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Khalid alBalooshi
0.132 | 3.83 | 322.5
Larry Dixon
0.066 | 3.917 | 310.41
Weather conditions: air temperature 72 degrees, relative humidity 50 percent, barometer 29.49 inches, adjusted altitude 1,934 feet, track temperature 87 degrees.

This is the first time alBalooshi and Dixon have faced each other in eliminations. Dixon with the starting line advantage and then started drifting toward the centerline and alBalooshi was able to chase him down in the lights for the win. Khalid alBalooshi's MOV: 0.0213 seconds (approximately 10 feet). alBalooshi with his quickest pass of the weekend for the win. Khalid alBalooshi's incremental times: 60ft-0.852 sec., 330ft-2.177, 660ft-3.080/282.48 mph.