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Fri, 1 Sep 2000, 03:24 PM

INDY - Super Comp Round 1 Winners

CLERMONT, Ind. - Round 1 winners and next round pairings in Super Comp at the 46th annual U.S. Nationals:
     Num  Class Driver, Home Town, Car Type 

       2697     SC  Raymond Hearne, Raleigh NC, '92 Beretta

        374     SC  Ray Hack, Valpraiso IN, Mullis-Chevy
       3459     SC  Patrick Mulligan, Mt. Morris IL, Mulligan-Chevy

       389A     SC  Larry Bernshausen, Manito IL, '89Dragster
        130     SC  Scott Brown, Marlboro NJ, Dragster-Chevy

       306E     SC  Steve Fields, Taylor MI, Dragster-GM
       2950     SC  Sherman Adcock Jr, Columbus GA, Miller-Pont

       325N     SC  Janice Snyder, Indianapolis IN, Spitzer-Chevy
       3229     SC  Ken Bowers, Paulding OH, Dragster-Chev

       301B     SC  BJ Yates, Johnstown OH, Dragster-Chev
       4263     SC  Bob Fuller, Rogers AR, Undercvr-Chevy

       3902     SC  Charles Lundquist, Hebron IN, Spitzer-Chevy
       172A     SC  Barbara Harrison, Bloomfield NJ, Dragster-Jaspe

       3593     SC  Chuck Walker, Alto MI, Spitzer-Chevy
       396E     SC  Brad Fink, Indianapolis IN, Spitzer-Chev

       389D     SC  Randall Warford, Rockford IL, '98Pontiac
       396B     SC  John Waszak, Mundelein IL, Spitzer-Chev

       3984     SC  Mark Horton, Millbury OH, Dragster-Chev
          3     SC  Edmond Richardson, Goodlettsville TN, Worthy

         42     SC  Shannon Brinkley, Highlands TX, Mullis-Chevy
          7     SC  Sheldon Gecker, Suprise AZ, Yancer-Dodge

       3855     SC  Dean Eversole, Brownsburg IN, '32 Bantam
       3871     SC  Chris Tenuta, Kenosha WI, Mullis-Chevy

        376     SC  Rob Standard, Rockford IL, Racetech-Chevy
       6098     SC  Kyle Fickler, Huntley IL, Pulliam-Dodge

       372W     SC  Tony Collier, Xenia OH, Dragster-Chev
       3739     SC  Rose Richardson, Woodburn IN, Dragster-Chev

       3627     SC  Bill Webb, Johnstown OH, Dragster-Chev
       1089     SC  George Tamasi Jr, Downington PA, Undercvr-Chevy

       3684     SC  James Wilson, Milan IL, S&W-Chevy
       345B     SC  Hank Mulligan, Indianapolis IN, Mulligan-Chev

       328C     SC  Charles Siegler, Villa Park IL, Dragster-Chry
       1728     SC  Jeff Szilagyi, Bethlehem PA PA, '99Dragster

       1994     SC  Regis Lepage, Auburn ME, '99 S-10
       2776     SC  David Hill, Murfreesboro TN, Dragster-Chevy

       5029     SC  Rod Fuller, Rogers AR, Undercover-Chevy
       2333     SC  David Wooley, Finger TN, Dragster-Chev

       3993     SC  Mark Schmidt, Indianapolis IN, Spitzer-Chevy
        314     SC  Dave Kovar, Frankfort IL, Dragster-Chev

       3644     SC  Vince Nannini, Lake Bluff IL, Horton-Chevy
       320B     SC  Steve Dillman, Indianapolis IN, Undercover-Chevy

         33     SC  Glenn Julius, Indianapolis IN, Undercvr-Chevy
       3748     SC  Herb Raymond, Johnstown OH, Dragster-Chevy

       3835     SC  Rob Goins, Westland MI, '97Spitzer
       3022     SC  John Doyle Jr., Burbank IL, S&W-Chevy

       3302     SC  Pat Fitzpatrick, Peoria IL, Dragster-Pont
        225     SC  Chuck Westcott, Browns Burg IN, '91 Beretta

       2163     SC  William Hogle, Gainesville FL, Dragster-Chevy
       5757     SC  Tommy Johnson Jr, Ottumwa IA IA, ART

          5     SC  Jeff Strickland, Red Bay AL, Undercvr-Chev
       3005     SC  Joe Covert, Saukville WI, Suncoast-Chev

       3589     SC  Dan Clark, Columbus OH, Undercvr-Ford
       389G     SC  Becky Strater, Rantoul IL, Dragster-Chev

       1254     SC  John DiBartolomeo, Lambertville NJ, '99 Quay
         35     SC  Dave Fields, Delaware OH, '00Dragster

       4360     SC  Ross Laris, Raceland LA, Sheik-Chevy
       2896     SC  Larry Ericksmoen, St. Petersburg FL, Mullis-Chevy

       124F     SC  Bob Kopack, Hackettstown NJ, Dragster-Chevy
        332     SC  Ron Folk, Durand IL, Mullis-Chevy

       4947     SC  Jason Covington, Center TX, '89Ciera
       3347     SC  Brian Lauterbach, Springfield IL, Spitzer-Chevy

       3448     SC  Scott Clatty, Mason OH, Rooman-Dodge
       3710     SC  Michael Bailey, Hamilton OH, Spitzer-Chevy

       304A     SC  Scott Fitzgibbon, Lockport IL, '00 Dragster
       3760     SC  Wesley Wells, Greenwood IN, Dragster-Chevy

       143Y     SC  Doug Doll, Ephrata PA, Dragster-Chevy
       357L     SC  Frank Piska, Woodstock IL, Dragster-Chev

       301A     SC  Phil Burghard, Worthington OH, Spitzer-Chev
          9     SC  Jim Hughes, Cave Creek AZ, Yancer-Chevy

       3172     SC  Leo Zynda, Roseville MI, Dragster-Chevy
          8     SC  Gary Stinnett, Emporia KS, Undercvr-Chevy

        430     SC  Erica Enders, Houston TX, Mullis-GM
       373B     SC  Thad Martin, Washington IL, '23 -Chev

        202     SC  Steve Cohen, Trilby FL, Mullis-Chevy
         32     SC  Nick Folk, Durand IL, Cameron-Chevy

       3192     SC  Mike Rooksberry, Taylor MI, Advanced-Chevy
       4089     SC  Loretta Eckert, West Monroe LA, Mullis-Chevy

       201L     SC  Ray Llanusa, Fort Lauderdale FL, S&W-Chevy
       2235     SC  Ed Richardson, Bradenton FL, Mullis-Chevy

        258     SC  Douglas Cannon, Charlotte NC, Horton-Chev
       468A     SC  Lonnie Grim, Benton AR, Worthy-Chev

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