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Sun, 07 Apr 2013, 13:20 PM

Super Comp Round 2 Winners

LAS VEGAS - Round 2 pairs and Round 3 ladder in Super Comp at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, 14th annual NHRA Nationals:
 -------- Left Side of Ladder-------  -------- Right Side of Ladder ---------
 ------- Round 2 -------                             ------- Round 2 --------
                    --------------- Round 3 ----------------- 
 710F S/C    C Blaisdell                                   P Dion    S/C  D712
             Bye                                        M Quigley    S/C  M758
                   710F C Blaisdell         M Quigley  M758
                   7061 L Marshall           R Warren  4582
 747L S/C    R Lamb                                      R Warren    S/C  4582
 7061 S/C    L Marshall                               J Dalrymple    S/C  6458

 7851 S/C    R Naber                                      E Lacer    S/C  7276
   74 S/C    B Dennis                                  T Theobald    S/C  7010
                   7851 R Naber               E Lacer  7276
                    785 G Garbiso          T Phillips     9
  785 S/C    G Garbiso                                  S Johnson    S/C   745
   79 S/C    T Bayer                                   T Phillips    S/C     9

   53 S/C    T Larson                                   P Johnson    S/C  7657
 706C S/C    C Langdon                                  T McBride    S/C   793
                     53 T Larson            T McBride   793
                   7151 J Connelly           J Morgan  7395
 7151 S/C    J Connelly                                  J Morgan    S/C  7395
 5641 S/C    E Shaughnessy                                J Gruba    S/C  7293

 5891 S/C    K Larson                                   C Babcock    S/C  7023
 A768 S/C    G Hicks                                  R Beckstrom    S/C   731
                   A768 G Hicks           R Beckstrom   731
                   X761 R Mangus         E Cunningham   601
 X761 S/C    R Mangus                                    G Torres    S/C  7805
 6997 S/C    M Dalrymple                             E Cunningham    S/C   601

 7748 S/C    J DeRencin                                          Bye
 7336 S/C    J Davis                                             Bye
                   7336 J Davis               Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye
             Bye                                                 Bye

 4754 S/C    B Torrence                                          Bye
 7295 S/C    R Roper                                             Bye
                   7295 R Roper               Bye
                   5684 C Perkins             Bye
 5684 S/C    C Perkins                                           Bye
 7921 S/C    J Earl                                              Bye

  644 S/C    B Hayball                                           Bye
 777U S/C    D Johnson                                           Bye
                    644 B Hayball             Bye
                     12 J Kenny               Bye
   12 S/C    J Kenny                                             Bye
 5501 S/C    E Olpin Jr.                                         Bye

 6173 S/C    K Mostowich                                         Bye
 7351 S/C    J Denton                                            Bye
                   7351 J Denton              Bye
                   7221 J Freckman            Bye
 7221 S/C    J Freckman                                          Bye
 5027 S/C    N Markuson                                          Bye


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