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Thu, 20 Oct 2005, 08:21 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #1
By Larry Sullivan

LAS VEGAS - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Fifth annual ACDelco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed, amount over/under index, and position in order following run, class and class index:
Left Lane: Phil Cocuzza Runs 7.768/173.94/-0.422, Now #2 C/AA Index: 8.19
Right Lane: Ken Justice Sr. Runs 7.422/185.95/-0.508, Now #1 B/AA Index: 7.93

6:32 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 76 degrees, relative humidity 37 percent, barometer 28.42 inches, adjusted altitude 3,102 feet, track temperature 101 degrees.

Fifty-one cars are supposed to be inline for this session, so there will be some bumping going on. Cocuzza's car made a hard move to the left on the launch.

Left Lane: Clarence Thomas Runs 8.555/162.96/0.625, Now #4 B/AA Index: 7.93
Right Lane: Justin Lamb Runs 9.184/145.27/-0.156, Now #3 E/SMA Index: 9.34

Lamb's car is actually a Super Stocker, running in Comp to get some test time since Super Stock gets to sit out this event.

Left Lane: Ross Wilson Runs 8.754/153.49/-0.326, Now #4 D/SMA Index: 9.08
Right Lane: Jeff Lion Runs 8.466/159.23/-0.444, Now #2 F/A Index: 8.91

Left Lane: Ed Sigmon Runs 8.888/147.07/-0.502, Now #2 C/SR Index: 9.39
Right Lane: Jake Crimmins Runs 6.855/202.79/-0.395, Now #5 AA/AM Index: 7.25

Crimmins' car is a limited Alcohol Funny Car, flip-up body and all.

Left Lane: Donald Desa Runs 8.054/161.77/0.124, Now #9 B/AA Index: 7.93
Right Lane: Sal Biondo Runs 8.020/166.68/-0.540, Now #1 D/EA Index: 8.56

Left Lane: Eddie Smith Runs 8.425/159.53/-0.435, Now #6 F/AA Index: 8.86
Right Lane: Brian Browell Runs 7.376/179.78/-0.594, Now #1 D/D Index: 7.97

Left Lane: Steve Wilmoth Runs 8.945/146.99/-0.445, Now #6 C/SR Index: 9.39
Right Lane: Bill Morse Runs 9.187/146.69/-0.533, Now #3 F/SM Index: 9.72

Morse cut a perfect light...

Left Lane: Bo Butner III Runs 8.777/153.81/-0.583, Now #2 D/SM Index: 9.36
Right Lane: Clint Sallee Runs 6.893/197.10/-0.537, Now #4 B/D Index: 7.43

Left Lane: Todd Patterson Runs 8.190/159.57/-0.560, Now #3 B/SR Index: 8.75
Right Lane: Jeff Taylor Runs 8.885/150.85/-0.545, Now #4 E/SM Index: 9.43

Two nice runs...

Left Lane: Tony Stephenson Runs 8.021/166.25/-0.559, Now #4 B/EA Index: 8.58
Right Lane: Stu Sandhaus Runs 7.282/183.54/-0.388, Now #16 A/ND Index: 7.67

Left Lane: Jacklyn Gebhardt Runs 6.820/198.17/-0.570, Now #3 A/ED Index: 7.39
Right Lane: Robert Baldwin Runs 8.936/151.15/-0.424, Now #15 D/SM Index: 9.36

There was a short delay while one of Gebhardt's crew members made some adjustments on the mono-strut rear wing on her Spitzer dragster - must have turned things the right way, she made a nice run.

Left Lane: Alan Freese Runs 8.074/167.99/-0.416, Now #18 D/AA Index: 8.49
Right Lane: Scott Hedlund Runs 8.391/162.43/-0.529, Now #10 B/SM Index: 8.92

Left Lane: John Mihovetz Runs 7.330/182.77/0.030, Now #24 AA/AT Index: 7.30
Right Lane: Dave Barcelon Runs 8.325/161.65/-0.585, Now #2 F/A Index: 8.91

Mihovetz couldn't run the index, the turbo-boosted engine popping and banging as he staged the car. Nice run by barcelon to move into the second spot.

Left Lane: Al Ackerman Runs 8.352/159.29/-0.518, Now #12 F/D Index: 8.87
Right Lane: David Sumek Runs 6.803/199.73/-0.447, Now #15 AA/AM Index: 7.25

Quite a contrast in sound between the big V-8 in Sumek's altered and the itty-bitty engine in Ackerman's dragster.

Left Lane: Tom Mettler Runs 7.653/177.04/-0.557, Now #7 PST Index: 8.21
Right Lane: Paul Anderson Runs 7.570/174.26/-0.520, Now #13 A/EA Index: 8.09

Left Lane: Jeff Lane Runs 8.189/161.27/-0.561, Now #5 B/EA Index: 8.75
Right Lane: Steve Kalkowski Runs 7.403/185.74/-0.467, Now #18 B/A Index: 7.87

Left Lane: Vinnie Deceglie Runs 6.681/207.53/-0.629, Now #1 A/A Index: 7.31
Right Lane: Alan Ellis Runs 6.947/194.13/-0.593, Now #3 A/AA Index: 7.54

Deceglie goes to the #1 spot with the mountain-motored altered. Ellis also made his first run a strong one, slipping in at #3.

Left Lane: Adam Bowdish Runs 8.837/153.79/-0.523, Now #16 D/SM Index: 9.36
Right Lane: Mike DePalma Runs 7.353/184.85/-0.517, Now #19 B/A Index: 7.87

John Mihovetz was on the bump spot at 0.030. Not for long, however. After these two ran, Ross Wilson is on the bump spot at -0.326.

Left Lane: Joey Tanksley Runs 14.648/76.61/7.038, Now #38 B/ED Index: 7.61
Right Lane: Tom Huggins Runs 7.314/188.20/-0.556, Now #11 B/A Index: 7.87

Tanksley's dragster spun the left rear tire and hooked with the right, making an abrupt left turn, forcing him to lift.

Left Lane: Dean Carter Runs 12.852/74.94/5.182, Now #39 A/ND Index: 7.67
Right Lane: David Rampy Runs 7.490/165.68/-0.600, Now #2 A/EA Index: 8.09

Carter's nostalgia dragster went into a power wheelstand right off the line, the front end getting several feet in the air before he lifted, the front end then banging down hard. Rampy made a nice opening run to go to the second spot. Jake Crimmins is on the bump spot at -0.395.

Left Lane: Colt Mikel Runs 8.505/158.45/-0.595, Now #3 B/TA Index: 9.10
Right Lane: Craig Bourgeois Runs 7.871/128.77/0.201, Now #39 A/ND Index: 7.67

Something happened to Bourgeois' nostalgia dragster past half track, he was clocked at 4.628 seconds and 145 mph at that point. Mikel got the truck into the top three. Alan Freese is on the bump spot at -0.416.

Left Lane: Joe Mozeris No Time, Now #44 B/AA Index: 7.93
Right Lane: Lee Zane Runs 9.504/140.17/-0.436, Now #29 L/AA Index: 9.94

Mozeris' altered got out of shape and crossed the centerline between the 330 and 660-timers.

Right Lane: Mike Smith Runs 9.100/147.75/-0.070, Now #38 G/AA Index: 9.17

Right Lane: Daniel Mikel Runs 8.574/157.76/-0.526, Now #19 B/TA Index: 9.10

Phil Cocuzza was on the bump spot at -0.422. Mikel was a bit slower than his brother, but got into the field. That put Robert Baldwin on the bump spot at -0.424.

Right Lane: Michael Stone Runs 7.561/165.66/-0.519, Now #22 C/ED Index: 8.08

Stone closed out a very good first session with yet another 50-under run. After just one session, the top 26 cars are -.502 or better and Eddie Smith is on the bump spot at -0.435.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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