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Ron Capps
0.086 | 4.072 | 309.2
Johnny Gray
0.064 | 4.162 | 307.09
Capps is 12 - 6 against Gray in prior events.

Capps is the current points leader. Gray is almost ten rounds behind in the eighth spot and really needs this win to get back in the battle.

Gray does all he can do. He gets off the line first but Capps quickly powers by and pulls away to take the win with the quickest pass of the round so far.

Ron Capps' incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(0.019), 330 ft(0.049), 660ft(0.063). MOV: 0.0687 seconds (approximately 31 feet).

Capps will have lane choice over Hagan in the next round.