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Thu, 7 Oct 1999, 04:58 PM

MEMPHIS - Pro Stock Truck Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By Dave Rowe

MILLINGTON, Tenn. - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Pro Stock Truck at the 12th annual AutoZone Nationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time/top speed this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time/speed, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Scott Tidwell Runs 7.658/176.30, Now #10; Best prior run: 7.623/176.72, Was #10
Right Lane: Chip Ippolito Runs 7.644/176.84, Now #17; No Prior Run

3:23 PM Time for the second round of qualifying for the trucks. Ippolito had clutch problems in the first round.

Left Lane: Mike Coughlin Runs 7.623/177.28, Now #3; Best prior run: 7.575/177.95, Was #3
Right Lane: John Coughlin Runs 7.728/156.03, Now #18; Best prior run: 7.644/176.26, Was #18

John still isn't in here. He doesn't help himself any as he pulls the chute around the 1000' mark. Mike slows from the first round.

Left Lane: Larry Kopp Runs 7.607/177.51, Now #8; Best prior run: 7.625/176.35, Was #11
Right Lane: Greg Stanfield Runs 7.584/178.14, Now #4; Best prior run: 7.586/177.32, Was #4

Stanfield improves slightly. Kopp moves up to the eighth spot.

Left Lane: Brian Self Runs 7.624/176.53, Now #7; Best prior run: 7.602/177.56, Was #7
Right Lane: Dave McConnell Runs 7.685/175.02, Now #26; Best prior run: 7.713/173.99, Was #27

McConnell improves slightly but not enough to get in the field.

Left Lane: Joe Pigford Runs 7.691/176.05, Now #22; Best prior run: 7.663/175.75, Was #22
Right Lane: Randy Daniels Runs 7.572/178.02, Now #2; Best prior run: 7.570/177.14, Was #2

The temp has gone up since the first round and we probably won't see much movement.

Left Lane: Mark Osborne Runs 7.625/177.00, Now #9; Best prior run: 7.609/176.63, Was #9
Right Lane: Todd Patterson Runs 7.687/176.93, Now #21; Best prior run: 7.658/176.42, Was #21

Only one Dodge in the field so far. Patterson makes it two as he jumps ahead of Osborne.

Left Lane: Scott Perin Runs 7.666/175.39, Now #12; Best prior run: 7.634/176.65, Was #12
Right Lane: Craig Eaton Runs 7.682/175.59, Now #13; Best prior run: 7.635/175.48, Was #13

Eaton veers a little left right off the line. Neither driver improves on this run.

Left Lane: David Spitzer Runs 7.688/175.02, Now #16; Best prior run: 7.640/175.91, Was #16
Right Lane: Larry Seay Runs 7.678/175.52, Now #14; Best prior run: 7.636/176.03, Was #14

Left Lane: David Spitzer Runs 7.688/175.02, Now #16; Best prior run: 0.000/175.91, Was #40
Right Lane: Larry Seay Runs 7.678/175.52, Now #14; Best prior run: 0.000/176.03, Was #36

Left Lane: Bo Nickens Runs 7.748/174.75, Now #20; Best prior run: 7.655/176.14, Was #20
Right Lane: Rick Jones Runs 7.659/176.26, Now #22; Best prior run: 7.665/175.82, Was #24

Jones improves and jumps up a couple of spots but he's still not in the field.

Left Lane: Bob Panella Jr Runs 7.569/177.72, Now #1; Best prior run: 7.549/178.80, Was #1
Right Lane: Brad Jeter Runs 7.585/177.77, Now #5; Best prior run: 7.598/177.37, Was #5

Panella makes another good run. Jeter doesn't improve enough to move up.

Left Lane: Bart Price Runs 7.626/176.60, Now #12; Best prior run: 7.637/177.04, Was #15
Right Lane: Jerry Haas Runs 7.629/176.72, Now #10; Best prior run: 7.623/176.77, Was #10

Left Lane: Jose Maldonado Runs 7.758/168.01, Now #32; Best prior run: 7.744/173.99, Was #32
Right Lane: Roy Simmons Runs 7.772/174.28, Now #31; Best prior run: 7.735/175.23, Was #31

Left Lane: Dale Eaton Runs 7.663/175.89, Now #23; Best prior run: 10.958/81.81, Was #36
Right Lane: Don Smith Runs 7.713/175.82, Now #29; Best prior run: 7.727/174.71, Was #29

Eaton had problems in the first round and is looking to improve on this run. He moves up but not enough.

Left Lane: Kim Smith Runs 7.682/175.62, Now #27; Best prior run: 7.729/175.94, Was #31
Right Lane: Mark Whisnant Runs 7.658/175.00, Now #22; Best prior run: 7.713/173.72, Was #30

Both these drivers are on the outside looking in. They both improve over their previous attempts but still can't crack this quick field.

Left Lane: Taylor Lastor Runs 7.782/174.71, Now #26; Best prior run: 7.664/175.39, Was #26
Right Lane: Jeff Lukovich Runs 7.632/176.40, Now #13; Best prior run: 7.651/176.01, Was #19

Luckovich makes a big jump to get in at the 13th spot. No help for Lastor.

Left Lane: Larry Perkins Runs 7.682/175.82, Now #28; Best prior run: 7.931/164.89, Was #35
Right Lane: Ruben Celedon Runs 7.677/176.44, Now #27; Best prior run: 9.787/95.60, Was #36

Left Lane: Steve Johns Runs 7.645/175.96, Now #20; Best prior run: 12.876/66.95, Was #37
Right Lane: Samuel Tompkins Runs 7.753/174.64, Now #37; Best prior run: 7.807/175.05, Was #36

Left Lane: John Lingenfelte Runs 26.538/47.27, Now #6; Best prior run: 7.599/178.73, Was #6
Right Lane: Tim Freeman Runs 7.641/176.70, Now #18; Best prior run: 7.683/176.05, Was #31

Lingenfelter brakes something as he comes off the line and he coast's through the lights. Freeman makes a good run but can't get in. We end this session with Panella on the pole and Larry Seay on the bump at 7.636.

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