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Sat, 13 Oct 2012, 12:34 PM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Session #2
By Bob Orme

REYNOLDS, Ga. - Notes from round 2 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, Southeast Division, event at Silver Dollar Raceway listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Wayne Hutton Runs 8.286/161.50/-0.274, Now #8; F/A Index: 8.56, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Jim Kimbrough Runs 14.065/54.30/6.515, Now #10; C/DA Index: 7.55, Prior Best: 8.959/103.36/1.409, Was #9

12:02 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 75 degrees, relative humidity 48 percent, barometer 29.77 inches, adjusted altitude 1,641 feet.

Kimbrough hiked the front tires into the air on the hit. They came down pretty hard at about 200 feet and he lifted.

Left Lane: Jenny Treadwell Runs 8.041/166.01/-0.379, Now #8; G/ED Index: 8.42, No Prior Run
Right Lane: Michael Hardee Runs 8.459/159.64/-0.611, Now #3; E/SM Index: 9.07, No Prior Run

Michael Hardee's incremental times: 60ft-1.175 sec., 330ft-3.455, 660ft-5.377/127.44 mph, 1,000ft-7.044.

Left Lane: David Eaton Runs 7.950/119.94/0.780, Now #11; A/AP Index: 7.17, Prior Best: 8.194/126.76/1.024, Was #11
Right Lane: Brian Browell Runs 7.197/183.27/-0.593, Now #4; D/D Index: 7.79, Prior Best: 7.257/181.01/-0.533, Was #5

Eaton was all over his lane on this pass.

Brian Browell's incremental times: 60ft-1.045 sec., 330ft-2.927, 660ft-4.548/150.55 mph, 1,000ft-5.979.

Left Lane: David Rampy Runs 7.353/149.05/-0.477, Now #5; A/EA Index: 7.83, Prior Best: 7.238/182.16/-0.592, Was #5
Right Lane: Rick Hord Runs 6.909/195.31/-0.641, Now #2; CC/A Index: 7.55, Prior Best: 6.908/195.17/-0.642, Was #2

David Rampy's incremental times: 60ft-1.001 sec., 330ft-2.912, 660ft-4.550/149.45 mph, 1,000ft-5.983.
Rick Hord's incremental times: 60ft-1.075 sec., 330ft-2.947, 660ft-4.461/164.17 mph, 1,000ft-5.784.

Left Lane: Glen Treadwell Runs 14.247/63.69/5.327, Now #13; F/EA Index: 8.92, No Prior Run

Treadwell had severe tire shake on the launch and he lifted.

Left Lane: Van Puckett Runs 8.341/161.87/-0.509, Now #7; G/AA Index: 8.85, Prior Best: 8.408/159.29/-0.442, Was #7
Right Lane: Danny Holt Runs 17.911/70.62/9.311, Now #9; C/EA Index: 8.60, Prior Best: 8.266/163.06/-0.334, Was #9

Holt rolled the beams by almost a full bulb and he just cruised down the strip.

Van Puckett's incremental times: 60ft-1.173 sec., 330ft-3.409, 660ft-5.309/129.24 mph, 1,000ft-6.950.

Left Lane: Larry Pritchett Runs 13.991/61.29/5.391, Now #5; B/SM Index: 8.60, Prior Best: 8.071/169.36/-0.529, Was #5
Right Lane: Grant Lewis Runs 8.699/158.35/-0.471, Now #7; F/SMA Index: 9.17, Prior Best: 8.786/158.78/-0.384, Was #7

Pritchett was off the throttle before the 330-foot mark.

Grant Lewis' incremental times: 60ft-1.222 sec., 330ft-3.532, 660ft-5.517/123.28 mph, 1,000ft-7.241.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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