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Sat, 20 Oct 2012, 20:42 PM

Nostalgia Top Fuel Round 1 Eliminations
By David Gerard

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Results of round 1 eliminations in Nostalgia Top Fuel at the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series, California Hot Rod Reunion XXI:

 7131 Rick White                           7188 Brendan Murry                
E1   ****WINNER****  0.147  5.763 256.50                     0.056  6.681 190.11
 Qualified:             #2  5.787 249.67                       #13  6.794 180.07
4:40 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 89 degrees, relative humidity 33 percent, barometer 29.08 inches, adjusted altitude 3,209 feet.

White is second off the line, but the fueler pulls quickly ahead in a cloud of clutch dust. He runs better than he qualified for the easy win.

Murry improves on a clean pass too, but just not enough.

Rick White's incremental margins: 60ft(0.056), 330 ft(0.229), 660ft(0.398), 1,000ft(0.589). MOV: 0.8275 seconds (more than 100 feet).

Rick White's incremental times: 60ft-1.035 sec., 330ft-2.640, 660ft-3.864/204.57 mph, 1,000ft-4.891.
Brendan Murry's incremental times: 60ft-1.182 sec., 330ft-2.960, 660ft-4.353/177.42 mph, 1,000ft-5.571.

  774 Jim Murphy                            781 Mendy Fry                    
E1   ****WINNER****  0.155  5.817 245.00                     0.029  6.099 219.54
 Qualified:             #3  5.792 226.01                       #12  6.361 162.20
Fry gets a big lead at the green, but Murphy drives on by before the 330 lights and pull steadily ahead for another strong pass near his qualifying times.

Fry has a flash and a lot of smoke from the engine right after half track.

4:44 p.m. Looks like a little clean up down track.

Jim Murphy's incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.057), 330 ft(0.022), 660ft(0.065), 1,000ft(0.093). MOV: 0.1565 seconds (approximately 50 feet).

Jim Murphy's incremental times: 60ft-1.060 sec., 330ft-2.652, 660ft-3.876/203.19 mph, 1,000ft-4.917.
Mendy Fry's incremental times: 60ft-1.129 sec., 330ft-2.800, 660ft-4.067/197.91 mph, 1,000ft-5.136.

  701 Rick McGee                            308 Howard Haight                
E1   ****WINNER****  0.121  5.825 201.10                     0.060 No Time      
 Qualified:             #4  5.845 201.25                       #11  6.029 197.94
5:02 p.m. After a long clean up, we are back to racing!

Haight gets a small RT advantage, but McGee is ahead before the 60 foot lights. The car struggles, drops cylinders and starts to tail wag. The car drifts over and nail the half track reflectors. His 7.746 ET and 122.10 MPH are DQ'ed.

Rick McGee's incremental times: 60ft-1.030 sec., 330ft-2.601, 660ft-3.785/211.96 mph, 1,000ft-4.800.

  457 Tony Bartone                          716 Bill Dunlap                  
E1   ****WINNER****  0.128  5.861 264.39                     0.087  7.364 117.89
 Qualified:             #5  5.857 251.53                       #10  5.968 237.59
5:14 p.m. Back to racing. The winner of this race will face McGee next round.

Dunlap gets the starting line advantage and holds off a charging Bartone until well after the 330 lights. The car starts to quickly slow after that. More oil on the track!

Bartone runs close to his qualifying ET, but cards a huge 264 plus MPH in the easy win. With all that, he gives up lane choice.

Tony Bartone's incremental times: 60ft-1.092 sec., 330ft-2.745, 660ft-3.985/203.00 mph, 1,000ft-5.009.

  337 Paul Romine                           531 John Rasmussen               
E1   ****WINNER****  0.173  5.876 231.28                     0.138  6.017 233.36
 Qualified:             #6  5.883 207.69                        #9  5.946 224.14
5:25 p.m. Let's try this again!

Great side by side race to near the finish line, as both engines expire in a wall of smoke.

Rasmussen gets a small advantage off the line, but Romine is out in front before the 60 foot lights. Rasmussen starts a come back between the 330 lights and half track, but starts to lose the pace after that.

Romine gives up lane choice to Murphy tomorrow.

Paul Romine's incremental times: 60ft-1.021 sec., 330ft-2.646, 660ft-3.903/199.37 mph, 1,000ft-4.955.
John Rasmussen's incremental times: 60ft-1.102 sec., 330ft-2.760, 660ft-4.013/200.89 mph, 1,000ft-5.074.

  766 Adam Sorokin                          700 Terry Cox                    
E1   ****WINNER****  0.050  5.867 227.96                           No Time      
 Qualified:             #8  5.906 202.88                        #7  5.900 249.72
5:31 p.m. Just a quick little clean up. Cox is a no show, so Sorokin will get a single to round two.

Sorokin makes a strong pass, better than he qualified, but has to give lane choice to White on Sunday morning.

Adam Sorokin's incremental times: 60ft-1.021 sec., 330ft-2.596, 660ft-3.832/200.47 mph, 1,000ft-4.913.

  772 Rick Williamson                       736 Dan Horan Jr.                
E1   ****WINNER****  0.235  7.001 141.89                     0.164  7.877 122.16
 Qualified:             #1  5.750 261.02                       #14  8.734 120.17
Winner gets a bye run tomorrow in round two.

Both cars are late, but Horan's advantage quickly evaporates, as the dragster slows.

Williamson was on a strong pass until near the lights, where the car got loose and started to tail wag. Williamson wisely shuts it off to settle it down. That ET would likely have made him the number one qualifier in 7.0 PRO !

5:37 p.m.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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