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Sat, 2 Sep 2000, 01:18 PM

INDY - Pro Stock Bike Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By Darryl Jackman

CLERMONT, Ind. - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Pro Stock Bike at the 46th annual U.S. Nationals listing lane, rider name, elapsed time/top speed this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time/speed, and position in order prior to run:

Left Lane: Brian DeLong Runs 7.522/179.79, Now #9; Best prior run: 7.614/171.86, Was #14
Right Lane: Rob Short Runs 7.552/178.45, Now #13; Best prior run: 7.551/178.26, Was #12

10:34 AM-The bikes take to the hot, sticky pavement for the second time. DeLong improves but Short gets no help.

Left Lane: Michael Phillips Runs 7.505/176.84, Now #8; Best prior run: 7.528/176.17, Was #10
Right Lane: Clarence Markham Runs 17.080/41.15, Now #9; Best prior run: 7.516/175.80, Was #8

Markham broke just off the line and coasts through. Two spots better for Phillips.

Left Lane: Greg Underdahl Runs 7.514/175.82, Now #9; Best prior run: 7.547/171.90, Was #11
Right Lane: C.J. Smith Runs 8.231/155.15, Now #23; Best prior run: 8.072/160.46, Was #23

Left Lane: Joe DeSantis Runs 7.507/174.62, Now #9; No Prior Run
Right Lane: Reggie Showers Runs 7.526/177.11, Now #13; No Prior Run

Both riders making their first pass. Both riders are now in the field. We'll see how long that will hold up.

Left Lane: Mike Berry Runs 7.589/176.19, Now #17; No Prior Run
Right Lane: Blaine Hale Runs 7.450/178.40, Now #6; Best prior run: 7.446/178.92, Was #6

No help.

Left Lane: John Smith Runs 7.381/181.15, Now #3; Best prior run: 7.375/181.96, Was #3
Right Lane: Brian Ayers Runs 7.608/172.32, Now #18; Best prior run: 7.619/173.49, Was #18

No help for Smith or Ayers.

Left Lane: Scott Cannon No Time, Now #25; Best prior run: 8.028/170.51, Was #25
Right Lane: Shawn Gann Runs 7.487/174.55, Now #8; Best prior run: 7.636/164.93, Was #19

Cannon Jr breaks on the burnout. Gann bumps into the field.

Left Lane: Horace Wright No Time, Now #23; Best prior run: 7.965/159.32, Was #23
Right Lane: Bruce Dickson Runs 12.685/61.63, Now #29; Best prior run: 19.149/36.98, Was #29

Wright was pushed away from the line and Dickson sounded like the rev limiter failed at the line.

Left Lane: Neil Jacobs Runs 7.684/171.66, Now #21; Best prior run: 7.737/171.84, Was #21
Right Lane: Lori Francis Runs 7.943/161.07, Now #23; Best prior run: 7.968/160.67, Was #24

No help for the pair.

Left Lane: Hector Arana Runs 7.710/172.45, Now #20; Best prior run: 7.672/169.17, Was #20
Right Lane: Dan Baisley Runs 7.821/163.28, Now #22; Best prior run: 7.800/163.59, Was #22

Both riders remain outside the field.

Left Lane: Tom Bradford Runs 8.474/117.39, Now #27; Best prior run: 8.108/158.54, Was #27

That will conclude the second round of bike qualifying. On to Pro Stock cars.

Left Lane: Craig Treble Runs 7.381/179.44, Now #4; Best prior run: 7.429/178.85, Was #5
Right Lane: Ron Ayers Runs 7.605/174.77, Now #17; Best prior run: 7.552/177.65, Was #17

I'm calling this qualifying so you can look for Larry Sullivan's posts on the Holly Bike Duel. Treble picks up one spot, while Ayers loses a nickel.

Left Lane: Antron Brown Runs 7.370/180.79, Now #1; Best prior run: 7.324/182.70, Was #1
Right Lane: Tony Mullen Runs 7.370/180.52, Now #3; Best prior run: 10.747/75.29, Was #28

Be sure you look up who one this one because it was a fantastic race. Mullen goes into the #3 hole.

Left Lane: Angelle Seeling Runs 7.344/179.54, Now #2; Best prior run: 7.384/180.31, Was #6
Right Lane: Steve Johnson Runs 7.521/170.56, Now #8; Best prior run: 7.476/173.01, Was #8

Seeling moves well up into the top half of the field on this run. Johnson drops a nickel. Scali is on the bump at 7.55.

Left Lane: Matt Hines Runs 7.365/181.94, Now #3; Best prior run: 7.364/178.24, Was #3
Right Lane: Geno Scali Runs 7.423/173.74, Now #7; Best prior run: 7.550/178.45, Was #16

Scali moves off the the bump and into the top half. Hines slows .001 from last night.

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