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Wed, 17 Jul 2013, 11:48 AM

Cogswell, Godwin, Morrison, Ragland and Coker Claim SHRA Summer Nationals Wins
By Chris Graves
Photo copyright 2013 Max Cackle Photography

DENTON, Texas -- The Southwest Heritage Racing Association presented by held it's fourth event of the inaugural 2013 racing season on July 6th at North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas. The SHRA series welcomed it's largest overall car count of the season to this steamy summer event as racers from all five classes came to battle the heat over the Independence Day weekend. Several new participants enjoyed a successful debut outing with the SHRA making it to the late rounds of their respective classes, while some drivers added to their season win total and points lead heading into the second half of the season.

In the Hot Rod class, twenty two no electronics 79 and earlier door cars came for some action including April event winner Bill Cogswell and his 1971 Ford Pinto. Cogswell knocked out David Crow, Tim Baker and Brad Thompson to meet Charles Powell and his 1973 AMC Gremlin powered by a 571 Cadillac engine. Powell, driving for car owner Paul Fleming, marched through the field and met the undefeated Cogswell in the final looking to put an end to the Pinto's winning streak. Monte Barber took home the Harry's Hot Rod "Best Rd. 1 Loosing Package" bonus in his opening round loss to Dave Ranney. Lynn Stedje claimed his second straight Triple C Agency "Long Haul" bonus driving from Gruver, Texas to compete in Denton.

Bill Cogswell celebrates win.
Cogswell and Powell brought their machines into the stage beams and watched the ambers drop ready to crown a Hot Rod winner in Denton. Powell was off the line first, but went red with a -.396 rt as Cogswell's win light came on and he streaked to a 6.34 at 107 mph to claim his second straight Hot Rod victory which stretched his points lead to 43 points over second place Timothy Lyons who surprisingly went out in round one. Congratulations to Charles Powell and company on a strong runner-up finish and to Bill Cogswell on the big win keeping his undefeated streak alive. The next event for the SHRA Hot Rod competitors will be the final event of the season, Saturday, October 5th back at North Star Dragway.

In the new look Nostalgia Bracket electronics class the SHRA welcomed a drastic improvement in car count with fifteen entries ready to battle the heat for a chance at taking home the winner's plaque and cash payout. Keith Darrow's 1923 T bodied altered found himself in the final round after defeating Art Howard, Brad Thompson and John Erwin. Darrow would line up with the wicked pink 1958 Corvette of Sharon Godwin who took out Carl Johnson, Jody Patterson and T.J. Clements to advance to the last dance in her first SHRA event. Bruce Bruno Jr. took home the Harry's Hot Rod "Best Rd. 1 Loosing Package" bonus in his opening round loss to John Erwin. Mike Shishkoff claimed the Triple C Agency "Long Haul" bonus coming all the way from Houston, Texas to compete at Denton. Shiskhoff doubled up in the bonus department by also winning the Competition Sales of Dallas "Luck of the Draw" at this event.

Sharon Godwin
Darrow encountered mechanical issues in the final and had the best seat in the house to watch Sharon Godwin streak to the win light and claim the win in the Nostalgia Bracket class. Godwin not only whipped up on the boys in this class but also was pulling double duty as the hottest back up girl on the track when her husband Bee Godwin was competing in the Nostalgia Eliminator 3 category. Congratulations to the Godwin racing team on a strong showing at North Star Dragway.

In the 5.50 index Nostalgia Eliminator 3 class, a few new faces proved their abilities on the strip by knocking out some top SHRA performers this season. Dusty Rose qualified his "Foggy Mountain Special" front engine dragster in the number one spot with a 5.53 at 122 mph but was knocked out in the opening round when his 5.57 at 122 mph wasn't enough to hold off Rick Carrell's 5.51 at 122 mph. Rose did claim the North Texas Diesel "Closest To Index Rd. 1 Loser" bonus with his 5.57 on the 5.50 index. The biggest upset of the round came when Gary Mitchell's "Makin' Magic" altered took out the cagey veteran Ron Muncy. This opened the door for Doug Morrison to pad his points lead as he moved into the second round after defeating James Armstrong in round one. Ron Walden posted a "perfect" 5.50 at 123 mph and a .439 reaction time in the opening round which held up to earn the Good Vibrations "Quick Reaction Time" bonus in his solo pass after Charles Cathcart didn't answer the call for first round.

Ron Walden
Morrison moved into his third final of the season by taking out Ron Walden in the semi-finals to meet Rick Carrell, who took out Gary Mitchell with an impressive 5.501 at 121 mph. In the final, Carrell wheeled his orange injected front engine dragster to the line ready to knock out points leader Doug Morrison in his Hemi powered bantam roadster. Morrison was off the line first by a small margin and clicked off a strong 5.51 at 123 mph to take the win over Carrell's break-out 5.47 at 123 mph. This marked Morrison's third win of the season and he now enjoys a 42 point lead over second place Ron Muncy in the NE 3 points standings.

Doug Morrison

Nostalgia Eliminator 3 Final Qualifying Order:
1) Dusty Rose (Moore, OK) - 5.53 @ 122
2) Doug Morrison (Gainesville, TX) - 5.56 @ 116
3) Ron Muncy (Weatherford, TX) - 5.580 @ 123
4) Ron Walden (Kilgore, TX) - 5.583 @ 121
5) Charles Cathcart (Ardmore, OK) - 5.63 @ 119
6) James Armstrong (Crowley, TX) - 5.64 @ 120
7) Rick Carrell (Ardmore, OK) - 5.47 @ 124
8) Gary Mitchell (Dallas, TX) - 5.39 @ 119

Nostalgia Eliminator 3 Round 1 Eliminations:
(W) Rick Carrell (.471 rt) 5.51 @ 122 mph vs. (L) Dusty Rose (.444 rt) 5.57 @ 122 mph
(W) Doug Morrison (.619 rt) 5.64 @ 118 mph vs. (L) James Armstrong (.555 rt) 5.71 @ 120 mph
(W) Ron Walden (.439 rt) 5.50 @ 123 mph vs. (L) Charles Cathcart (No Time) Broke
(W) Gary Mitchell (.442 rt) 5.60 @ 117 mph vs. (L) Ron Muncy (.450 rt) 5.61 @ 121 mph

Nostalgia Eliminator 3 Semi-Final Eliminations:
(W) Doug Morrison (.452 rt) 5.51 @ 120 mph vs. (L) Ron Walden (.419 rt) 5.56 @ 122 mph
(W) Rick Carrell (.462 rt) 5.50 @ 121 mph vs. (L) Gary Mitchell (.517 rt) 5.55 @ 120 mph

Nostalgia Eliminator 3 Final Round Eliminations:
(W) Doug Morrison (.447 rt) 5.51 @ 123 mph vs. (L) Rick Carrell (.477 rt) 5.47 @ 123 mph

In the 5.00 Nostalgia Eliminator 2 class, a new kid on the block proved his talents as Rob Ragland qualified number one with a 5.04 at 132 mph followed closely by Russell Snyder, who made the tow all the way from Cordova, Tennessee and qualified his beautiful 23 T bodied altered number two with a 5.06 at 135 mph. Bee Godwin came into the event with the points lead and slid his front engine dragster into the field at the number five spot with a 5.13 at 132 with Junior Kolar rounding out the seven car field.

A pair of fine looking flamed altereds came to the line to kick off the first round of eliminations as Tommy Drozd and Russell Snyder lit the stage bulbs. Snyder was off the line first by Drozd drove around with a 5.09 at 135 mph to narrowly defeat Snyder's 5.12 at 135 mph. Ross Laird clicked off a strong 5.03 at 138 mph in a solo pass as his opponent Junior Kolar encountered mechanical issues. Rob Ragland's slingshot blasted to a 5.07 at 135 mph to take out newcomer Mike Mauldin's injected front engine dragster. Mauldin was the winner of the "Luck of the Draw" bonus at this event. Ragland posted a .010 reaction time to earn the Good Vibrations "Quick Reaction Time" bonus for NE 2. Points leader Bee Godwin wrapped up the opening round to advance with a 5.29 in a bye run and earn a match-up in round two against number one qualifier Ragland.

Ross Laird and Tommy Drozd opened the semi-final round action and despite both drivers falling off pace, Laird was able to take the win and advance to the finals with a 5.21 at 119 to Drozd's 5.29 at 135 mph. In the final pair of the round, Bee Godwin blasted off the line with a .005 reaction time against Rob Ragland but his 5.15 at 135 mph wasn't enough to hold off Ragland's clean 5.05 at 135 mph as Laird and Ragland moved into the all Oklahoma final round.

Rob Ragland
In the final, Rob Ragland and Ross Laird staged their front engine dragsters and Ragland was off the line with a .001 reaction time and he needed it. Laird clicked off a quicker 5.05 at 138 mph but lost to Ragland's 5.09 at 133 mph as Ragland earned the NE 2 win in his first SHRA event on an impressive holeshot. Congratulations to both teams on a strong showing and to the Ragland racing team on their impressive win after qualifying in the top spot.

Nostalgia Eliminator 2 Final Qualifying Order:
1) Rob Ragland (Ardmore, OK) - 5.04 @ 132
2) Russell Snyder (Cordova, TN) - 5.0610 @ 135
3) Tommy Drozd (Lake Dallas, TX) - 5.0611 @ 136
4) Ross Laird (Ardmore, OK) - 5.068 @ 137
5) Bee Godwin (Iowa Park, TX) - 5.13 @ 132
6) Mike Mauldin (Wylie, TX) - 5.26 @ 130
7) Junior Kolar (Ft. Worth, TX) - 6.05 @ 121

Nostalgia Eliminator 2 Round 1 Eliminations:
(W) Tommy Drozd (.036 rt) 5.09 @ 135 mph vs. (L) Russell Snyder (.024 rt) 5.12 @ 135 mph
(W) Ross Laird (.029 rt) 5.03 @ 138 mph vs. (L) Junior Kolar (No Time) Broke
(W) Rob Ragland (.010 rt) 5.07 @ 135 mph vs. (L) Mike Mauldin (-.009 rt) 5.60 @ 129 mph
(W) Bee Godwin (.051 rt) 5.29 @ 129 mph vs. (L) Bye Run

Nostalgia Eliminator 2 Semi-Final Eliminations:
(W) Ross Laird (.063 rt) 5.21 @ 119 mph vs. (L) Tommy Drozd (.023 rt) 5.29 @ 135 mph
(W) Rob Ragland (.038 rt) 5.05 @ 135 mph vs. (L) Bee Godwin (.007 rt) 5.15 @ 135 mph
Nostalgia Eliminator 2 Final Round Eliminations:

(W) Rob Ragland (.001 rt) 5.09 @ 133 mph vs. (L) Ross Laird (.071 rt) 5.05 @ 138 mph

In the 4.65 index Nostalgia Eliminator 1 field, Steve Dunkin's "Foolish Pleasure" blown front engine dragster led the qualifying order after two time trials with a 4.73 at 146 mph followed closely by Wes Breiten's "Bad O'Man" blown altered in the number two spot with a 4.75 at 146 mph. Adam Smith's "Adam Bomb" blown front engine dragster qualified number six in his SHRA debut, just behind Randy Mueller who qualified fifth with a 4.82 at 141 mph, Mueller also making his SHRA debut.

Steve Matthews
Steve Matthews and Wes Breiten opened the first round elimination action. Breiten was off the line with a .001 rt which earned him the Good Vibrations "Quick Reaction Time" bonus in NE 1. Breiten slowed as he passed the 330' mark and Matthews pulled ahead for the win, posting a 4.87 at 146 mph to advance. Richard Brady's injected front engine machine took the win with a 4.87 at 143 mph after Adam Smith red lit. In the closest race of the round, Steve Dunkin's 4.78 at 147 mph was enough to hold off Randy Mueller's 4.79 at 143 mph. In the final pair, Odie Coker, filling in for Chris Graves in the "Blown Inheritance" slingshot, posted a 4.92 at 144 mph to defeat Eddie Taylor's off pace 6.35 at 91 mph.

Steve Matthews and Richard Brady were set to kick off the semi-finals but Brady was unable to fire and Matthews singled to a 4.84 at 147 mph to advance to his fourth straight final round in the NE 1 class. Odie Coker and Steve Dunkin lined up in the next pair to decide who would take on Matthews in the last dance. Dunkin was off the line first but an empty air bottle prevented his dragster from shifting and Coker streaked ahead to take the win with a 4.73 at 151 mph to Dunkin's 5.02 at 127 mph.

Odie Coker
Coker and Matthews fired their blown front engine dragsters up for the final time of the evening and after side by side burnouts they crept into the beams. Matthews and company hoped to keep the undefeated streak alive and clinch their fourth straight NE 1 victory while the upset minded Coker had other plans. Matthews left the line too soon and had the best seat on the house for the "Blown Inheritance" team to claim their first SHRA win as Coker clicked off a stout 4.66 at 144 mph.

Nostalgia Eliminator 1 Final Qualifying Order:
1) Steve Dunkin (Aledo, TX) - 4.73 @ 146
2) Wes Breiten (Wolfe City, TX) - 4.75 @ 146
3) Odie Coker (Dallas, TX) - 4.80 @ 147
4) Steve Matthews (Marietta, OK) - 4.81 @ 145
5) Randy Mueller (Floresville, TX) - 4.82 @ 141
6) Adam Smith (Copan, OK) - 4.83 @ 145
7) Richard Brady (Ft. Worth, TX) - 4.91 @ 141
8) Eddie Taylor (Arlington, TX) - 6.56 @ 84

Nostalgia Eliminator 1 Round 1 Eliminations:
(W) Steve Matthews (.426 rt) 4.87 @ 146 mph vs. (L) Wes Breiten (.401 rt) 5.40 @ 95 mph
(W) Richard Brady (.466 rt) 4.87 @ 143 mph vs. (L) Adam Smith (.167 rt) 8.47 @ 49 mph
(W) Steve Dunkin (.451 rt) 4.78 @ 147 mph vs. (L) Randy Mueller (.645 rt) 4.79 @ 143 mph
(W) Odie Coker (.606 rt) 4.92 @ 144 mph vs. (L) Eddie Taylor (.581 rt) 6.35 @ 91 mph

Nostalgia Eliminator 1 Semi-Final Eliminations:
(W) Steve Matthews (.450 rt) 4.84 @ 147 mph vs. (L) Richard Brady (No Time) Broke
(W) Odie Coker (.559 rt) 4.73 @ 151 mph vs. (L) Steve Dunkin (.438 rt) 5.02 @ 127 mph

Nostalgia Eliminator 1 Final Round Eliminations:
(W) Odie Coker (.502 rt) 4.66 @ 144 mph vs. (L) Steve Matthews (-.281 rt) 5.89 @ 81 mph

With the fourth of six Southwest Heritage Racing Association events in the books, Bill Cogswell left North Star Dragway with a commanding lead in Hot Rod. James Armstrong and Sharon Godwin are tied with 52 points in Nostalgia Bracket followed closely by Keith Darrow and Travis Resar who are tied for second with 51 points. The Championship battle for that class will go down on Saturday, October 5th and should be a very entertaining fight for the first Nostalgia Bracket championship in the SHRA series.

The Nostalgia Eliminator classes will have a few weeks off before they head to Ardmore Dragway on Saturday, August 31st to strut their stuff at the annual Hot Rod Reunion. Doug Morrison looks like a strong candidate for the NE 3 title but he will have to hold off Ron Muncy, Dusty Rose and Ron Walden in the final two events. Bee Godwin held his points lead in NE 2 over the Laird's family's "Rain Maker" dragster. Godwin's effort to attend all the SHRA races this season has paid off so far as he hopes to keep his position at the top by a strong showing in Ardmore. Steve Matthew's round winning streak ended but his points lead is holding strong as he looks to take home his fourth NE 1 win in August at his home track.

A big thank you goes out to SHRA sponsors Mallory Screen Print & Embroidery, Robinson Restoration & Service and Meyer Enterprises as well as the bonus program sponsors including Good Vibrations Motorsports, Harry's Hot Rod Auto & Truck Accessories, Triple C Insurance Agency, North Texas Diesel Automotive & Performance, Competition Sales of Dallas and

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