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Thu, 22 Nov 2007, 10:10 AM

Happy Thanksgiving
By Norm Froscher

How many reasons to be thankful for things this season? In drag racing for instance. Well, for openers, Ol' Fro sat down and listed one drag racing associated thank you, mainly, for each year I've been on this earth. Right 77.

Now don't shrug those off, but bear with me, because along with the usual, some may surprise you. So, in no order of importance and if you wonder if you're included, check No. 5:

    1. Our freedom above all.
    2. The class of Greg Anderson.
    3. Don "Snake" Prudhomme's unmistable stroll. Right, that's cool.
    4. John Force answering a question.
    5. Friends.
    6. The ambition of Antron Brown.
    7. Cory Mac's doggedness.
    8, Rick Stewart's starts.
    9. Wally Parks legacy.
    10. Safety Safari.


    11. Shirley Muldowney's directness.
    12. Alan Johnson's  displeasure at it being written Tony  "stole" the title.
    13, Don Garlits telling a story.
    14. Dave McClelland the announcer.
    15, Ralph Seagraves help to motorsports.
    16. Ditto T. (for Terrific, he once said) Wayne Robertson.
    17. Eddie and Ercie Hill on the front row of the RFC services.
    18. Gary Scelzi's greeting to a friend.
    19. Warren Johnson explaining what the car is doing.
    20. Ace McCulloch giving time to a writer.


    21. Tom Hammonds entering his Cobalt Pro Stock car.
    22. Doug Kalitta's doggedness.
    33, Austin Coil directing Force to the line.
    34. The late Steve Evans doing a TV interview         
    35. Don Schumacher juggling several tasks.
    37. D.R.A.W.
    38. Doug Herbert hosting Marines at a race.
    39. Pastor Ken Owen.
    40. Waterbed Fred Miller through the years.


    41. Tim Richards and Kim LaHaie helping Kenny Bernstein.
    42. Bob Glidden saying hi to an old friend.
    43. Eileen Daniels carrying on.
    44. Angelle Sampey signing an autograph.
    45. Ron Capps' doggedness, same as Doug Kalitta and Cory Mac
    46. Herm Petersen's charter fishing service.
    47. Jim Oberhofer ready to fire up Hillary Will's mount.
    48. Jeg Coughlin's successful  return.
    49. Rod Fuller's concentration.
    50. John Medlan's carrying on.


    51. Jim Yates describing snow skiing.
    52. Larry Dixon's smile after a winning run.
    53. Del Worsham doubling up.
    54. Aussie Dave Grubnic's verbal description of his  homeland.
    55. J.R. Todd riding his motorcycle.
    56. The pre-race ceremonies.
    57. Tony Schumacher's concentration.
    58. Ashley Force's already media savy.
    59. Terry Vance's competition resume.
    60. Very brief rain delay.


    61. Victor Caganazzi's building of a team.
    62. Linda Vaughn's beauty, 'nuff said.
    63. Diane Sox carrying on the Ronnie Sox Foundation.
    66. Frank Hawley at his school's lecture podium
    67. Tony Bartone's delightful New York accent.
    68. Steve Johnson's ready wit.
    69. Scott Kalitta determined to go in a flopper.
    70. The late Buster Couch's personality.


    71. Bristol's Jeff Byrd also helping blaze the way for RJR early on.
    72, Cruz Pedregon for his taking time with the media.
    73. Clay Millican's stick to it-ivtness.    
    74. Steve Earwood keepin on keepin on with Rockingham Dragway.
    75. Grumpy Jenkins and his cigar. He's gotta be a winner.
    76. Raymond Beadle for the memories.
    77. For anyone or several that weren't squeezed in here.

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