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Wed, 25 Jan 2012, 18:05 PM

ADRL's New SuperCar Showdown to Offer Competition for Manufacturers Around the Globe
Courtesy of ADRL Communications

O'FALLON, Mo. --

After an overwhelming reception to the announcement of its new SuperCar Showdown, the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) has released details of the revolutionary category which distinguishes the class from all others in the sport. Although interpreted by some as a division that would include only the high-performance production models of traditional American manufacturers, the format of the ADRL SuperCar Showdown series will, in fact, allow vehicles from virtually any automaker in the world.

The ADRL SuperCar Showdown will showcase the latest factory-produced, dealership-available automobiles in all-out drag racing with no handicap starts or performance restrictions. While current offerings from the Ford Motor Company, the Chrysler Corporation and General Motors will take center stage in the initial events, there are few limits to the variety of machines that are eligible to compete.

ADRL President Tim McAmis is still astonished by the response from automakers, racers and fans after the initial announcement of the series. "It's absolutely incredible, actually," McAmis said. "We never dreamed the ADRL SuperCar Showdown would draw this kind of attention in such a short period. The ADRL staff went from hopes of a good response to devoting all our time to answering phone calls and e-mails from sponsors, racers and even the manufacturers themselves.

"Everyone is thrilled with the fact eliminations for the class will be conducted on Saturday night at our events in front of the prime spectator crowd. They love the close relationship we plan to build with the dealership outlets. Everybody wants to be involved with the ADRL SuperCar Showdown."

ADRL broadcast personality Bret Kepner added, "The initial excitement of the announcement centered on the thrill of seeing the Fords, Dodges and Chevys waging war. However, nowhere in our original press release did we state the ADRL SuperCar Showdown would be restricted to American cars. In fact, we have spent an inordinate amount of time to determine how many vehicles worldwide could actually be represented in this series and we've uncovered more than 60 different factory-produced cars that could compete in the class."

In reality, there could be dozens more models made competitive in the ADRL SuperCar Showdown since there will be no criteria for eligibility other than production-line availability. Parity among supercharged, turbocharged and naturally-aspirated engines will be achieved by vehicle weight restrictions for each form of induction.

Since the initial events in the ADRL SCS series will include only the eight quickest qualifiers based on elapsed times recorded during qualifying sessions, Kepner, McAmis and drag racing champion Jeff Teuton quickly determined it would take a machine with a manufacturers power rating of no less than 400 horsepower to be competitive in the class.

However, the current global horsepower war among automakers has ensured most marques, no matter how obscure, are producing at least one model capable of the required power. The Ford Motor Company has no less than nine Mustangs making more than 400 horsepower from the factory and five of those are putting out more than 500, noted Kepner. Likewise, Dodge has four Challenger models and three Dodge Chargers with more than 400 horsepower, led by the DragPak V-10 Challenger at 600 horsepower. When the Viper returns to the marketplace in late 2012 under the new SRT brand, it will offer the same V-10 power plant and a V8 model.

Much attention has been directed to Chevrolet's upcoming COPO Camaro, however, McAmis was first to offer a reminder of other Chevy offerings. The currently-produced supercharged ZL1 Camaro is rated at 580 horsepower and is a perfect fit for the class. Even the naturally-aspirated Camaro SS packs more 420 horsepower. The supercharged ZR1 Corvette is rated at more than 630 horsepower from the factory and the naturally-aspirated Z06 model is rated at more than 500 horsepower.

"There are a lot of combinations which can be made to work well in the ADRL SuperCar Showdown" drag racing champion Jeff Teuton said. "The traditional Detroit offerings have an advantage in that they're designed specifically for straight-line competition. The fact the ADRL competes on an eighth-mile course will also make the competition a bit more equal between the supercharged, turbocharged and naturally-aspirated cars. There are a lot of possibilities."

The list of potentially competitive production cars for the category, many previously unseen in drag racing, already has competitors discussing their options. In the world of modern supercars, the rear-wheel-drive platform is still one of the most effective. While there are plenty of marques which produce massively powerful cars costing several hundred thousand dollars each, there are several economic machines with which to compete in the ADRL SCS series. With the availability of everything from the supercharged 556-horsepower Cadillac CTS-V to the naturally-aspirated 429 hp Hyundai Equus, there seems to be a world of diversity ready to race in the ADRL SuperCar Showdown.

"The Nissan GT-R PE is one of the only six-cylinder production cars making more than 500 hundred horsepower from the factory and it appears to fit perfectly in the class," McAmis said. "We don't expect to see a Bugatti Veyron pulling to the starting line at the first race but, with the amazing interest expressed by the media, the sponsors and the fans, the ADRL SuperCar Showdown could evolve into a truly global battle." In the ADRL SuperCar Showdown series, the ADRL will utilize basic rules for safety, modification and construction. The ADRL will announce specific rules for the ADRL SuperCar Showdown in the coming weeks.

Listed below is a comparison of the current offerings of American manufacturers and many of the worlds other supercars, any of which could be potential ADRL SuperCar Showdown entries.

L: Litres displacement
CI: Cubic inches displacement
SC: Supercharger
TT: Twin turbochargers
QT: Quadruple turbochargers
NA: Natural aspiration

Chassis Configuration:
FE: Front-mounted engine
ME: Mid-mounted engine
RE: Rear-mounted engine
RWD: Rear-Wheel-Drive
AWD: All-Wheel-Drive
E4WD: Electronic Four-Wheel-Drive

M/A: Available with both manual or automatic
Man: Manual transmission
S-A: Semi-automatic transmission

Curb Weight:
LBS: Shipping weight as reported by manufacturer

BHP: Brake Horsepower as reported by manufacturer

MSRP: Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price
(Note: Some information for vehicles not currently released is not available)


Cadillac CTS-V
Coupe (6.2L/378.2ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man/a; 4217lbs; 556 bhp; MSRP $66,690)

Chevrolet Camaro
COPO (5.3L/323.4ci SC V8; FE; RWD; man/a; N/A lbs; N/A bhp; MSRP unknown)
COPO (7.9L/482.0ci NA V8; FE; RWD; man/a; N/A lbs; N/A bhp; MSRP unknown)
ZL1 (6.2L/378.2ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 4120lbs; 580 bhp; MSRP $54,095)
SS (6.2L/378.2ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3860lbs; 426 bhp; MSRP $31,850)

Chevrolet Corvette
ZR1 (6.2L/378.2ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3353lbs; 638 bhp; MSRP $111,600)
Z06 (7.0L/427.0ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3199lbs; 505 bhp; MSRP $75,600)

Dodge Challenger
DP10 (8.4L/512.0ci NA V10; FE; RWD; 2sp auto; 3250lbs; 600 bhp; MSRP $85,512)
SRT8 (6.4L/390.5ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 4170lbs; 470 bhp; MSRP $43,995)
SRT8 (6.1L/372.2ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 6sp auto; 4132lbs; 425 bhp; MSRP $41,230)
SRT8 (5.7L/347.8ci NA V8; FE; RWD; man/auto; 4089lbs; 405 bhp; MSRP $41,230)

Dodge Charger
SRT8 (6.4L/390.5ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 5sp auto; 4340lbs; 470 bhp; MSRP $46,825)
Stage3 (7.0L/426.0ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 5sp auto; 4381lbs; 540 bhp; MSRP unknown)
HO (7.0L/426.0ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 5sp auto; 4381lbs; 590 bhp; MSRP unknown)

Dodge Viper
SRT10 (8.7L/530.8ci NA V10; FE; RWD; 6sp man; N/A lbs; N/A bhp; MSRP unknown)
SRT8 (6.4L/530.8ci NA V10; FE; RWD; 6sp man; N/A lbs; N/A bhp; MSRP unknown)

Ford Mustang
500CJ (5.4L/329.5ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3200lbs; 550 bhp; MSRP $91,990)
(2.3L TVS2300 Supercharger Only)
GT500 (5.4L/329.5ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3820lbs; 550 bhp; MSRP $53,810)
Stage3 (5.0L/353.0cici SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3580lbs; 540 bhp; MSRP $59,945)
5XR (5.0L/342.0ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3681lbs; 525 bhp; MSRP $51,277)
Roush (4.6L/280.6ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3316lbs; 540 bhp; MSRP $55,218)
Roush (4.6L/280.6ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3845lbs; 436 bhp; MSRP $49,017)
P-51 (4.6L/280.6ci SC V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3845lbs; 436 bhp; MSRP $49,017)
Boss (4.9L/302.0ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3632lbs; 444 bhp; MSRP $40,310)
GT (4.9L/302.0ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man; 3632lbs; 412 bhp; MSRP $34,710)


Aston Martin
One-77 (7.3L/445.4ci NA V12; FE; RWD, 6sp man; 3594 lbs; 760 bhp; MSRP $2,600,000)
Vantage 12 (5.97L/360.0ci NA V12; FE; RWD, 6sp man; 3704 lbs; 510 bhp; MSRP $182,450)
Vantage 8 (4.7L/445.4ci NA V8; FE; RWD, 7sp man; 3549 lbs; 430 bhp; MSRP $138,000)

R8 GT (5.2L/317.3ci NA V10; ME; AWD, 6sp auto; 3450 lbs; 560 bhp; MSRP $196,800)

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW)
X6M (4.4L/384.4ci TT V8; FE; AWD, 6sp auto; 5247 lbs; 555 bhp; MSRP $90,395)
760Li (6.0L/366.1ci TT V12; FE; AWD, 8sp auto; 5026 lbs; 535 bhp; MSRP $137,300)

SuperSports (6.0L/366.1ci TT W12; FE; AWD, 6sp auto; 4940 lbs; 621 bhp; MSRP $291,900)

Veyron SS (8.0L/488.1ci QT V16; ME; AWD, 7sp man; 4162 lbs; 1184 bhp; MSRP $2,700,000)

GTO (5.9L/365.9ci NA V12; ME; RWD; 6sp man; 3721lbs; 671 bhp; MSRP $383,500)

Equus (5.0L/305.2ci NA V8; FE; RWD, 8sp auto; 4525 lbs; 429 bhp; MSRP $65,750)

Aventador (6.5L/396.5ci NA V12; ME; E4WD, 6sp s-auto; 3470 lbs; 690 bhp; MSRP $379,700)
Gallardo (5.2L/317.6ci NA V10; ME; E4WD, 6sp s-auto; 2954 lbs; 561 bhp; MSRP $237,600)

LFA (4.8L/292.8ci NA V10; FE; RWD, 6sp s-auto; 3483 lbs; 552 bhp; MSRP $375,200)

Quattroporte (4.7L/286.7ci NA V8; FE; RWD; 6sp man/a; 4147lbs; 433 bhp; MSRP $123,290)

57S (6.0L/366.1ci TT V12; FE; RWD, 5sp auto; 6030 lbs; 620 bhp; MSRP $412,000)

MP4-12C (3.8L/231.8ci TT V8; ME; RWD, 7sp man; 3084 lbs; 592 bhp; MSRP $229,000)

SLS AMG (6.3L/384.4ci NA V8; FE; RWD, 7sp s-auto; 3571 lbs; 563 bhp; MSRP $196,100)
CLS63 AMG (5.5L/335.6ci TT V8; FE; RWD, 7sp s-auto; 4277 lbs; 518 bhp; MSRP $113,380)
C63 AMG (6.2L/378.2ci NA V8; FE; RWD, 7sp man; 3924 lbs; 451 bhp; MSRP $174,175)

GT-R PE (3.8L/231.8ci TT V6; FE; AWD; 6sp man; 3829lbs; 530 bhp; MSRP $89,850)

Panamera (4.8L/292.8ci TT V8; FE; AWD, 7sp man; 4398 lbs; 550 bhp; MSRP $174,175)
911 GT2 RS (3.8L/231.8ci TT O6; RE; AWD, 7sp man; 3494 lbs; 530 bhp; MSRP $220,320)
Cayenne (4.8L/292.8ci TT V8; FE; AWD, 7sp man; 4784 lbs; 500 bhp; MSRP $107,100)
911 S (3.8L/231.8ci NA O6; RE; RWD, 7sp man; 3120 lbs; 400 bhp; MSRP $96,400)

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