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Sun, 21 Jul 2013, 14:57 PM

Super Street Round 2 Winners

HEBRON, Ohio - Round 2 pairs and Round 3 ladder in Super Street at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series, North Central Division, Buckeye Fuel Wars:

Weather conditions: air temperature 89 degrees, relative humidity 59 percent, barometer 28.96 inches, adjusted altitude 3,858 feet.

 -------- Left Side of Ladder-------  -------- Right Side of Ladder ---------
 ------- Round 2 -------                             ------- Round 2 --------
                    --------------- Round 3 ----------------- 
 3446 S/ST   T McFall                                      J Unum   S/ST  3428
             Bye                                          P Fouts   S/ST  3683
                   3446 T McFall               J Unum  3428
                    313 M Price               C Meyer  3384
 R300 S/ST   M Ruzicka                                   M McFall   S/ST  3130
  313 S/ST   M Price                                      C Meyer   S/ST  3384

 3813 S/ST   S Yonikus                                           Bye
 7177 S/ST   C Campanella                                        Bye
                   3813 S Yonikus             Bye
                   3960 G Decker              Bye
 3666 S/ST   J Parsons                                           Bye
 3960 S/ST   G Decker                                            Bye

 363L S/ST   R Watson                                      C Batt   S/ST  R328
 383Y S/ST   J Fisk Jr.                                  M Harmon   S/ST  334X
                   383Y J Fisk Jr.           M Harmon  334X
                   3030 B Satterly             B Boyd  345X
 3169 S/ST   F Squires                                 E Jirousek   S/ST  3182
 3030 S/ST   B Satterly                                    B Boyd   S/ST  345X

 3696 S/ST   R Matthews                                  M Walker   S/ST  3594
 3557 S/ST   B Webster                                    A Smith   S/ST  355M
                   3696 R Matthews            A Smith  355M
                   379A N Looney             J Fisher  115J
 379A S/ST   N Looney                                    J Fisher   S/ST  115J
  366 S/ST   D Yurcak                                   F Vincent   S/ST   369

             Bye                                         R Miller   S/ST  362A
             Bye                                         B Butner   S/ST   361
                         Bye                 B Butner   361
                         Bye                 R Weaver  3461
             Bye                                         R Weaver   S/ST  3461
             Bye                                           L Fisk   S/ST  322L

             Bye                                       R Spradlin   S/ST  313R
             Bye                                       P Smida II   S/ST  3684
                         Bye               P Smida II  3684
                         Bye                  R Davis  3582
             Bye                                          R Davis   S/ST  3582
             Bye                                         W Kelley   S/ST  305K

             Bye                                                 Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye

             Bye                                                 Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye


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