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Fri, Nov 13, 06:51 PM

POMONA - Pro Stock Qualifying Notes, Session # 2
By Rick Green

POMONA, Calif. - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Pro Stock at the 34th annual NHRA Winston Finals, listing lane, driver name, elapsed time/top speed this round, position in order following run, (best prior elapsed time/speed, and position in order prior to run):
Left Lane: Ron Krisher Runs 6.976/197.54 Now #14, (Best prior run: 6.989/198.23 Was #17)
Right Lane: Richie Stevens Runs 6.971/197.14 Now # 4, (Best prior run: 6.934/198.54 Was # 4)

The weather is 76 degrees, the barometer is 30.11 inches, and the humidity is 20%. Krisher makes a move toward the centerline, but reels it in to make the show.

Left Lane: Mike Thomas Runs 6.964/198.58 Now # 7, (Best prior run: 6.950/199.24 Was # 7)
Right Lane: John Nobile Runs 6.990/198.19 Now #18, (Best prior run: 7.029/198.06 Was #24)

Thomas is shooting for the 200 mile per hour mark, but he falls way short.

Left Lane: George Marnell Runs 6.965/197.58 Now #12, (Best prior run: 6.965/197.58 Was #12)
Right Lane: Mark Thomas Runs 7.106/195.65 Now #26, (Best prior run: 7.037/196.93 Was #26)

Left Lane: Tom Martino Runs 6.946/197.88 Now # 7, (Best prior run: 6.967/198.80 Was #14)
Right Lane: Rickie Smith Runs 7.027/197.28 Now # 9, (Best prior run: 6.960/197.84 Was # 8)

Martino makes the big move here jumping into the top half of the show with a great pass. Smith has problems in the shut down area, the chute does not deploy. He is on the brakes big time and then gets very close to Martino, crossing over so closely in front of Martino that the fouled chutes cross over Martino's hood. The chutes finally get out, but are hooked up on the rear spoiler. Smith enters into the sand trap still going very fast and has it side ways, so the car rolls onto its lid. Smith is out of the car and okay, but will be checked out here by the track's medical staff.

Left Lane: Mike Edwards Runs 6.953/198.98 Now # 9, (Best prior run: 6.962/199.11 Was #12)
Right Lane: Larry Morgan Runs 6.989/198.06 Now #18, (Best prior run: 7.070/196.72 Was #28)

Edwards announced earlier today he will be in a Camaro next year. Morgan, in his last race with a Camaro, breaks into the sixes, but not enough to make the show.

Left Lane: Mark Pawuk Runs 6.982/197.15 Now #11, (Best prior run: 6.961/198.58 Was #11)
Right Lane: Warren Johnson Runs 6.948/200.04 Now # 1, (Best prior run: 6.891/201.02 Was # 1)

Warren continues to break the rest of the field's backs with another great pass.

Left Lane: Arturo Delgado Runs 7.215/168.35 Now #17, (Best prior run: 6.989/198.67 Was #17)
Right Lane: Kurt Johnson Runs 7.008/199.02 Now # 2, (Best prior run: 6.914/199.55 Was # 2)

Arturo is way out of shape, no help for Johnson here.

Left Lane: Larry Nance Runs 7.057/186.67 Now #23, (Best prior run: 7.019/197.67 Was #23)
Right Lane: Shawn Collins Runs 7.047/196.16 Now #16, (Best prior run: 6.986/197.10 Was #16)

Collins does not help himself here, so he will just have to wait, watch, and hope.

Left Lane: Bruce Allen Runs 7.050/195.18 Now #26, (Best prior run: 7.029/197.10 Was #26)
Right Lane: Jeg Coughlin Runs 6.931/199.46 Now # 3, (Best prior run: 6.927/199.37 Was # 3)

Coughlin with a good pass, but does not improve on yesterday's time.

Left Lane: Mark Osborne Runs 6.911/199.15 Now # 2, (Best prior run: 6.938/199.42 Was # 5)
Right Lane: Ray Franks Runs 7.024/195.31 Now #12, (Best prior run: 6.961/197.93 Was #12)

Osborne is switching to the trucks next year for the Kessinger team.

Osborne jumps up right behind Warren in the number two spot.

Left Lane: Steve Schmidt Runs 6.993/197.45 Now #21, (Best prior run: 7.042/197.32 Was #28)
Right Lane: Jim Yates Runs 6.942/198.32 Now # 6, (Best prior run: 6.939/198.06 Was # 6)

Left Lane: Allen Johnson Runs 6.997/197.23 Now #14, (Best prior run: 6.967/198.93 Was #14)
Right Lane: Harry Scribner Runs 7.015/196.80 Now #23, (Best prior run: 7.020/196.59 Was #25)

Left Lane: Brad Klein Runs 11.928/ 74.83 Now #30, (Best prior run: 7.146/195.65 Was #30)
Right Lane: Jamie Yates Runs 7.029/196.97 Now #22, (Best prior run: 7.007/196.97 Was #22)

Klein makes a quick move toward the centerline and clicks it off.

Left Lane: V. Gaines Runs 6.988/197.93 Now #17, (Best prior run: 7.018/196.20 Was #24)
Right Lane: Robert Patrick Runs 7.015/197.28 Now #24, (Best prior run: 7.075/197.10 Was #29)

Gaines is so close, but no cigar.

Left Lane: Pete Williams Runs 7.025/197.41 Now #27, (Best prior run: 7.024/197.45 Was #27)
Right Lane: Troy Coughlin Runs 6.980/198.80 Now #16, (Best prior run: 6.992/198.28 Was #21)

This is the last pair and Coughlin bumps out Collins with his pass.

We end with Warren on top and Coughlin rounds out the field after day two.

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