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Antron Brown
0.044 | 7.393 | 51.68
Spencer Massey
0.04 | 3.915 | 323.97
This is a major matchup in the championship because two of the contenders are facing each other. If Brown wins, Massey is eliminated and Schumacher must win the event and set an ET record. If Massey wins, either he or Schumacher must win the event, or must runner-up and set an ET record, to take the championship. Brown is 10-9 against Massey at prior events and they are tied at 1-1 in round one matchups.

Massey had a small edge at the green, but Brown led after 60 feet. Then everything went wrong for Brown. His car shook, he pedaled it, and the engine let go with a bang and a lot of fire, his second fire in two days. Massey also shook at about the same time, but his car responded when he backpedaled.

The fire in Brown's car really flared up as he rolled toward the finish line and it appeared there was a major fuel leak, with a lot of fire in the cockpit and a lot of burning fuel on the track where the car stopped. The Safety Safari immediately started hosing Brown down when he jumped out of the car and he was transported to the on-site care center for treatment.

Now the championship focus shifts to Massey and Tony Schumacher, with Schumacher three points ahead of Massey.

Though the fuel spill was messy, there was no oil on the track and Brown won't lose any points.

Follow-up: The word from the medical center is that Brown got some heat on his legs, but his only injuries are some superficial burns on his hands and he will be released in a few minutes.