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Darrell Russell
0.058 | 4.623 | 317.12
Paul Romine
0.03 | 0 | 0
As the mid field runners meet this is the 7th Indy start for Romine and his best starting position ever. Russell won in TAD in 97 and is 6-0 against Romine. Only three thousandth's separated this pair in qualifying Current weather conditions: 77degrees, 52 percent relative humidity, the barometer 30.10 inches, with a track temperature of 97 degrees.

Romine's car barely moved before blowing the tires off so violently that the motor revved up and exploded in a ball of flame. The trucks rolled but were not needed at the start line where some small debris was all that was left on the track surface. A quick clean up is taking place at the 1000' mark where the Carquest entry rolled to a halt. While everyone's attention was on Romine, Russell made a tidy run to advance.