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Thu, 1 Nov 2007, 07:56 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By David Gerard

POMONA, Calif. - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 43nd annual Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Alan Freese Runs 9.695/97.31/1.675, Now #17; C/AA Index: 8.02, Prior Best: 7.475/180.86/-0.545, Was #17
Right Lane: Bryan Fitzgerald Runs 12.851/69.91/4.211, Now #31; F/AA Index: 8.64, Prior Best: 8.221/165.52/-0.419, Was #31

4:11 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 74 degrees, relative humidity 31 percent, barometer 28.89 inches, adjusted altitude 2,405 feet, track temperature 91 degrees.

No joy here, as both cars slow after the hit.

Left Lane: Dan Fletcher Runs 8.184/164.75/-0.536, Now #12; C/EA Index: 8.72, Prior Best: 8.150/164.99/-0.570, Was #12
Right Lane: Joe Mozeris Runs 7.135/185.95/-0.505, Now #26; C/DA Index: 7.64, Prior Best: 7.142/186.36/-0.498, Was #27

Great light and a strong sixty foot time for Mozeris, but he only moves one spot on the ladder. Fletcher slows slightly from his prior pass.

Left Lane: Dan Barton Runs 8.831/152.95/-0.529, Now #16; G/SMA Index: 9.36, Prior Best: 8.806/153.32/-0.554, Was #16
Right Lane: Tom Mettler Runs 7.443/182.11/-0.567, Now #8; PST Index: 8.01, Prior Best: 7.414/182.43/-0.596, Was #8

Both cars run a little slower than earlier today. This is likely a patter nfor the field.

Left Lane: Robbie Hudlow Runs 7.354/167.45/-0.546, Now #17; CC/AT Index: 7.90, Prior Best: 7.510/158.61/-0.390, Was #36
Right Lane: Bob Marshall Runs 7.129/192.58/-0.521, Now #20; B/AA Index: 7.65, Prior Best: 7.116/192.99/-0.534, Was #19

Hudlow gets a better pass this time and is well into the field for now. Marshall slows

Left Lane: Dean Carter Runs 6.928/191.73/-0.572, Now #11; A/ND Index: 7.50, Prior Best: 6.940/192.28/-0.560, Was #14
Right Lane: Jay Payne Runs 8.009/115.21/1.159, Now #42; AA/PM Index: 6.85, Prior Best: 10.560/84.47/3.710, Was #44

Coordinated swerving off the line, Both cars go right and then left, but Payne is way loose and has to lift to save the shiny. Carter has a better tune up and moves three spots up the ladder.

Left Lane: Skip Dunn Runs 7.185/189.58/-0.465, Now #30; B/AA Index: 7.65, Prior Best: 7.172/0.00/-0.478, Was #30
Right Lane: Pete Adams Runs 7.678/179.90/-0.302, Now #36; C/A Index: 7.98, Prior Best: 7.587/180.65/-0.393, Was #36

Two good passes, but no improvements.

Left Lane: Vinnie Deceglie No Time, Now #43; A/A Index: 7.11, Prior Best: 8.551/111.52/1.441, Was #43
Right Lane: Alan Ellis Runs 10.970/109.37/3.650, Now #28; A/AP Index: 7.32, Prior Best: 6.816/199.43/-0.504, Was #28

Both of these cars are not usually in this spot coming into round two. Well, that didn't work!! Deceglie leaves before the green and will get no time. He still runs 212.59 MPH!! Ellis is slow off the line and clicks it early.

Left Lane: Mark Wolfe Runs 10.601/87.93/3.471, Now #44; AA/AT Index: 7.13, Prior Best: 8.847/112.57/1.717, Was #44
Right Lane: Steve Graham Runs 10.323/93.25/2.343, Now #38; C/A Index: 7.98, Prior Best: 7.676/177.07/-0.304, Was #38

Wolfe is running the old Blankney "Silent Thunder" T-Bird. No joy for either team as they both click it early and coast on down.

Left Lane: Bryan Morrison Runs 8.148/163.75/-0.492, Now #29; F/AA Index: 8.64, Prior Best: 8.152/164.13/-0.488, Was #29
Right Lane: Jeff Lane Runs 9.313/123.59/-0.047, Now #39; G/SMA Index: 9.36, Prior Best: 9.138/146.16/-0.222, Was #39

Both cars improve slightly. Morrison improves by one and Lane stays outside the field.

Left Lane: Jeff Taylor Runs 8.781/133.07/-0.379, Now #4; E/SM Index: 9.16, Prior Best: 8.549/157.58/-0.611, Was #4
Right Lane: Ed Sigmon Runs 8.626/151.07/-0.494, Now #14; C/SR Index: 9.12, Prior Best: 8.559/151.90/-0.561, Was #14

Taylor slows a bunch on the top end. Sigmon makes a full pull and doesn't improve.

Left Lane: Bo Butner Runs 7.642/139.08/0.042, Now #1; CC/A Index: 7.60, Prior Best: 6.940/189.42/-0.660, Was #1
Right Lane: J.D. Zink Runs 6.986/189.39/-0.514, Now #25; A/ND Index: 7.50, Prior Best: 6.989/187.55/-0.511, Was #25

Butner's car moves around off the line and then starts to drive steadily towards the center line after mid-track. He finally has to give it up. Zink runs slightly better than his first pass and will stay #25.

Left Lane: Jacklyn Gebhardt Runs 6.663/201.46/-0.557, Now #15; A/ED Index: 7.22, Prior Best: 6.801/200.35/-0.419, Was #33
Right Lane: Scott McClay Runs 7.560/174.62/-0.310, Now #38; C/ED Index: 7.87, Prior Best: 27.366/39.06/19.496, Was #47

Gebhardt moves from #33 to the top half of the field with a strong pass. McClay gets a full pass, but doesn't get into the field on this pass

Ross Wilson is on the bump spot at -0.447.

Left Lane: Doug Lambeck Runs 8.454/158.84/-0.566, Now #6; D/SMA Index: 9.02, Prior Best: 8.417/160.10/-0.603, Was #6
Right Lane: John Edwards Runs 8.064/165.66/0.044, Now #20; C/AA Index: 8.02, Prior Best: 7.475/182.85/-0.545, Was #20

Edwards car had a big move at mid-track and it cost him some ET. Lambeck slows a little from his first pass.

Left Lane: Michael Stone Runs 12.474/85.18/4.604, Now #27; C/ED Index: 7.87, Prior Best: 7.360/179.83/-0.510, Was #27
Right Lane: Paul Pittman Runs 7.469/183.79/-0.181, Now #41; B/AA Index: 7.65, Prior Best: 7.437/183.84/-0.213, Was #41

Stones car is slow off the line and he clicks it to coast on down the track.

Left Lane: Lucky Snyder Runs 8.554/158.69/-0.476, Now #33; G/A Index: 9.03, Prior Best: 24.902/31.21/15.872, Was #47
Right Lane: Lee Zane Runs 9.020/146.61/-0.530, Now #23; L/AA Index: 9.55, Prior Best: 9.435/114.65/-0.115, Was #42

Snyder's little Alpine has the back end step out at the hit and it's just enough to keep him out side the field. Zane gets a full pull and moves into the field in the #23 spot.

Skip Dunn is on the bump spot at -0.478.

Left Lane: Lee Sharp Runs 7.701/175.23/-0.599, Now #7; D/AA Index: 8.30, Prior Best: 7.707/176.10/-0.593, Was #9
Right Lane: Ross Wilson Runs 8.359/162.84/-0.511, Now #28; C/SMA Index: 8.87, Prior Best: 8.423/162.57/-0.447, Was #34

Two good passes and two spots on the ladder for Sharp and into the field for Wilson.

Left Lane: Jim Cowan Runs 8.263/156.86/-0.587, Now #25; D/EA Index: 8.85, Prior Best: 8.255/152.49/-0.595, Was #25
Right Lane: David Rampy Runs 7.545/145.56/-0.355, Now #5; A/EA Index: 7.90, Prior Best: 7.292/180.33/-0.608, Was #5

Rampy leaves hard, but slows a bunch down the track.

Left Lane: Adam Bowdish Runs 9.143/133.68/-0.517, Now #2; H/SM Index: 9.66, Prior Best: 9.019/148.95/-0.641, Was #2
Right Lane: Al Ackerman Runs 8.125/163.61/-0.565, Now #14; F/D Index: 8.69, Prior Best: 23.603/87.29/14.913, Was #47

Bowdish has the backend step out at the launch. Ackerman gets a full pull this time and moves all the way up into the top half of the field. Alan Ellis is on the bump spot at -0.504.

Left Lane: Tom Brown Runs 8.445/155.88/-0.405, Now #38; F/ED Index: 8.85, Prior Best: 8.432/157.83/-0.418, Was #38
Right Lane: Rodger Brogdon Runs 8.380/161.44/-0.650, Now #2; G/A Index: 9.03, Prior Best: 8.393/160.46/-0.637, Was #3

Brogdon improves a touch and stays #2. Brown doesn't improve.

Left Lane: Todd Patterson Runs 7.498/180.96/-0.522, Now #25; C/AA Index: 8.02, Prior Best: 7.495/181.69/-0.525, Was #25
Right Lane: Steve Holloway Runs 15.234/55.53/8.044, Now #23; A/AA Index: 7.19, Prior Best: 6.659/211.86/-0.531, Was #23

Holloway is loose off the line and slows. Patterson almost duplicated his prior run.

Left Lane: Randy Jones Runs 8.781/153.46/-0.559, Now #16; H/A Index: 9.34, Prior Best: 8.784/153.81/-0.556, Was #17
Right Lane: Jirka Kaplan Runs 6.574/181.37/-0.536, Now #8; AA/AM Index: 7.11, Prior Best: 6.512/203.92/-0.598, Was #8

Jones' car moves out of the groove at the hit and then starts to trail heavy smoke from the 330 to the lights. He still improves by .003 and moves into the top half of the field for now. Kaplan makes a strong pass and stays in the current #8 spot. No oil on the track, so we keep running.

Left Lane: Gary Anderson Runs 8.890/149.63/-0.450, Now #36; G/SM Index: 9.34, Prior Best: 9.022/150.98/-0.318, Was #40
Right Lane: Justin Lamb Runs 8.576/158.06/-0.444, Now #27; D/SMA Index: 9.02, Prior Best: 8.500/158.54/-0.520, Was #27

Anderson finds some power to move up the ladder four spots, but will not qualify. Lamb doesn't improve.

Left Lane: Tom Huggins Runs 7.168/189.71/-0.482, Now #10; B/A Index: 7.65, Prior Best: 7.070/193.71/-0.580, Was #10

Huggins will be the last car to run and slows almost a tenth from earlier.

4:50 p.m. Bo Butner is still #1 and Alan Ellis is on the bump spot at -0.504.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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