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Thu, 23 Feb 2012, 20:28 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Final Session
By David Gerard

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Notes from final, round 2 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division, event at Firebird International Raceway listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Ross Wilson Runs 10.562/89.05/1.922, Now #21; B/SM Index: 8.64, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Randy Goff Runs 8.497/157.83/-0.203, Now #17; B/T Index: 8.70, Prior Best: 8.450/157.39/-0.250, Was #17

5:05 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 77 degrees, relative humidity 14 percent, barometer 28.11 inches, adjusted altitude 3,461 feet, track temperature 101 degrees.

Field not filled, no bump spot.

Wilson continues to struggle. He is off pace before mid-track. Goff slows just a little

Left Lane: Joe Mozeris Runs 7.162/186.36/-0.318, Now #16; B/ED Index: 7.48, Prior Best: 7.279/181.11/-0.201, Was #18
Right Lane: Brian Fitzpatrick Runs 6.613/215.13/-0.307, Now #17; H/D Index: 6.92, Prior Best: 6.626/201.37/-0.294, Was #16

Fitzpatrick has a lot less shake this time. He picks up a little ET and a bunch of MPH, but gets pushed down a stop by a much better run by Mozeris.

Left Lane: Dean Carter Runs 6.966/189.60/-0.544, Now #5; B/ND Index: 7.51, Prior Best: 7.130/154.39/-0.380, Was #12
Right Lane: Mike DePalma Runs 9.008/150.06/-0.632, Now #1; I/SM Index: 9.64, Prior Best: 19.564/39.86/9.924, Was #22

OK, DePalma goes from the bottom to the top of the ladder with a nice wheels up leave and a strong pass.

Carter finds some power too and moves seven spots up the ladder to the current #5 spot.

Left Lane: Alan Ellis Runs 6.592/206.26/-0.518, Now #2; A/AA Index: 7.11, Prior Best: 6.549/206.61/-0.561, Was #2
Right Lane: Adam Bowdish Runs 8.094/165.48/-0.526, Now #8; B/SMA Index: 8.62, Prior Best: 8.565/141.28/-0.055, Was #20

It's Bowdish's turn for a full pass and it's a good one, all the way up to the new number eight spot.

Ellis makes a good pass and slows a little.

Left Lane: Brian Moscini Runs 7.521/181.42/-0.389, Now #15; C/AA Index: 7.91, Prior Best: 7.540/181.25/-0.370, Was #15
Right Lane: Clint Neff Runs 9.494/88.05/1.134, Now #17; K/A Index: 8.36, Prior Best: 8.021/135.39/-0.339, Was #17

Bang! Neff has big engine problems after a good leave and leaves a big trail of smoke from after the 330 lights.

Moscini picks up a little to stay #15 for now.

5:11 p.m. It's reported that there are parts on the track

Left Lane: Jim Cowan Runs 15.861/48.76/7.081, Now #21; I/AA Index: 8.78, Prior Best: 10.368/92.50/1.588, Was #21
Right Lane: Randy Jones Runs 8.527/155.44/-0.543, Now #6; C/TA Index: 9.07, Prior Best: 8.533/155.33/-0.537, Was #7

5:13 p.m. Nothing major on the track and we are back to racing.

Cowan leaves with Jones and matches his pace until near the 330 lights where his problems continue, as he slows. No shift?

Jones has a better tuneup and moves up a spot on the ladder.

Left Lane: Jeff Lane Runs 12.705/69.87/4.085, Now #11; B/SMA Index: 8.62, Prior Best: 8.112/156.05/-0.508, Was #11
Right Lane: Bill Kent Runs 6.850/200.92/-0.390, Now #14; B/D Index: 7.24, Prior Best: 6.812/200.71/-0.428, Was #14

Lane fires and falls back.

Kent basically repeats his first session pass to stay #14.

Left Lane: Doug Lambeck Runs 8.473/164.01/-0.497, Now #9; D/SMA Index: 8.97, Prior Best: 8.447/159.53/-0.523, Was #9
Right Lane: Scott McClay Runs 7.409/179.21/-0.451, Now #12; C/ED Index: 7.86, Prior Best: 7.367/179.42/-0.493, Was #12

Two good leaves and both cars slow just a tad to stay in their current positions.

Left Lane: Matt Hartford Runs 6.817/198.82/-0.573, Now #2; B/DA Index: 7.39, Prior Best: 6.842/202.03/-0.548, Was #3
Right Lane: John Edwards Runs 7.456/184.60/-0.454, Now #4; C/AA Index: 7.91, Prior Best: 7.364/185.79/-0.546, Was #4

Only 0.002 separate these two on the ladder.

Hartford leaves hard and drives the front wheels into the air and onto the wheelie bars. Its a strong, straight pass into the new #2 spot.

Edwards slows from his first pass.

Left Lane: Dan Fletcher Runs 7.825/172.76/-0.485, Now #14; B/EA Index: 8.31, Prior Best: 7.879/156.41/-0.431, Was #13
Right Lane: Tom Mettler Runs 7.713/175.62/-0.507, Now #12; PSTA Index: 8.22, Prior Best: 7.856/175.64/-0.364, Was #16

Both cars improve, but Mettler has the advantage going down the track, moving fours spots up the ladder. That pushes Fletcher back a spot.

Right Lane: Steve Graham Runs 7.484/182.97/-0.446, Now #15; C/A Index: 7.93, Prior Best: 18.059/44.15/10.129, Was #23

Graham will make a single and gets a strong full pass into the #15 spot.

Left Lane: Justin Lamb Runs 8.666/155.40/-0.504, Now #7; F/SMA Index: 9.17, Prior Best: 8.631/156.10/-0.539, Was #7
Right Lane: Ray Vierheller Runs 7.424/176.70/-0.496, Now #13; D/DA Index: 7.92, No Prior Run

Vierheller's time was DQ'ed in session one. I'm not sure why. He makes another clean pass that hopefully will hold.

Lamb makes another clean pass to stay number seven and wrap up the session.

5:26 p.m. There may be one or two cars to run in a clean up session latter. Mike DePalma is the new top qualifier at -0.632 and the field is not filled, no bump spot.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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