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Thu, 29 Aug 2013, 18:31 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By David Gerard

BROWNSBURG, Ind. - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, 59th annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Steve Polhill Runs 9.772/137.96/0.162, Now #35; H/EA Index: 9.61, Prior Best: 9.323/139.76/-0.287, Was #35
Right Lane: Michael Swan Runs 7.128/185.26/-0.262, Now #36; B/DA Index: 7.39, Prior Best: 7.730/176.95/0.340, Was #40

5:46 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 90 degrees, relative humidity 46 percent, barometer 29.06 inches, adjusted altitude 3,868 feet, track temperature 120 degrees.

DePalma is number one at 0.894 under the index. Field not filled, no bump spot.

Swan finds some tune up and moves up the ladder four spots. Polhill had a good start and then slowed on the top end.

Left Lane: Dick Maris Runs 7.105/188.15/-0.475, Now #23; C/DA Index: 7.58, Prior Best: 7.107/184.35/-0.473, Was #23
Right Lane: Kevin Duet Runs 9.422/89.16/1.992, Now #26; A/ND Index: 7.43, Prior Best: 6.970/190.62/-0.460, Was #26

Old school vs. New school.

Duet leaves with the wheels in the air and pops them again at the shift. He slows after that.

Maris picks up just a tad to stay number twenty-three.

Left Lane: Wayne Hutton Runs 7.978/169.89/-0.302, Now #35; D/A Index: 8.28, Prior Best: 8.281/135.93/0.001, Was #38
Right Lane: Doug Engels Runs 7.469/176.90/-0.451, Now #19; D/DA Index: 7.92, Prior Best: 7.434/177.25/-0.486, Was #19

Hutton makes a full pass this time and runs under his index and moves up the ladder to the new #35 spot.

Engels slows a little.

Left Lane: Jerry Arnold Runs 9.545/137.46/-0.065, Now #39; H/EA Index: 9.61, Prior Best: 10.430/135.93/0.820, Was #44
Right Lane: Terry Smith Runs 7.441/175.14/-0.479, Now #22; D/DA Index: 7.92, Prior Best: 7.442/175.59/-0.478, Was #22

Two clean passes. Smith picks up just 0.001 to stay #22.

Arnold gets down the track this time and moves five spots on the ladder.

Left Lane: Duane Robison Runs 7.447/183.29/-0.443, Now #27; C/A Index: 7.89, Prior Best: 8.193/130.58/0.303, Was #41
Right Lane: Rick Brown Runs 8.333/161.17/-0.457, Now #24; B/TA Index: 8.79, Prior Best: 8.319/161.63/-0.471, Was #24

Robison is the full pass guy this time and jumps up to close to the top half of the field.

Left Lane: Shaun Vincent Runs 8.562/139.78/-0.468, Now #4; C/TA Index: 9.03, Prior Best: 8.472/156.61/-0.558, Was #4
Right Lane: Rodney Rosenstiel Runs 6.516/222.62/-0.454, Now #6; AA/AM Index: 6.97, Prior Best: 6.414/220.51/-0.556, Was #6

The passes looked OK, but both cars lose a bunch of ET.

Left Lane: Mark Lelchook Runs 7.526/173.81/-0.394, Now #32; D/DA Index: 7.92, Prior Best: 7.600/175.11/-0.320, Was #35
Right Lane: Bruno Massel Runs 7.305/149.15/-0.315, Now #5; DD/AT Index: 7.62, Prior Best: 7.064/179.56/-0.556, Was #5

Lelchook sneaks up the ladder three spots on a better run,. Massel clicks it early.

Left Lane: Jody Holland Runs 9.290/143.14/-0.020, Now #41; L/AA Index: 9.31, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Mitch Withers Runs 11.050/81.46/3.940, Now #35; A/A Index: 7.11, Prior Best: 6.756/205.63/-0.354, Was #35

Holland didn't make a pass last session and gets to the finish line under power this time to move into the #41 spot for now.

Withers left hard and then abruptly slowed down track.

Left Lane: Frank Aragona Runs 8.980/100.85/0.350, Now #43; F/ED Index: 8.63, Prior Best: 8.990/101.60/0.360, Was #43
Right Lane: Steve Ambrose Runs 7.829/166.11/-0.521, Now #8; J/AA Index: 8.35, Prior Best: 7.808/166.83/-0.542, Was #8

Aragona is just 0.010 quicker and Ambrose slows a little.

Left Lane: Joey Tanksley Runs 6.911/192.38/-0.499, Now #16; C/D Index: 7.41, Prior Best: 8.326/111.88/0.916, Was #46
Right Lane: Jason Coan Runs 8.266/155.52/-0.494, Now #17; G/EA Index: 8.76, Prior Best: 8.267/155.56/-0.493, Was #16

Coan picks up 0.001, but gets pushed back a spot, as Tanksley gets a full pass this time to jump all the way up to the new #16 spot.

Left Lane: Clint Sallee Runs 6.692/203.19/-0.558, Now #5; B/D Index: 7.25, Prior Best: 6.703/203.95/-0.547, Was #7
Right Lane: Vinny Barone Runs 15.470/46.48/6.670, Now #2; D/EA Index: 8.80, Prior Best: 8.183/163.57/-0.617, Was #2

Baron has the slicks spinning off the line and clicks it early.

Sallee finds some tune up and moves up two spots at the top of the ladder.

Left Lane: Todd Patterson Runs 7.974/169.72/-0.556, Now #8; A/SMA Index: 8.53, Prior Best: 8.003/167.28/-0.527, Was #10
Right Lane: Ray Skillman Runs 8.660/156.88/-0.320, Now #37; E/SMA Index: 8.98, Prior Best: 16.344/0.00/7.364, Was #51

Two good passes and Patterson moves into the top eight.

Skillman gets a full pass too and moves to the new #37 spot on a nice pass.

Right Lane: Rick Hord Runs 7.682/169.87/0.182, Now #45; CC/A Index: 7.50, No Prior Run

Hord gets down the track this session and puts an ET on the board.

Left Lane: Douglas Kjono Runs 8.190/160.94/-0.400, Now #33; F/D Index: 8.59, Prior Best: 8.217/159.21/-0.373, Was #34
Right Lane: Jeffrey Townsend Runs 7.132/189.36/-0.088, Now #41; A/AP Index: 7.22, Prior Best: 7.035/193.32/-0.185, Was #41

Townsend's altered spins hard at the green.

Clean pass for Kjono and he moves up a spot on the ladder.

Left Lane: Mike Farrell Runs 7.372/179.04/-0.468, Now #22; A/EA Index: 7.84, Prior Best: 7.358/179.25/-0.482, Was #22
Right Lane: David Billingsley Runs 8.873/149.63/-0.437, Now #29; L/AA Index: 9.31, Prior Best: 8.882/148.85/-0.428, Was #29

Both cars run well, but stay in their current spots on the ladder.

Left Lane: David Rampy Runs 7.267/173.56/-0.573, Now #3; A/EA Index: 7.84, Prior Best: 7.357/163.83/-0.483, Was #21
Right Lane: Brian Browell Runs 7.314/176.79/-0.476, Now #13; D/D Index: 7.79, Prior Best: 7.285/174.64/-0.505, Was #12

Rampy gets a full pull this time and move 18 spots up the ladder to the new #3 spot!

That pushes a slowing Browell back a spot.

Left Lane: Jenny Treadwell Runs 9.018/94.83/0.598, Now #47; J/D Index: 8.42, Prior Best: 8.955/102.74/0.535, Was #47
Right Lane: John Frech Runs 8.086/161.77/-0.504, Now #15; F/D Index: 8.59, Prior Best: 8.099/161.15/-0.491, Was #19

Frech get into the fifty under range and four spots on the ladder.

Treadwell slows down track.

Left Lane: Jim Kimbrough Runs 7.233/186.85/-0.347, Now #31; C/DA Index: 7.58, Prior Best: 7.173/186.98/-0.407, Was #31
Right Lane: Mark Kirkman Runs 6.584/208.04/-0.526, Now #12; A/DA Index: 7.11, Prior Best: 6.609/205.82/-0.501, Was #16

Kirkman finds some power to move four spots on the ladder.

Kimbrough can't improve.

Left Lane: Glen Treadwell Runs 8.358/154.83/-0.582, Now #3; E/EA Index: 8.94, Prior Best: 8.411/148.20/-0.529, Was #11
Right Lane: Greg Kamplain Runs 7.127/184.37/-0.453, Now #28; C/DA Index: 7.58, Prior Best: 7.210/181.69/-0.370, Was #35

Two nice improvements. Treadwell gets the best of it with a eight position move and Kamplain is right behind with seven positions!

Left Lane: Fred Allen Runs 7.861/167.76/-0.519, Now #14; B/SR Index: 8.38, Prior Best: 7.876/167.61/-0.504, Was #15
Right Lane: Scott Chamness Runs 6.723/200.11/-0.527, Now #12; B/D Index: 7.25, Prior Best: 6.734/199.73/-0.516, Was #13

...and the hits keep coming. Both cars pick up a spot on the ladder.

Left Lane: Bo Butner Runs 7.130/193.77/-0.600, Now #3; CC/AT Index: 7.73, Prior Best: 8.535/167.63/0.805, Was #48
Right Lane: Mike DePalma Runs 6.114/243.90/-0.926, Now #1; AA/AT Index: 7.04, Prior Best: 6.146/240.12/-0.894, Was #1

Lots of banging and popping on the starting line with two turbo cars up on the chip.

Butner goes from outhouse to penthouse with a great looking pass into the top four.

DePalma finds even more power and moves into the ninety under range. Stout!

Bo Butner's incremental times: 60ft-1.115 sec., 330ft-3.016, 660ft-4.602/154.83 mph, 1,000ft-5.970.
Mike DePalma's incremental times: 60ft-1.027 sec., 330ft-2.737, 660ft-4.071/187.57 mph, 1,000ft-5.187.

Left Lane: Doug Warren Runs 6.656/203.65/-0.454, Now #30; A/DA Index: 7.11, Prior Best: 6.697/192.91/-0.413, Was #32
Right Lane: Larry Pritchett Runs 8.133/167.09/-0.467, Now #27; B/SM Index: 8.60, Prior Best: 8.194/165.90/-0.406, Was #34

More improvements up the ladder.

Left Lane: Kyle Cultrera Runs 9.091/143.47/-0.519, Now #16; H/EA Index: 9.61, Prior Best: 9.149/138.10/-0.461, Was #28
Right Lane: Al Ackerman Runs 8.189/164.31/-0.401, Now #35; F/D Index: 8.59, Prior Best: 8.634/123.35/0.044, Was #45

Cultrera likes the conditions and moves up into the top sixteen on a clean pass.

Ackerman gets a full pass this time and move ten spots up the ladder.

Left Lane: Arnie Martel Runs 7.704/174.30/-0.596, Now #4; B/EA Index: 8.30, Prior Best: 7.733/173.76/-0.567, Was #6
Right Lane: Jim Greenheck Runs 7.374/183.79/-0.536, Now #13; C/AA Index: 7.91, Prior Best: 7.410/182.65/-0.500, Was #19

Martel runs close to sixty under and gets a two spot improvement.

Greenheck improves six spots on the ladder too.

Right Lane: Van Puckett Runs 8.419/160.94/-0.431, Now #22; G/AA Index: 8.85, Prior Best: 8.364/161.19/-0.486, Was #22

Single for Puckett and he slows just a tad.

Right Lane: Sean Gaffney Runs 9.140/154.35/0.200, Now #47; D/SMA Index: 8.94, Prior Best: 15.293/75.92/6.353, Was #52

Gaffney gets the wheels up, spins the tires, and has the front end bang back down. It's a near full pass and he moves up to the #47 spot.

6:22 p.m.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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