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Sat, 06 Oct 2012, 09:51 AM

Stock Eliminator Round 2 Winners

MOHNTON, Pa. - Round 2 pairs and Round 3 ladder in Stock Eliminator at the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series, 28th annual Auto-Plus NHRA Nationals:
 -------- Left Side of Ladder-------  -------- Right Side of Ladder ---------
 ------- Round 2 -------                             ------- Round 2 --------
                    --------------- Round 3 ----------------- 
   24 R/SA   J Marshall                                C Marshall   E/SA  3473
 1132 L/SA   K DePascale                               C Massafra   G/SA  1233
                     24 J Marshall         C Marshall  3473
                   1584 D Pires           R Infantino  1049
 1547 B/SA   J Matyas                                 R Infantino   G/SA  1049
 1584 H/SA   D Pires                                    D Cook II    J/S  1168

 1616 J/S    S Murray                                   A Vignona   G/SA  1312
 1721 D/SA   J Lisa                                  M Quartarone   G/SA  1190
                   1721 J Lisa              A Vignona  1312
                   1139 J Leach            J Boudreau    16
 1139 C/SA   J Leach                                   J Boudreau   B/SA    16
 1911 M/SA   T Stickles                                 C Butcher   H/SA   152

 1231 G/SA   K MacKay                                    A Curcio   H/SA  1860
 1783 C/SA   A Smyth                                     S Szupka   I/SA    18
                   1231 K MacKay             S Szupka    18
                   1120 S Goshert          L Williams  1121
 1152 B/S    E Bednaz                                   J Carnero   J/SA  2209
 1120 E/SA   S Goshert                                 L Williams   F/SA  1121

 1315 L/SA   J Kinash                                S Ficacci Jr  AA/SA  1489
 L138 CC/SA  M Chiles                                  K Robinson   E/SA  1262
                   1315 J Kinash         S Ficacci Jr  1489
                   1710 J MacNeish          C Walters  1776
 1710 D/S    J MacNeish                                D Mitchell   F/SA  1153
 1773 F/SA   D Lowell                                   C Walters   F/SA  1776

 3340 G/SA   C Beach                                             Bye
 1789 K/SA   T Fletcher                                          Bye
                   1789 T Fletcher            Bye
                   J191 J Allegrucci          Bye
 J191 BB/SA  J Allegrucci                                        Bye
 1013 BB/SA  D Ficacci                                           Bye

             Bye                                                 Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye

 1222 P/S    J Cokinos                                           Bye
 W122 D/SA   D Walleigh                                          Bye
                   W122 D Walleigh            Bye
                   1290 J Perrone             Bye
   15 I/SA   K Sepanek                                           Bye
 1290 F/SA   J Perrone                                           Bye

 1143 G/SA   J Williams                                          Bye
 1310 A/SA   L Pinto                                             Bye
                   1310 L Pinto               Bye
                   1725 L Miller              Bye
 1725 H/SA   L Miller                                            Bye
 1150 C/SA   R Linke                                             Bye


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