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Sun, 1 Oct 2006, 04:25 PM

Pro Stock Round 3 Eliminations
By Dan Bennett

MOHNTON, Pa. - Results of round 3 eliminations in Pro Stock at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, 22nd annual Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals:

    1 Greg Anderson                          44 Mike Edwards                 
E3   ****WINNER****  0.039  6.615 208.71                     0.057  6.643 208.46
 Prior rounds:
E2    (K Johnson   ) 0.035  6.615 208.84      (T Martino   ) -0.022  6.638 207.82
E1    (M Naylor    ) 0.051  6.618 208.62      (W Johnson   ) 0.040  6.650 207.72
 Qualified:             #2  6.626 208.91                        #3  6.632 208.04
This race has seen a lot of unique events, and the trend continued.

The Pro Stock cars were ready to run, the first pair having already been pulled out of staging though not approaching the water box yet.

We noticed an animated conversation at the starter box between Rick Stewart and Mike Elliott, crew chief for Greg Stanfield. Elliott would gesture down the right lane and Stewart would talk on his radio. That sequence repeated itself a number of times. Mike Edwards joined the group a short time later.

After a period of time, the PS cars were pushed back into staging, and the remaining Super Gas cars were called and began to run their session. It's a very strange sight, one that I've never seen before in many years of drag racing.

I spoke with Elliott and asked him what it was he saw that was concerning him. He told me that at a point downtrack there was still partial remnant of the Medlin engine failure.

Stewart was talking to the track crew and relating the information that they considered the track ready to go.

I don't think anyone doubts the skills and ability of the Safety Safari and I'm sure Elliott doesn't either. After the Krisher crash at Indy, it became the belief of some Pro Stock crews that the current configuration of the cars leads to very little downforce, especially at an intermediate point on the track. Elliott believed that the track needed attention - or rubber laid down by lower horsepower cars - before he wanted to send his driver down the lane.

Graham Light described the situation as some team members standing on the starting line deciding that there was a problem downtrack and stood by the Safety Safari's opinion that the track was ready to race. He said that he told the teams if they weren't ready to race, to go back into staging.

From my view, it was a fair resolution to an unusual problem. It should be a message to those who contend that the racers aren't listened to.

After all the discussion, the first pair staged and went right down the track. Both made great runs with no apparent flaws.

Greg Anderson's incremental times: 60ft-0.980 sec., 330ft-2.764, 660ft-4.253/165.54mph, 1,000ft-5.535

    3 Jason Line                              7 Greg Stanfield               
E3                   0.091  6.620 208.78     ****WINNER****  0.020  6.647 207.53
 Prior rounds:
E2    (D Connolly  ) 0.049  6.609 208.46      (A Johnson   ) 0.020  6.642 207.69
E1    (L Morgan    ) 0.076  6.619 207.37      (D Northrop  ) 0.033  6.648 205.82
 Qualified:             #4  6.633 208.14                        #1  6.621 208.04
As Bob Frey just said, how many times do we talk about the #1 qualifier pulling an upset?

Stanfield, record holder or not, needs a holeshot here.

He proves he's a driver by getting one.

Stanfield went right into prestage. Line waited a fair amount before his turned his own top light on. When it lit, Stanfield immediately staged. Line took most of his seven seconds before going in.

In a race of strong performances, both teams lay one down but Stanfield adds his own on the starting line.

Greg Anderson will have lane choice in the finals.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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