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Thu, 11 Oct 2012, 10:10 AM

2012 Shakedown Nationals Pro Modified Class Shaping Up to Bring Historic Action
Courtesy of Michelle Marchese

With World's Best Teams on Raceway Park Quarter-Mile


The 10th Annual Shakedown Nationals at the famed Old Bridge Township Raceway Park at Englishtown, N.J., some of the biggest names and fastest Pro Modified drivers are signing up to be part of this historic event and capture the $20,000 winner's share of the prize.

Jim Halsey, owner-operator of Cecil County Dragway at Rising Sun, Md., made history at the 2008 Shakedown. Halsey is the first man into the five-second zone with his 820-cubic-inch Gene Fulton-powered, Tim McAmis-built Camaro with a 5.998-second elapsed time at 240 miles an hour. At the same event, Scott Cannon became the quickest Pro Mod driver in the world at the time with a blistering 5.73-second pass at 252 mph. His father,six-time International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Pro Mod championship Scotty Cannon, tuned the '70 Plymouth Superbird from Vanishing Point Race Cars.

Since 2008, the Shakedown has logged three quality-performance events, and the 2012 edition is shaping up to be one for the history books. Competition is fierce. History has shown that this event often pits outlaw drag racing's version of David versus Goliath, and upsets are part of every Shakedown.

Racers from across the U.S. and Canada and some from as far away as the West Coast and Puerto Rico will compete in what should be the biggest and most competitive Pro Mod event of the year, with supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous-aided engines powering a single 32-car qualified field.

Mike Castellana (Pro Modified Nitrous) and Jose Gonzalez (Pro Modified Blown) were last year's winners as the Pro Modified entrants raced in separate categories.

They'll return, along with National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Pro Modified competitors Todd Tutterow, Donny Walsh, Shannon Jenkins, Robert Patrick, Pete Farber, Kevin McCurdy, and recent U.S. Nationals winner "Bad Brad" Brand.

NMCA standout Bill Lutz. representing Canada, PMRA racers Eric Latino, Bruce Boland, Derrick Hawker, Sam Andreacchi, Jay Santos, and Jack Grainy. West Coast representation from the PSCA-WCOPMA includes Mike Maggio and Scott Oksas. From the Northeast and representing the NEOPMA are Fifi Montrond, Steve King, Jim Bersani, Gerry Capano, Jim Barker, Isaias Rojas, Gary Walker, George Williams, Gary Courtier, Matt Deitsch, Steve Drummond, Dwayne Wolfe, Angela Ray, Carl Stevens, and Dean Marinis. Other great Pro Mod teams include Tom Dwyer, Dave Norris, Randy Jewell, and Andy Jensen.

"This list will continue to grow," Shakedown Nationals founder, promoter, and fellow Pro Modified racer Dave Hance, of New York Motorsports, said. Hance, who also will be competing in the Pro Mod class, added, "History will be rewritten at this spectacular event."

The Shakedown Nationals features not only Pro Mods, but also the Top Sportsman, Outlaw 10.5, Limited Street, X275, Heavy Street, 8.50 Index, Pro Import, and Pro Street Bike classes.

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WHAT: The Shakedown Nationals (formerly The Shakedown at E-Town)

WHEN: Friday through Sunday, October 12-14

WHERE: Old Bridge Township Raceway Park; Englishtown, N.J.

>From the North - New Jersey Turnpike south to Exit 9. Follow signs to Route 18 south. Go six miles to the Englishtown exit and take Route 527 south five miles. Turn left onto Pension Road. Go one-fourth mile. Entrance is on left.

>From the South - New Jersey Turnpike north to Exit 8 to Route 33 east. Go eight miles to the Englishtown exit. Take Route 527 north. Go through Englishtown. At the Exxon service station, turn right onto Gordons Corner Road. Go one-fourth mile and make a left onto Pension Road. Go two miles. Entrance is on the right.

Three-day pass (Fri/Sat/Sun) - $75 adult/crew, $30 3 child (ages 6-11), Children under age 6 admitted free all days.
Two-day pass (Sat/Sun) - $60 adult/crew, $20 child (6-11)
Friday only - $20 adult, $10 Child (6-11).
Saturday only - $35 adult , $10 Child (6-11).
Sunday only - $35 adult, $10 child (6-11).
Parking is Free

Friday, October 12
10 a.m. - Gates Open. 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. - Competitor Parking / Tech Inspection. 5:30 p.m. - SESSION 1 - Qualifier #1: 8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike, X-275, Limited Street
7:30 p.m. - SESSION 2 - Qualifier #2: 8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike, X-275, Limited Street, 10 p.m. - Gates closed, track secured.

Saturday October 13th
10 a.m. - SESSION 1 - Qualifier #3: 8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike, X-275, Limited Street. Qualifier #1: Heavy Street, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Pro Mod, Pro Import.
1 p.m. - SESSION #2 - Qualifier #2: Heavy Street, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Pro Mod, Pro Import. 5 p.m. - SESSION #3 - Qualifier #4: 8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike, X-275, Limited Street. Qualifier #3: Heavy Street, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Pro Mod, Pro Import.

Sunday October 14th
9:30 a.m. - ROUND 1 - 32-car fields only - 8.50 Index, X275.
10:30 a.m. - No. 1 Qualifiers Introductions & Awards.
11 a.m. - ROUND 1 (Continued) 16-car fields: Pro Mod, Pro Import, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 10.5, Limited Street, Heavy Street, X-275,8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike.
2:30 p.m. -ROUND 2 - 8-car fields: Pro Mod, Pro Import, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 10.5, Limited Street, Heavy Street, X-275, 8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike.
4:30 p.m. ROUND 3 - 4-car fields: Pro Mod, Pro Import, Top Sportsman, Outlaw 10.5, Limited Street, Heavy Street, X-275, 8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike.
6 p.m. - ROUND 4 - FINAL ROUND: 8.50 Index, Pro Street Bike, X-275, Heavy Street, Limited Street, Outlaw 10.5, Top Sportsman, Pro Import, Pro Mod.

PRO MODIFIED - The flagship class of the event. These 4,000-horsepower race cars come from all over the world and run five-second quarter-mile elapsed times at more than 260 mph! These professional drivers will have you on the edge of your seat as they roar down the famed Englishtown dragstrip. This is drag racing's version of "Shock & Awe." These race cars can have one of three available power types. They can have a supercharger, turbocharger, or be powered by nitrous oxide. Seeing the different types of power racing each other is a fan favorite.

TOP SPORTSMAN - These wonderful pro-type cars will tell you what they will run before they run it. Teams racing in this class will win or lose by mere inches! It's tough to pick a winner here. These race cars are usually nitrous-oxide injected but can have other power sources.

OUTLAW 10.5 - These highly modified 3,000-horsepower race cars are perhaps the most exciting class on the property, for race teams must use all the skills they have to maintain control of the car because it has only 10?-inch race tires. Some have described this class as "poetry in motion." These cars are very similar to Pro Modified with a few exceptions. They must weigh 3,000 pounds and must have been a production-based street car at one time in its life.

HEAVY STREET - This historic class is where SHAKEDOWN got its start. These Heavy Street cars squared up to race each other in 2003, and the world of drag racing has not been the same since! These all metal, 3,500-pound street-appearing machines thrill the crowds with their cool and familiar looks and low-seven-second performances.

LIMITED STREET - These street-appearing, all-metal race cars are amazing, considering what they can accomplish. Teams in this class are limited to a 29.5-inch slick (tire) or a 315 street-legal drag radial tire. They must weigh approximately 3,200 pounds, and they cannot have wheelie bars. That makes for some crowd pleasing wheelstands down the track. Fans are very passionate about this class.

X275 - This is the hottest new class on the outlaw drag racing circuit. Teams are limited to very small V-8 engines, and power modifications are strictly regulated, ensuring some really close racing.

8.50 INDEX - This is the toughest class in the world to compete in. More than 50 teams show up to battle, and the last team standing will have earned the name champion. To have a chance to win in this class, drivers must combine excellent reflexes and reaction ability with superior driving skills. Competition in this class is brutal, and only the strongest, most skilled drivers succeed.

PRO IMPORT - As the name implies, this class showcases the baddest import branded drag race cars in the world. The sounds of four- and six-cylinder import-type engines screaming at 13,000 RPM get the fans on their feet. Import teams have a huge fan following, and their addition to The Shakedown Nationals has been extremely popular.

PRO STREET BIKE - This Pro Street Motorcycle class is yet another fan favorite. With teams coming from all over the USA to compete, the racing is exciting and has great fan appeal. With outrageous paint jobs, these motorcycles are street-appearing with engine modifications that allow them to run six-second times faster than 200 miles an hour in the quarter-mile. These motorcycles must race on street-legal tires and must be stock appearing.

2011 WINNERS: Mike Castellana (Pro Modified Nitrous), Jose Gonzalez (Pro Modified Blown), Larry Wood (Outlaw 10.5), Steve Jackson (Drag Radial), Sam Gottier (Heavy Street), Rich Bruder (X275), Alfonse Magliocco Jr. (8.50 Index), Bud Yoder (Pro Street Bike), Jorge Lazcano (Extreme Import)

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