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Sat, 26 Oct 2013, 14:24 PM

Top Alcohol Dragster Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By Rick Green

LAS VEGAS - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Top Alcohol Dragster at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, 13th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time/top speed this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time/speed, and position in order prior to run:
Right Lane: Don St. Arnaud Runs 5.412/270.86, Now #4; No Prior Run

Weather conditions: air temperature 73 degrees, relative humidity 25 percent, barometer 28.06 inches, adjusted altitude 3,479 feet.

St. Arnaud with a great looking pass to get into the top half of the show. Don St. Arnaud's incremental times: 60ft-0.953 sec., 330ft-2.473, 660ft-3.623/218.72 mph, 1,000ft-4.587.

Left Lane: Alan Bradshaw Runs 5.347/260.36, Now #2; Best prior run: 6.053/231.68, Was #19
Right Lane: Buddy Domingue Runs 12.643/85.32, Now #20; No Prior Run

Bradshaw launched hard and keep it hooked up. Alan Bradshaw's incremental times: 60ft-0.936 sec., 330ft-2.419, 660ft-3.541/222.33 mph, 1,000ft-4.505. Domingue was up in smoke as soon as he hit the throttle.

Left Lane: Ashley Sanford No Time, Now #19; Best prior run: 5.760/244.52, Was #18
Right Lane: Larry Miersch Runs 5.753/232.07, Now #18; No Prior Run

Sanford broke as she was staging...Miersch makes it down the track, but doesn't get into the show.

Left Lane: Chris Demke Runs 5.298/270.59, Now #1; Best prior run: 5.752/268.22, Was #17
Right Lane: Garrett Bateman Runs 5.325/266.32, Now #3; Best prior run: 5.767/213.13, Was #20

Demke launched hard and keep it hooked up and hitting on all eight to go to the number one spot. Chris Demke's incremental times: 60ft-0.929 sec., 330ft-2.363, 660ft-3.498/216.93 mph, 1,000ft-4.470. Bateman with a real nice pass, his quickest this year to go to the number three spot. Garrett Bateman's incremental times: 60ft-0.929 sec., 330ft-2.406, 660ft-3.532/222.07 mph, 1,000ft-4.492.

Left Lane: William Litton Runs 5.644/245.27, Now #18; Best prior run: 5.667/224.88, Was #18
Right Lane: Eugene Tumbarello Runs 5.851/245.94, Now #16; Best prior run: 5.642/256.06, Was #16

Litton improves, but not enough to get into the help here for Tumbarello.

Left Lane: Jeff Ashwell Runs 5.575/254.76, Now #14; Best prior run: 5.642/253.09, Was #17
Right Lane: Duane Shields Runs 15.894/40.59, Now #15; Best prior run: 5.583/253.23, Was #14

Ashwell with a nice pass to get in the show and that bumps Tumbarello out. Jeff Ashwell's incremental times: 60ft-0.961 sec., 330ft-2.463, 660ft-3.661/205.85 mph, 1,000ft-4.695. Shields is up in smoke right off the starting line.

Left Lane: Aaron Olivarez Runs 5.485/255.92, Now #10; Best prior run: 5.616/254.47, Was #16
Right Lane: Megan McKernan Runs 8.267/104.68, Now #12; Best prior run: 5.490/264.86, Was #11

Olivarez was straight down the groove to move up the ladder. Aaron Olivarez's incremental times: 60ft-0.959 sec., 330ft-2.483, 660ft-3.637/216.31 mph, 1,000ft-4.619. McKernan starts to shake and clicks it off by 300 feet.

Left Lane: Greg Hunter Runs 5.373/268.17, Now #6; Best prior run: 5.534/262.39, Was #14
Right Lane: Dan Mercier Runs 5.400/255.05, Now #7; Best prior run: 5.469/256.41, Was #9

This was a great side-by-side drag race...Hunter with his career quickest and fastest pass to go to the number six spot. Greg Hunter's incremental times: 60ft-0.949 sec., 330ft-2.402, 660ft-3.550/214.89 mph, 1,000ft-4.535. Mercier with a nice pass to go to the number seven spot.

Left Lane: Shawn Cowie Runs 5.488/261.37, Now #12; Best prior run: 5.518/236.92, Was #14
Right Lane: Ray Martin Runs 5.379/266.79, Now #7; Best prior run: 5.401/265.06, Was #8

Cowie with a good looking pass to move up the ladder a couple spots. Shawn Cowie's incremental times: 60ft-0.949 sec., 330ft-2.454, 660ft-3.633/210.57 mph, 1,000ft-4.634. Martin with his quickest run to move up the ladder one spot. Ray Martin's incremental times: 60ft-0.939 sec., 330ft-2.388, 660ft-3.545/213.23 mph, 1,000ft-4.537.

Left Lane: Johnny Ahten Runs 5.507/252.57, Now #13; Best prior run: 5.488/256.94, Was #13
Right Lane: Mark Taliaferro Runs 9.023/96.38, Now #5; Best prior run: 5.368/268.54, Was #5

No help here for Ahten and he will stay 13th. Taliaferro is up in smoke right off the starting line.

Left Lane: Joey Severance Runs 5.403/266.48, Now #9; Best prior run: 5.434/265.06, Was #10
Right Lane: Jim Whiteley Runs 12.482/96.34, Now #2; Best prior run: 5.308/270.48, Was #2

Severance is skating around early but stays with it and moves up the ladder one spot. Joey Severance's incremental times: 60ft-0.914 sec., 330ft-2.398, 660ft-3.565/210.97 mph, 1,000ft-4.560. Whiteley is up in smoke early and clicks it off.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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