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Sat, 19 May 2012, 20:54 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Final Session
By Larry Sullivan

NORWALK, Ohio - Notes from final, round 3 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, North Central Division, B'laster Cavalcade of Stars presented by Budweiser listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Rick Brown Runs 8.268/163.22/-0.512, Now #3; B/TA Index: 8.78, Prior Best: 8.216/163.12/-0.564, Was #3
Right Lane: Chris Bozic Runs 7.143/190.89/-0.217, Now #25; C/D Index: 7.36, Prior Best: 7.040/192.52/-0.320, Was #25

8:26 p.m. We are one car short of having a bump time, so the runs in this final session will determine pairings and who gets the first-round bye.

Two clean runs open the session, neither driver improving.

Left Lane: Jim Primozic Runs 8.841/149.13/-0.029, Now #29; G/AA Index: 8.87, Prior Best: 8.813/142.73/-0.057, Was #29
Right Lane: Ray Skillman Runs 8.489/158.99/-0.451, Now #20; E/SMA Index: 8.94, Prior Best: 8.602/158.74/-0.338, Was #24

Two more clean runs - no help for Primozic, but a four-spot improvement for Skillman.

Left Lane: Steve Ambrose Runs 7.853/165.58/-0.537, Now #7; J/AA Index: 8.39, Prior Best: 7.875/163.49/-0.515, Was #10
Right Lane: Jake Savani Runs 8.581/122.20/0.351, Now #31; D/A Index: 8.23, Prior Best: 9.998/102.12/1.768, Was #31

Ambrose was out of the groove early in the run, but smoothly brought the car back and moved up three spots. Savani made his best run of the weekend, but still has a long way to go to get under his index.

Left Lane: Mike Graves Runs 7.752/174.96/-0.478, Now #18; D/A Index: 8.23, Prior Best: 7.786/173.72/-0.444, Was #21
Right Lane: Jerry Arnold Runs 9.320/139.76/-0.300, Now #26; H/EA Index: 9.62, Prior Best: 9.366/139.88/-0.254, Was #27

Arnold is a machinist and he crafted most of the unique parts on his six-cylinder, inline engine.

Both drivers improved slightly and both moved up the ladder.

Left Lane: Pat Ross Runs 8.060/168.07/-0.520, Now #10; F/A Index: 8.58, Prior Best: 8.069/167.84/-0.511, Was #12
Right Lane: Tony Pontillo Runs 6.999/164.37/-0.361, Now #20; B/DA Index: 7.36, Prior Best: 6.898/193.13/-0.462, Was #20

Pontillo made a good-looking run, but it was a tenth worse than his best. Ross improved slightly, moved up two spots.

Left Lane: Jim Greenheck Runs 7.436/183.54/-0.474, Now #13; C/AA Index: 7.91, Prior Best: 7.408/183.37/-0.502, Was #13
Right Lane: Michael Lyons Runs 7.561/188.67/0.081, Now #30; B/ED Index: 7.48, Prior Best: 7.684/13.00/0.204, Was #30

Lyons improved by over a tenth, but was still slower than his index. Greenheck failed to improve.

Left Lane: Robert Bailey Runs 6.721/186.38/-0.439, Now #13; A/ED Index: 7.16, Prior Best: 6.647/196.02/-0.513, Was #12
Right Lane: Brian Browell Runs 7.234/182.67/-0.556, Now #4; D/D Index: 7.79, Prior Best: 7.303/178.47/-0.487, Was #17

Bailey had another big wheelstand, but failed to improve. Browell made a nice run to pick up seven hundredths and move way up the ladder.

Left Lane: Jeremy Bailey Runs 7.178/181.74/-0.372, Now #24; C/DA Index: 7.55, Prior Best: 7.170/175.98/-0.380, Was #23
Right Lane: John Frech Runs 8.167/159.57/-0.433, Now #23; F/D Index: 8.60, Prior Best: 8.244/158.13/-0.356, Was #24

Bailey made a consistent run, no improvement. Frech picked up over seven hundredths, but only moved up one spot.

Left Lane: Ray Vierheller Runs 7.441/175.78/-0.479, Now #18; D/DA Index: 7.92, Prior Best: 7.455/176.58/-0.465, Was #19
Right Lane: Greg Kamplain Runs 6.912/191.24/-0.568, Now #2; B/ED Index: 7.48, Prior Best: 6.954/191.76/-0.526, Was #10

Both drivers made good runs, Kamplain running under his class record.

Left Lane: David Billingsley Runs 8.780/149.96/-0.560, Now #5; L/AA Index: 9.34, Prior Best: 8.809/149.00/-0.531, Was #10
Right Lane: Charlie Yannetti Runs 9.284/140.74/-0.336, Now #22; L/AA Index: 9.62, Prior Best: 9.180/142.55/-0.440, Was #22

Billingsley made a nice run to move well into the top part of the field. Yannetti lost a tenth somewhere along the way.

Left Lane: Jason Coan Runs 8.066/161.23/-0.644, Now #1; F/ED Index: 8.71, Prior Best: 8.145/159.42/-0.565, Was #3
Right Lane: Terry Smith Runs 7.421/176.35/-0.499, Now #16; D/DA Index: 7.92, Prior Best: 7.430/176.44/-0.490, Was #16

Two nice runs. Smith stayed 16th, but Coan moved into the #1 spot.

Left Lane: Al Ackerman Runs 26.600/24.95/18.000, Now #7; F/D Index: 8.60, Prior Best: 8.049/166.17/-0.551, Was #7
Right Lane: Frank Cervelli Runs 6.817/194.27/-0.543, Now #8; B/DA Index: 7.36, Prior Best: 6.859/194.55/-0.501, Was #15

Ackerman's engine went silent on the launch. Cervelli made a nice run to move well up in the top half.

Left Lane: Chuck Haubiel Runs 8.146/163.10/-0.614, Now #2; C/SM Index: 8.76, Prior Best: 8.141/162.86/-0.619, Was #2

Haubiel was #1 until a few minutes ago. It was worth taking a shot since #1 gats a bye with 31 cars. He made a strong run, but came up short and did not improve.

Left Lane: Dan Fletcher Runs 12.056/90.73/3.746, Now #13; B/EA Index: 8.31, Prior Best: 7.793/154.56/-0.517, Was #13

Fletcher's car once again wanted to go every way except straight.

Left Lane: Larry Pritchett Runs 8.059/157.98/-0.581, Now #3; B/SM Index: 8.64, Prior Best: 8.099/152.06/-0.541, Was #10

Nice run by Pritchett to move all the way up to third.

Left Lane: Frank Affronti Runs 7.755/172.41/-0.555, Now #8; B/EA Index: 8.31, Prior Best: 7.768/171.77/-0.542, Was #10

Affronti improved a litle over a hundredth and moved up two spots to wrap up qualifying.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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