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Fri, 2 Jun 2000, 03:28 PM

GRAND BEND - Mopar Performance Parts Pro Modified Qualifying Notes,
By Larry Sullivan

GRAND BEND, Ont. - Session #1 Notes from round 1 qualifying in Mopar Performance Parts Pro Modified at the Inaugural Mopar Parts Canadian Nationals presented by Castrol listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed, and position in order following run:

Left Lane: Troy Critchley Runs 10.659/79.90, Now #2
Right Lane: Pat Moore Runs 7.933/209.20, Now #1

1:33 PM Moore staged, then left just as the tree activated - then got off the throttle and back on again. Critchley spun the tires hard and gave it up.

Left Lane: David Roemer Runs 6.824/165.22, Now #1
Right Lane: Kevin O'Dell Runs 14.240/36.32, Now #4

O'Dell's car spun the tires, shook, then blew the engine, leaving a trail of oil from half-track on.

Left Lane: Larry Sinke Runs 6.507/208.14, Now #2
Right Lane: Fred Hahn Runs 6.279/221.45, Now #1

The cleanup was a good one, Hahn down the just-cleaned lane with a near-record run while Sinke was skating all over in the unoiled left lane.

Left Lane: Steve Vick Runs 10.685/79.21, Now #7
Right Lane: Steve Cossis Runs 6.429/216.60, Now #2

Vick shook and shut it off. Cossis launched with the wheels up and stormed down the groove on a nice pass.

Left Lane: Mike Castellana Runs 10.602/77.19, Now #7
Right Lane: Dale Brinsfield Runs 6.517/215.77, Now #4

Castellana also shook and skated around, then called it quits. Nice run by Brinsfield.

Left Lane: Tim McAmis Runs 6.454/216.76, Now #3
Right Lane: Matt Tolbert Runs 17.832/53.48, Now #12

"Big Bird" is popular with the crowd, but they will have to wait until tomorrow to see it "fly." The car broke and Tolbert slowly cruised through. Nice run by McAmis.

Left Lane: Ronnie Hood Runs 6.426/218.71, Now #2
Right Lane: Carl Spiering Runs 6.438/218.55, Now #4

Spiering's car veered left and he drove through it nicely to save the run, going about 1,500 feet to get to the finish line.

Left Lane: Chris Cline Runs 6.563/210.37, Now #9
Right Lane: Al Billes Runs 6.479/219.88, Now #6

Billes made a good opening run in front of his home-town crowd, straight and smooth.

Left Lane: Tommy Gray Runs 6.478/210.32, Now #6
Right Lane: Al Hinds Runs 7.772/179.39, Now #12

This was Hinds' first national event appearance of the year. His car was sluggish off the mark and never came up to full speed. Nice opening run by Gray to half track and then the car labored, his speed at least ten mph off the mark.

Left Lane: Harold Martin Runs 9.828/112.90, Now #15
Right Lane: Mitch Stott Runs 6.513/214.33, Now #9

Martin's car made a hard left on the launch and he shut it down. Stott's run looked good until the top end, then the car made a hard move toward the wall near the finish line.

Left Lane: Ed Hoover Runs 6.468/218.49, Now #7
Right Lane: Quain Stott Runs 6.446/218.23, Now #5

This one was scary, Stott's Corvette also making a hard move toward the wall near the finish line. No harm, no foul...

Left Lane: Shannon Jenkins Runs 6.551/218.39, Now #13
Right Lane: Ed Wasserbeck Runs 8.150/124.44, Now #18

The first of the two Vipers makes an okay run, at best, in the field for now, but with an ET that won't hold up.

Left Lane: Roy Wasko Runs 6.414/217.81, Now #2
Right Lane: Billy Harper Runs 10.757/74.85, Now #24

Harper's Viper is painted red, with a big, green snake on the door. Its inaugural launch was too aggressive, the front wheels a couple feet up and the car headed for the 330-foot marker, forcing him to back off. Meanwhile, the unheralded Wasko stole the second spot on a nice pass.

Left Lane: Alan Pittman Runs 23.068/30.11, Now #27
Right Lane: Mike Janis No Time, Now #28

Janis broke after the burnout and was pushed away. Pittman launched, the RPMs went up, and he shut it off, apparently breaking something in the driveline. He coasted slowly down the track to end the session.

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