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Mon, 09 Mar 2020, 20:55 PM

Hart, Gordon, Affronti, Bertozzi, Wilkes, Bator, Slack, Harris, Underwood, Landry, Earwood, Carden and Summers Win
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At the Fifth annual Baby Gators

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Josh Hart, Doug Gordon, Frank Affronti, Anthony Bertozzi, Randy Wilkes, Jason Bator, Greg Slack, Les Harris, Scott Underwood, Wayne Landry, Jackson Earwood, Alayna Carden and Jackson Summers capture Wallys at the Fifth annual Baby Gators.

Top Alcohol Dragster: Josh Hart, 5.295, 274.61 defeated Jackie Fricke, 9.338, 83.88.

Josh Hart

Josh Hart and crew celebrate his 11th win.

Top Alcohol Funny Car: Doug Gordon, Chevy Camaro, 5.523, 268.92 defeated Sean Bellemeur, Camaro, 5.651, 267.06.

Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon and crew celebrate his 26th win.

Competition Eliminator: Frank Affronti, GXP, 7.682, 172.89 defeated Ed Federkeil, Dodge, 7.623, 189.71.

Frank Affronti

Frank Affronti and crew celebrate his first win.

Super Stock: Anthony Bertozzi, Grand Am, 8.918, 144.46 defeated Merrill Schrimscher, Chevy Nova, 9.899, 130.27.

Anthony Bertozzi

Anthony Bertozzi celebrates his 22nd win.

Stock Eliminator: Randy Wilkes, Firebird, 9.950, 133.24 defeated Jerry Bennett, Duster, 10.631, 119.87.

Randy Wilkes

Randy Wilkes and crew celebrate his eighth win.

Super Comp: Jason Bator, Undercover, 8.918, 183.00 defeated Troy Williams, Dragster, Foul - Red Light.

Jason Bator

Jason Bator celebrates his first win.

Super Gas: Greg Slack, Maverick, 9.937, 146.38 defeated Jason Kenny, Corvette, 9.936, 154.02.

Greg Slack

Greg Slack and crew celebrate second win.

Super Street: Les Harris, 10.913, 129.40 defeated Mike Griggs, Camaro, 10.918, 137.46.

Les Harris

Les Harris and crew celebrate first win.

Top Sportsman: Scott Underwood, Camaro, 7.310, 187.57 defeated Dylan Stott, Mustang, 8.058, 128.92.

Scott Underwood

Scott Underwood and crew celebrate his fourth win.

Top Dragster: Wayne Landry, American, 6.211, 220.98 defeated Ross Laris, Racecraft, 6.216, 218.37.

Wayne Landry

Wayne Landry and crew celebrate his first win.

Advanced Junior Dragster: Jackson Earwood, BOS, 7.964, 77.16 defeated Tyler Vinacco, Halfscale, 8.075, 79.00.

Jackson Earwood

Jackson Earwood and crew celebrate win.

Intermediate Junior Dragster: Alayna Carden, 8.901, 72.71 defeated Matthew Peterson, Mike BOS, 9.137, 69.38.

Alayna Carden

Alayna Carden and crew celebrate win.

Novice Junior Dragster: Jackson Summers, American, 12.116, 52.68 defeated Maeson Summers, Halfscale, 13.929, 35.79.

Jackson Summers

Jackson Summers and crew celebrate win.

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