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Fri, 19 Sep 2008, 06:44 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #1
By Larry Sullivan

HEBRON, Ohio - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA, Fourth annual Jeg's Northern SPORTSnationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed, amount over/under index, and position in order following run, class and class index:
Left Lane: Fred Gallo Runs 10.608/83.70/3.438, Now #2 A/AA Index: 7.17
Right Lane: Jeff Wright Runs 10.121/106.06/2.481, Now #1 B/AA Index: 7.64

5:47 p.m. We open Competition Eliminator qualifying with a couple high-cubic-inch-to-weight ratio doorslammers. But we were "oh-for-two," Wright's car immediately squaring off the tires and lifting, then Gallo with a puff of smoke and shutting off about 100 feet out.

Left Lane: John Peto Runs 9.181/156.12/0.781, Now #2 J/AA Index: 8.40
Right Lane: Mauri Rose Runs 7.167/185.21/-0.333, Now #1 C/D Index: 7.50

Peto's altered was sluggish off the starting line. Rose made a clean, straight run, but that time won't stay atop the list for very long.

Left Lane: Richard Barga Runs 7.604/169.51/-0.216, Now #3 CC/AT Index: 7.82
Right Lane: Rick Brown Runs 8.333/161.30/-0.547, Now #1 B/TA Index: 8.88

Barga is a "new player" in a turbocharged Honda. The car never did sound like the engine was "on kill." Brown had a decent opening pass, the first over five tenths under.

Left Lane: Lee Sharp Runs 8.451/160.38/-0.549, Now #1 D/SMA Index: 9.00
Right Lane: John Frech Runs 11.737/73.30/3.087, Now #7 F/D Index: 8.65

Sharp made a good first pass to edge out Brown. Frech struggled, then slowed on the top end.

Left Lane: Steve Messina Runs 7.667/176.42/-0.353, Now #4 C/AA Index: 8.02
Right Lane: Don Winget Runs 8.280/164.83/-0.420, Now #3 B/SMA Index: 8.70

Clean runs, a pair.

Left Lane: Mike Hazlett Runs 11.080/80.64/3.440, Now #11 B/A Index: 7.64
Right Lane: Terry Smith No Time, Now #12 D/ED Index: 7.99

Smith made his burnout, then backed up and the engine erupted in flames - looked like a fuel line came loose. He was out of the car quickly and the starter put the flames out without major damage. After a short delay, Hazlett took his shot, started spinning the tires about 100 feet out.

Left Lane: Brian Browell Runs 7.356/165.15/-0.464, Now #3 D/D Index: 7.82
Right Lane: Mike Graves Runs 8.039/167.78/-0.321, Now #7 D/A Index: 8.36

Two more clean runs.

Left Lane: Greg Kamplain Runs 7.136/185.89/-0.494, Now #3 C/DA Index: 7.63
Right Lane: Steve Ambrose Runs 7.925/161.96/-0.475, Now #4 J/AA Index: 8.40

Two good-looking runs, clean and straight.

Left Lane: Jason Coan Runs 8.290/155.36/-0.590, Now #1 G/EA Index: 8.88
Right Lane: Scott Chamness Runs 13.876/73.82/6.836, Now #17 A/D Index: 7.04

Chamness shook violently and shut off almost immediately. Coan made a strong run to take over the #1 spot.

Left Lane: Nick Morgan Runs 7.353/188.07/-0.527, Now #5 B/AP Index: 7.88
Right Lane: Robert Bailey Runs 6.646/203.92/-0.574, Now #2 A/ED Index: 7.22

"Larry's kid" is driving the car his dad qualified #1 last year. Two nice runs, Bailey driving through tire shake to the #2 spot.

Left Lane: Bill Yates Runs 6.718/202.48/-0.502, Now #7 A/ED Index: 7.22
Right Lane: Todd Patterson Runs 7.778/176.44/-0.582, Now #2 E/A Index: 8.36

Yates had a problem with his Top Sportsman car about an hour ago, had a much better time of it here. Patterson jumped into the #2 spot with a strong, straight pass in his Cobalt.

Left Lane: Bo Butner Runs 7.082/193.29/-0.468, Now #11 CC/A Index: 7.55
Right Lane: Gerry Russo Runs 8.351/161.25/-0.509, Now #7 C/SMA Index: 8.86

Butner's car was the quicker of the two, but Russo was further under his index.

Left Lane: Sal Biondo Runs 7.530/156.06/-0.460, Now #14 D/AA Index: 7.99
Right Lane: Jeff Taylor Runs 8.977/154.35/-0.583, Now #2 H/SMA Index: 9.56

Two more good runs, Biondo into the middle of the field and Taylor is now the #2 qualifier.

Left Lane: Frank Aragona Jr. Runs 8.292/156.10/-0.588, Now #2 G/EA Index: 8.88

Looks like this is the final car of the round and we are short of the 32-car field, so no bump was established. Aragona became the final resident of the oft-changing #2 spot, but Coan held on to the top spot by two thousandths of a second.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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