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Sat, 20 Sep 2008, 04:04 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By Larry Sullivan

HEBRON, Ohio - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA, Fourth annual Jeg's Northern SPORTSnationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Terry Smith Runs 7.885/153.60/-0.105, Now #21; D/ED Index: 7.99, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Mike Hazlett Runs 13.697/62.06/6.057, Now #26; B/A Index: 7.64, Prior Best: 11.080/80.64/3.440, Was #25

3:32 p.m. Smith had a big bonfire yesterday when the fuel line came off at the fuel-check fitting - fortunately he was backing up after the burnout and was able to make a quick exit.

Hazlett had a lot of wheelspin and slowed. Smith got down the track, but way off the pace.

Left Lane: Mauri Rose Runs 7.166/184.93/-0.334, Now #18; C/D Index: 7.50, Prior Best: 7.167/185.21/-0.333, Was #18
Right Lane: John Berberich Jr Runs 7.850/167.07/-0.020, Now #22; C/ED Index: 7.87, No Prior Run

Rose almost duplicated his first run ansd berberich barel made it under his index on his first run of the weekend.

Left Lane: Lee Zane Runs 9.178/131.54/-0.372, Now #18; L/AA Index: 9.55, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Al Ackerman Runs 8.136/153.14/-0.514, Now #9; F/D Index: 8.65, No Prior Run

Neither driver made a run yesterday. Clean runs in both lanes, Ackerman at a competitive pace, Zane a couple tenths short.

Left Lane: Mike Graves Runs 7.919/170.82/-0.441, Now #17; D/A Index: 8.36, Prior Best: 8.039/167.78/-0.321, Was #21
Right Lane: Richard Barga No Time, Now #22; CC/AT Index: 7.82, Prior Best: 7.604/169.51/-0.216, Was #22

Barga tried to spool the turbo up and the car rolled back out of the staging beam.

Left Lane: Scott Chamness Runs 6.636/203.12/-0.404, Now #19; A/D Index: 7.04, Prior Best: 13.876/73.83/6.836, Was #30
Right Lane: John Peto Runs 8.360/157.56/-0.040, Now #25; J/AA Index: 8.40, Prior Best: 9.181/156.12/0.781, Was #25

Left Lane: Steve Ambrose Runs 7.874/165.25/-0.526, Now #9; J/AA Index: 8.40, Prior Best: 7.925/161.96/-0.475, Was #13
Right Lane: Nick Morgan Runs 7.480/187.36/-0.400, Now #8; B/AP Index: 7.88, Prior Best: 7.353/188.07/-0.527, Was #8

Ambrose managed to break through the 50-under benchmark, but Morgan was unable to match his first run, losing a lot of time early in the run.

Left Lane: Rick Brown Runs 8.320/161.61/-0.560, Now #6; B/TA Index: 8.88, Prior Best: 8.333/161.30/-0.547, Was #7
Right Lane: Doug Doll Jr. No Time, Now #31; F/ED Index: 8.83, No Prior Run

The pre-stage bulb did not come on as Doll pulled forward to stage, so he was shut off and will cool the engine a bit before making another attempt. Nice run by Brown to move up a spot.

Left Lane: Stephen Szupka Runs 8.285/159.29/-0.545, Now #8; F/ED Index: 8.83, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Sal Biondo Runs 16.355/56.08/8.365, Now #17; D/AA Index: 7.99, Prior Best: 7.530/156.06/-0.460, Was #16

Biondo's car broke on the launch. Szupka made his first run a good one, moving into the top half with ease.

Left Lane: Jeff Wright Runs 7.158/192.91/-0.482, Now #15; B/AA Index: 7.64, Prior Best: 10.121/106.06/2.481, Was #28
Right Lane: Greg Kamplain Runs 7.090/186.74/-0.540, Now #9; C/DA Index: 7.63, Prior Best: 7.136/185.89/-0.494, Was #14

Wright made his best run so far and so did Kamplain.

Left Lane: Robert Bailey Runs 6.633/203.37/-0.587, Now #3; A/ED Index: 7.22, Prior Best: 6.646/203.92/-0.574, Was #5
Right Lane: Bill Yates Runs 7.801/147.58/0.581, Now #14; A/ED Index: 7.22, Prior Best: 6.718/202.48/-0.502, Was #14

Both cars shook on the launch, Yates with the front wheels in the air. Bailey drove through it, Yates slowed.

Left Lane: Gerry Russo Runs 8.458/161.19/-0.402, Now #13; C/SMA Index: 8.86, Prior Best: 8.351/161.25/-0.509, Was #13
Right Lane: Jason Coan Runs 8.266/155.44/-0.614, Now #1; G/EA Index: 8.88, Prior Best: 8.290/155.36/-0.590, Was #1

Coan made a nice run to improve his hold on the top spot.

Left Lane: Frank Affronti Runs 7.902/172.30/-0.378, Now #22; C/AA Index: 8.28, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Lee Sharp Runs 8.558/159.68/-0.442, Now #7; D/SMA Index: 9.00, Prior Best: 8.451/160.38/-0.549, Was #7

Affronti fills out the 32-car field. Sharp shut off early, couldn't see why.

Left Lane: Todd Patterson Runs 7.751/176.26/-0.609, Now #2; E/A Index: 8.36, Prior Best: 7.778/176.44/-0.582, Was #5
Right Lane: Brian Browell Runs 7.223/183.37/-0.597, Now #3; D/D Index: 7.82, Prior Best: 7.356/165.15/-0.464, Was #17

Broweel chattered the tires and short-shifted, making his best run of the weekend. Patterson also turned in hjis best run, the only driver other than Coan in the sixties so far.

Left Lane: Don Winget Runs 8.308/164.35/-0.392, Now #20; B/SMA Index: 8.70, Prior Best: 8.280/164.83/-0.420, Was #20
Right Lane: Steve Messina Runs 7.656/176.93/-0.364, Now #24; C/AA Index: 8.02, Prior Best: 7.667/176.42/-0.353, Was #24

Left Lane: Jeff Taylor Runs 16.323/50.70/6.763, Now #7; H/SMA Index: 9.56, Prior Best: 8.977/154.35/-0.583, Was #6
Right Lane: Bo Butner Runs 6.942/200.77/-0.608, Now #3; CC/A Index: 7.55, Prior Best: 7.082/193.29/-0.468, Was #17

Taylor slowed immediately, but Butner stormed through, well under the national ET record and more than 20 mph faster than the speed record.

Right Lane: Doug Doll Jr. Runs 8.413/155.45/-0.417, Now #21; F/ED Index: 8.83, No Prior Run

Doll makes it 33 cars and slips into the bottom half of the field.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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