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Sun, 10 Mar 2013, 09:19 AM

Sunday Schedule
Courtesy of Division Two

CECIL, Ga. -- The Sunday run schedule for the second Division Two Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Weather forecast - Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 76F. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph

9:00 am    12.00 Index   Q3
           11.00 Index   Q3
           10.00 Index   Q3
           Super Street  E-1
10:30 am   Top Dragster  E-1
           Competition   E-1
           Top Sportsman E-1
           Super Comp    E-2
           Super Stock   E-1
           Super Gas     E-2
           12.00 Index   E-1
           11.00 Index   E-1
           10.00 Index   E-1
           Stock         E-2
           Super Comp    E-3
           Super Stock   E-2
           Super Gas     E-3
2:30 pm    Top Dragster  E-3
           Competition   E-3
           Top Sportsman E-3
           Super Street  E-3
           Stock         E-3
           Super Comp    E-4
           Super Stock   E-3
           Super Gas     E-3
           12.00 Index   E-2
           11.00 Index   E-2
           10.00 Index   E-2
3:30 pm    Top Dragster  E-4
           Competition   E-4
           Top Sportsman E-4
           Super Street  E-4
           Stock         E-4
           Super Comp    E-5
           Super Stock   E-4
           Super Gas     E-5
           12.00 Index   E-3
           11.00 Index   E-3
           10.00 Index   E-3
           Super Street  E-5
           Stock         E-5
           Super Comp    E-6
           Super Stock   E-5
           12.00 Index   E-4
           11.00 Index   E-4
           10.00 Index   E-4
           Super Street  Final
           Stock         Final
           Super Comp    Final
           Super Stock   Final
           Super Gas     Final
           12.00 Index   Final
           11.00 Index   Final
           10.00 Index   Final
           Top Dragster  Final
           Competition   Final
           Top Sportsman Final


        Schedule Subject to Change

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