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Mon, 4 Sep 2000, 01:32 PM

INDY - Funny Car Round 1 Eliminations
By Darryl Jackman

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CLERMONT, Ind. - Results of round 1 eliminations in Funny Car at the 46th annual U.S. Nationals:

   4 Tony Pedregon       4.977 303.98  Q   13 Jerry Toliver       5.051 300.33
 *****WINNER***** 0.473  5.049 296.63  E1                  0.508  5.048 301.74
11:46 AM-That was an exciting first round of Top Fuel and I think we can expect more of the same with the fuel coupes. The conditions are so different today that all the tune ups are out the window. Both drivers actually qualified very late in the game so this one is up for grabs. Tony got the hole shot and needed all of it as Toliver actually had a quicker et. Both cars performed well but Ford gets this win and most of all the points. That race is getting closer and closer.

   3 Ron Capps           4.968 300.53  Q   14 Bob Gilbertson      5.063 300.80
 *****WINNER***** 0.493  4.997 301.47  E1                  0.468  5.127 272.23
Capps gets a great light and has way too much performance for Gilbertson. The timers showed Capps pulling away at every marker. Near the finish there was a flash out of the headers on Gilbertson's car but Capps was already a full car open on him.

   1 Tommy Johnson Jr.   4.963 301.27  Q   16 Whit Bazemore       5.084 299.86
                  0.524  5.090   NS    E1 *****WINNER***** 0.506  5.047 301.40
Johnson was the #1 qualifier but he was all over the board with his et's after the first session. According to him they were very agressive with the tuneup. Bazemore got into the field by virtue of the last session attempt. Bazemore gets the leave and pulls away for the win. Johnson puffed the tires at around 300 feet, had to tug on the brakes, and that was the difference at the other end. The screen came up with a 380 mph for Johnson obviously that was wrong so it's blank in this report. Bazemore returned the favor to TJ from Seattle. There, Bazemore was the #1 qualifer and Johnson took him out in round number one.

   2 John Force          4.967 306.53  Q   15 Del Worsham         5.077 299.26
 *****WINNER***** 0.509  5.005 304.32  E1                  0.482  6.292 139.01
Force is now 24-4 against Worsham and it's just been a tough weekend for the CSK team. Best they just move on to the next event. Del went out 200 feet and just clicked the ignition off.

  12 Cruz Pedregon       5.049 302.01  Q    5 Cristen Powell      4.981 304.60
 *****WINNER***** 0.520  5.123 277.72  E1                  0.551  5.573 179.21
Cruz missed two qualifying session so he's an unknown. Cristen has been very consistent. Powell was a bit late but she caught Cruz by 330 feet and was pulling away until the blower belt comes off after half track. Cruz caught up in a real hurry but started eating pistons at around 1000 feet. They did have the sweeper out in his lane but it appeared there was no oil.

   6 Frank Pedregon      5.001 303.91  Q   11 Bruce Sarver        5.048 302.35
                  0.494  5.758 192.74  E1 *****WINNER***** 0.531  5.066 299.60
F. Pedregon is back together after his fire in qualifying and ready to go. Sarver got quicker and quicker in qualifying. Pedregon got the leave on Sarver, but that was it. He car was mixing cylinders and driving him towards the center. Sarver was not without problems, he also mixed cylinders, but managed a full pass for the win. Capps has choice in round two.

   7 Scotty Cannon       5.002 297.61  Q   10 Jim Epler           5.046 298.47
                  0.525  5.857 167.45  E1 *****WINNER***** 0.540  5.002 304.46
Cannon pulled out to a big lead but tire smoke ended his chance at Indy glory. Epler pulled away for the win and date with Force in the next round. Epler has lane choice and will be looking to avenge the boss, Toliver, who fell to Force's team mate earlier in the round. For both teams it's all about Winstn points.

   8 Cory Lee            5.013 310.91  Q    9 Tim Wilkerson       5.017 296.76
                  0.516  5.280 266.48  E1 *****WINNER***** 0.523  4.990 305.42
Wilkerson pulls one out of his back pocket and sets low et of the first round. Lee was first off the line but fell back from there. Wilkerson will have lane choice over Bazemore in the next round. That one shows just how much conditions have changed since Friday. Next out will be the Pro Stock cars.

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