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Fri, 22 Oct 1999, 04:25 PM

DALLAS - Pro Stock Qualifying Notes, Session #1
By Ed Dykes

ENNIS, Texas - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Pro Stock at the 14th annual O'Reilly Fall Nationals presented by Castrol Syntec listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed, and position in order following run:
Left Lane: Robert Harman Runs 8.215/123.32, Now #1
Right Lane: Joel Bayless No Time, Now #2

Bayless can't make the call, so we start the round with a single... and then Harman gets out of shape and has to lift.

Left Lane: Jerry Eckman Runs 7.056/196.03, Now #2
Right Lane: Steve Schmidt Runs 7.020/196.67, Now #1

That's right, it's THE Jerry Eckman, back from his NHRA-imposed 2-year suspension to drive Dave Belli's Firebird here this weekend.

Left Lane: Tom Martino Runs 6.952/199.02, Now #1
Right Lane: Mike Thomas Runs 7.013/198.01, Now #2

This is a stellar run by the Century 21 team, their .048 60' time the best of the day by a long shot. This may well hold up as the best of the session. for sure.

Left Lane: Gary Wiggins Runs 11.461/79.16, Now #7
Right Lane: Mark Pawuk Runs 7.071/197.58, Now #5

Wiggins' car looked like it just died when he let the clutch out, here.

Left Lane: Richie Stevens Runs 7.017/196.59, Now #3
Right Lane: Mike Trumble Runs 7.074/196.24, Now #7

The Kid turns in a nice one, his 1.062 60' time a full 0.008 better than Trumble's.

Left Lane: Greg Anderson Runs 11.186/79.64, Now #10
Right Lane: Darrell Alderman Runs 7.018/197.41, Now #4

These two both had identical 1.078 60' times, but their cars looked completely different off the line... Anderson was completely out of shape and had to lift.

Left Lane: Ed Heck Runs 7.263/169.93, Now #21
Right Lane: Bruce Allen Runs 8.297/120.16, Now #23

No joy for these two, especially the hometown team of Reher & Morrison & Allen.
Left Lane: Jeg Coughlin Runs 6.991/198.41, Now #2
Right Lane: Ray Franks Runs 7.123/195.77, Now #10

Coughlin moves the yellow Cutlass right in behind Martino's Firebird with a very respectable run.

Left Lane: Tony Gillig Runs 16.743/47.79, Now #15
Right Lane: Warren Johnson Runs 6.960/199.91, Now #2

Gillig blows the tires off right at the start, while WJ blasts down the right lane but it's only good enough for the second spot.

Left Lane: Mike Edwards Runs 7.001/197.28, Now #4
Right Lane: George Marnell Runs 11.872/73.87, Now #16

Mike "On A Roll" Edwards moves right in behind Mike Thomas with this pass, while Marnell's Pontiac makes a right turn right off the line and forces him to abort.

Left Lane: Robert Patrick Runs 7.043/196.42, Now #10
Right Lane: Allen Johnson Runs 7.042/197.19, Now #9

Johnson announced this week that the Amoco folks are stepping up their sponsorship next year, after the stellar year he's had in the Dodge.

Left Lane: V. Gaines Runs 7.195/188.67, Now #16
Right Lane: Jim Yates Runs 7.016/197.15, Now #6

Yates slides in ahead of Richie Stevens, while Gaines is in the show for probably another 5-10 minutes.

Left Lane: Randy Jones Runs 11.886/73.86, Now #22
Right Lane: Arturo Delgado Runs 7.114/197.15, Now #15

Gaines didn't last a minute, as Delgado moves him across the line, while Jones shakes hard in his first attempt.

Left Lane: Larry Morgan Runs 7.077/195.48, Now #15
Right Lane: John Nobile Runs 12.438/69.88, Now #24

Nobile gets loose and shuts off, while Morgan drives thru it and gets on the ladder, just behind Trumble.

Left Lane: Kurt Johnson Runs 7.060/198.06, Now #13
Right Lane: Ron Krisher Runs 7.071/196.59, Now #15

Johnson had a terrible 1.08 short time, and his e.t. shows it.

Left Lane: Hurley Blakeney Runs 14.912/91.12, Now #27
Right Lane: Troy Coughlin Runs 15.798/84.30, Now #28

The last pair, here, and both teams miss their clutch setups, so it's Mike Trumble ending up on the bubble at 7.074 with Tom Martino on the pole at 6.952

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