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Mon, 02 Sep 2013, 12:54 PM

Pro Stock Round 1 Eliminations
By Larry Sullivan

BROWNSBURG, Ind. - Results of round 1 eliminations in Pro Stock at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, 59th annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals:

    1 Allen Johnson                         300 Mark Martino                 
E1   ****WINNER****  0.044  6.646 207.66                     0.051  6.721 206.83
 Qualified:             #8  6.646 207.88                        #9  6.661 207.72
12:25 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 74 degrees, relative humidity 76 percent, barometer 28.97 inches, adjusted altitude 2,987 feet, track temperature 88 degrees.

This is Allen Johnson's lowest starting spot since the Winternationals, where he was #10. It's also his lowest starting spot at Indy since 2005. Since 1990 the #8 PS qualifier has only won the opening round nine times at this event. Mark Martino's ninth-place start here equals his best starting position in his part-time, 18-race NHRA career. It's the first time these two have met in eliminations.

Martino's car made a hard move to the left on the launch, out of the groove and sideways. He saved it, but that had to hurt his ET and AJ won going away.

    2 Jason Line                            218 Curt Steinbach               
E1   ****WINNER****  0.048  6.624 208.68                     0.034  6.647 206.86
 Qualified:             #7  6.645 207.98                       #10  6.661 205.98
Curt Steinbach is making his first start in his first official NHRA Pro Stock race. He has been at other events but never attempted a qualifying run. He won the Cajun Nationals in Comp Eliminator in 1989. Jason Line is just 8 -10 for his career at Indy with one final round appearance.

This was a close race, Steinbach with the holeshot and leading everywhere except where it counted.

Jason Line's incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.004), 330 ft(-0.008), 660ft(-0.005), 1000ft(0.001). MOV: 0.0098 seconds (approximately 3 feet).

   11 Shane Gray                              3 Vincent Nobile               
E1   ****WINNER****  0.034  6.663 207.85                    -0.006  6.677 206.57
 Qualified:             #6  6.644 207.85                       #11  6.674 206.95
Two of the promising youngsters in Pro Stock face off here and Nobile has dominated their previous faceoffs, 7-1 overall and 4-0 in round one.

Nobile went red and Gray advances.

    5 Greg Anderson                         445 Greg Stanfield               
E1   ****WINNER****  0.024  6.624 208.49                     0.027  6.680 206.04
 Qualified:             #4  6.640 208.10                       #13  6.689 206.39
Greg Anderson has won here 6 times and that ties with Warren Johnson for second most in the class (Bob Glidden won 9). He is 11-2 in his first round matches here. Greg Stanfield won here in 2010. The two have raced 21 times in round one with Anderson holding a slim 12-9 edge in those meetings.

Anderson had a tiny edge at the green, both with very good lights, but Anderson had the power to stay ahead all the way to the stripe. The two Summit cars ran identical ETs, and almost the same speed.

Greg Anderson's incremental margins: 60ft(0.002), 330 ft(0.016), 660ft(0.031), 1,000ft(0.046). MOV: 0.0597 seconds (approximately 18 feet).

    7 V. Gaines                             208 Warren Johnson               
E1   ****WINNER****  0.060  6.617 208.65                     0.031  6.692 205.66
 Qualified:             #2  6.637 208.59                       #15  6.696 206.70
V. Gaines continues to have a good year and this is the fourth time this year he has been the #2 qualifier. It's his best Indy start in seventeen tries. He was runner-up here in 1997. Warren Johnson has won Indy 6 times, but not since 1999. This will be his 38th Indy race. WJ is 14-10 against Gaines in prior races, but Gaines is 9-8 against WJ in round one matchups.

WJ had a nice edge at the green, but it wasn't enough to hold Gaines off because Gaines ran low ET of the event for the win.

V. Gaines' incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.031), 330 ft(-0.013), 660ft(0.008), 1,000ft(0.029). MOV: 0.0467 seconds (approximately 14 feet).

Gaines will have lane choice against Line in round two.

    6 Mike Edwards                         4264 Chris McGaha                 
E1   ****WINNER****  0.015  6.613 208.71                     0.084  6.696 205.94
 Qualified:             #1  6.621 208.20                       #16  6.706 206.45
Mike Edwards won here in 1998. This is the 13th number one spot this year and his third at Indy (2009 & 2010). Chris McGaha made his first Pro Stock start at this race in 2011. Earlier this year McGaha was #16 at Pomona and Mike was #1 and McGaha pulled off the big upset. They have met twice before, both in round one, with an even split at 1-1.

The #1 qualifiers in Top Fuel and Funny Car did not get out of round one, but Edwards took no prisoners on this run - with a great reaction time and low ET of the event.

Mike Edwards' incremental times: 60ft-0.997 sec., 330ft-2.773, 660ft-4.257/165.80 mph, 1,000ft-5.535. He will have lane choice against Allen Johnson in round two.

   25 Jeg Coughlin                           41 Rodger Brogdon               
E1   ****WINNER****  0.035  6.638 206.86                     0.045  6.676 206.20
 Qualified:             #3  6.637 206.99                       #14  6.689 206.39
Jeg Coughlin won here in 2000, 2002 &2009. This is his best starting spot here since 2008. He is 10-3 against Brogdon, 5-3 in round one.

Coughlin left first and was never headed.

Jeg Coughlin's incremental margins: 60ft(0.017), 330 ft(0.027), 660ft(0.037), 1,000ft(0.044). MOV: 0.0483 seconds (approximately 15 feet). He will have lane choice against Gray in round two.

  317 Rickie Jones                           10 Larry Morgan                 
E1   ****WINNER****  0.049  6.664 204.66                     0.019  6.696 206.57
 Qualified:             #5  6.644 207.85                       #12  6.676 206.76
Larry Morgan is making his 20th Indy start, his first coming in 1988. He won the race in 1999. Rickie Jones continues to run well and this is his best starting spot in four trips to Indy. It's also the 7th time he has been in the top half of the field in 12 races this year. Jones holds a 3-2 edge against Morgan in prior events, 2-0 in round one.

Morgan had a nice holeshot and led briefly, but Jones took over before the 330-foot marker. He led past 1,000 feet with ease, then his car nosed over and Morgan almost caught him.

Rickie Jones' incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.009), 330 ft(0.011), 660ft(0.018), 1,000ft(0.012). MOV: 0.0029 seconds (approximately 11 inches).

Jones will not have lane choice when he faces Anderson in round two.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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