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Thu, 23 Feb 2012, 15:20 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #1
By David Gerard

CHANDLER, Ariz. - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Pacific Division, event at Firebird International Raceway listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed, amount over/under index, and position in order following run, class and class index:
Left Lane: Randy Goff Runs 8.450/157.39/-0.250, Now #2 B/T Index: 8.70
Right Lane: Matt Hartford Runs 6.842/202.03/-0.548, Now #1 B/DA Index: 7.39

12:12 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 70 degrees, relative humidity 19 percent, barometer 28.25 inches, adjusted altitude 2,822 feet, track temperature 93 degrees.

Hartford ran TD last weekend at the Phoenix National Event and now has the weight back in the car for B/DA. The car pulls up the wheels and headed for the wall right off the line. He gets it back straight and finishes the run.

Goff left well and then slowed on the top end.

Left Lane: Adam Bowdish Runs 8.565/141.28/-0.055, Now #4 B/SMA Index: 8.62
Right Lane: Dean Carter Runs 7.130/154.39/-0.380, Now #2 B/ND Index: 7.51

Carter ran TD too. He slows on the top end.

Bowdish spins hard off the line.

Left Lane: Tom Mettler Runs 7.856/175.64/-0.364, Now #4 PSTA Index: 8.22
Right Lane: Jeff Lane Runs 8.112/156.05/-0.508, Now #2 B/SMA Index: 8.62

Mettler has some smoke out of the pipes and gets the tires loose off the line, and finishes the run into the current #4 spot.

Nice clean pass for Lane. into the new #2 spot.

Left Lane: John Edwards Runs 7.364/185.79/-0.546, Now #2 C/AA Index: 7.91
Right Lane: Joe Mozeris Runs 7.279/181.11/-0.201, Now #7 B/ED Index: 7.48

Edwards makes a strong pass to take the #2 spot.

Mozeris runs OK against the tough B/ED index.

Left Lane: Randy Jones Runs 8.533/155.33/-0.537, Now #3 C/TA Index: 9.07
Right Lane: Deric Kramer Runs 6.881/203.06/-0.509, Now #4 A/DA Index: 7.39

Two strong passes into the top four. Kramer's B/DA runs straighter than Hartford with a much better result.

Left Lane: Mike DePalma Runs 19.564/39.85/9.924, Now #12 I/SM Index: 9.64
Right Lane: Brian Moscini Runs 7.540/181.25/-0.370, Now #7 C/AA Index: 7.91

Big wheels up leave for DePamla and then the Trans Am heads for the wall. He has to lift to save the shiny.

Left Lane: Clint Neff Runs 8.021/135.39/-0.339, Now #10 K/A Index: 8.36
Right Lane: Alan Ellis Runs 6.549/206.61/-0.561, Now #1 A/AA Index: 7.11

Two very different kinds of altereds. Big guy vs. little guy.

Ellis keeps it hooked and powers into the top spot. Neff's little motor kind of bucked off the line and it costs him.

Left Lane: Steve Graham Runs 18.059/44.15/10.129, Now #15 C/A Index: 7.93
Right Lane: Ross Wilson No Time, Now #16 B/SM Index: 8.64

Ouch! Two broken cars...

Wilson's engine gets very unhappy in the burnout and he has to be pushed away.

Graham's car can't find second gear and the rev.'s go to the moon! He quickly clicks it and coasts on down.

Left Lane: Brian Fitzpatrick Runs 6.626/201.37/-0.294, Now #12 H/D Index: 6.92
Right Lane: Dan Fletcher Runs 7.879/156.41/-0.431, Now #7 B/EA Index: 8.31

Ouch, again, but for a different reason.

Fitzpatrick's little turbo Toyota just goes into a blur right off the line and shakes for over a hundred feet before settling down. He will still have a headache next Tuesday.

No drama for Fletcher and he moves into the top eight for now.

12:29 p.m. Looks like something on the track near the turn out. The sweeper truck rolls to the top end.

Left Lane: Scott McClay Runs 7.367/179.42/-0.493, Now #7 C/ED Index: 7.86
Right Lane: Jim Cowan Runs 10.368/92.50/1.228, Now #17 I/AA Index: 9.14

12:38 p.m. Back to racing.

McClay's little 304 Dodge C/ED engine goes to High C in the burnout. Must be OK, as he moves to the current #7 spot

Cowan's six struggles off the line and then goes silent.

Left Lane: Ray Vierheller Runs 7.397/176.65/-0.523, Now #5 D/DA Index: 7.92
Right Lane: Doug Lambeck Runs 8.447/159.53/-0.523, Now #6 D/SMA Index: 8.97

Dragster and door can and the run identical ET's. Vierheller gets the better spot on the ladder, as he gets there first.

Left Lane: Bill Kent Runs 6.812/200.71/-0.428, Now #12 B/D Index: 7.24
Right Lane: Justin Lamb Runs 8.631/156.10/-0.539, Now #4 F/SMA Index: 9.17

12:43 p.m. Last pair.

Two clean passes and Lamb moves all the way up to the final #4 spot.

Ellis stays #1 with a -0.561 under his index and the field is not filled, no bump spot.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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