Chevy

    7791       S/C  Paul Farrow, Alto Loma CA, Undercover-Chevy
    2459       S/C  Tommy Turner, Naples FL, Mullis-Chevy

    5          S/C  David Rampy, Piedmont AL, Undercover-Chevy
    57         S/C  Dave Slatten, Fort Collins CO, Davis-Chevy

    731        S/C  Rick Beckstrom, Novato CA, Worthy-Chev
    780        S/C  Guy Aguayo, Santee CA, Dragster-Chevy

    765C       S/C  Shannon Chennault, Highland CA, '00 Dragster
    569        S/C  Greg Krause, Maple Grove MN, Cameron-Chevy

    7395       S/C  Justin Morgan, Concord, CA, Victory-Chev
    7486       S/C  Greg Parker, Scottsdale AZ, Yancer Chevy

    7969       S/C  Darryl Mitchell, Thousand Oaks CA, Worthy-Chevy
    7796       S/C  John Richardson, Santa Clarita CA, Dragster-Chevy

    7640       S/C  Tom Yancer, Chandler AZ, Yancer-Chevy
    7348       S/C  Eddie Fischle, Twin Peaks CA, Spitzer-Chevy

    4063       S/C  Penny Dabbs, Garland TX, Undercvr-Chev
    7334       S/C  Shawn Langdon, Bloomington CA, Yancer-Chevy

    605        S/C  Mike Ferderer, Buckley WA, Mullis-GM
    7428       S/C  Jonathan Fiello, Yucaipa CA, Undercover-Chevy

    780P       S/C  David Cook, Burlingame CA, Sarmento-Chevy
    4766       S/C  Shannon Brinkley, Highlands TX, Worthy-Chevy

    7998       S/C  Dustin Lee, Ontario CA, Dragster-Chev
    550        S/C  Ed Olpin, Lindon UT, Dragster-Chev

    780V       S/C  Val Torres Jr., Valinda CA, Victory-Chevy
    7660       S/C  Harold Meziere, Escondido CA, Mullis-Chev

    4860       S/C  Jackie King, Noble OK, Cameron-Chevy
    6909       S/C  Tom Franks, Boise ID, Victory-Chevy

    6380       S/C  Neil Schindler, San Diego CA, Fritz-Chevy
    730        S/C  Eric Maas, Ventura CA, Sarmento-Chevy

    7381       S/C  Pat Brosnan, Alta Loma CA, Undercover-Chevy
    7697       S/C  Leonard Madrid, Canoga Park CA, '23-T Ford

    6204       S/C  Ty Anderson, Vancouver WA, Yancer-Chevy
    7115       S/C  Gerry Nelson, Riverside CA, Dragster-Chevy

    72         S/C  Thomas Bayer, Alta Loma CA, Worthy-Chevy
    2819       S/C  Steve Hunt, Englewood FL, MarcRowe-Chevy

    6          S/C  Michael Miller, Santa Fe NM, Cameron-Ford
    4673       S/C  Scotty Richardson, Goodlettsville TN, RaceTech-Chevy

    2700       S/C  Shane Carr, Williamstown NJ, Undercover-Chevy
    701D       S/C  Michael Mangili, Stockton CA, '94 Dragster

    7919       S/C  Troy Moyle, Carson City NV, Sarmento-Chevy
    7129       S/C  Greg Carrillo, Phoenix AZ, Yancer-Chevy

    405V       S/C  Steve Echols, Ft. Worth TX, Dragster Chevy
    5439       S/C  Billy Maddox, Sidney NE, Mullis-Mopar

    706A       S/C  Brian Osman, Pinole CA, N&P-Chevy
    5898       S/C  Ray Groves, Evans CO, Fritz-Chevy

    445        S/C  Rodney Costlow, Dallas TX, Cameron-Chevy
    7098       S/C  Geoff Hughes, Fallon NV, Tuttle-Chevy

    78         S/C  Kyle Rizzoli, San Luis Obispo CA, Spitzer-Chev
    7275       S/C  Don Kruse, Las Vegas NV, '95 Beretta

    7685       S/C  Charlie Waggoner, Lawndale CA, Hanson-Chevy
    6711       S/C  Holly Gaynor, Vancouver WA, Dragster-Chevy

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