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Spencer Massey
0.059 | 3.842 | 282.66
Brandon Bernstein
0.052 | 3.805 | 323.43
Bernstein is 6 - 5 against Massey in prior events and all the pressure is on Massey, who must win to keep his championship hopes alive.

Bernstein left first, but Massey led by the time they got to the 60-foot marker, they were just about even at the 330, then Massey started to pull away again. Then Massey's car went POP and slowed, Bernstein leading at the marker that counts, the finish line.

Brandon Bernstein's incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.016), 330 ft(0.001), 660ft(-0.011). MOV: 0.0446 seconds (approximately 18 feet).

Bernstein will have lane choice against Millican in the semifinals.