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Sun, 07 Oct 2012, 14:53 PM

Super Pro Round 2 Winners

CECIL, Ga. - Round 2 pairs and Round 2 winners in Super Pro at the 2012 NHRA Summit Racing Series, Southeast Division Finals:
 ---Round 2 Pairings ---
                    --------------- Round 3 ----------------- 
 253P SPRO   B Babb
 T213 SPRO   T Barry
                   253P B Babb

 J249 SPRO   J Self
 2138 SPRO   J Adams
                   J249 J Self

 2132 SPRO   A Acree
 J225 SPRO   J Snyder
                   2132 A Acree

 D205 SPRO   D Stringer
 2775 SPRO   K Johnson
                   D205 D Stringer

 2784 SPRO   J Platt
 2869 SPRO   R Lloyd
                   2784 J Platt

 2054 SPRO   K Whitley
 F286 SPRO   P Ferrar
                   2054 K Whitley

 308F SPRO   D Adams
 J202 SPRO   J Cronan
                   308F D Adams

 2373 SPRO   C Vanlandingham
 264E SPRO   G Chaplo
                   2373 C Vanlandingham

 2962 SPRO   L Poppell
 2315 SPRO   M Obrien
                   2962 L Poppell

 2643 SPRO   S Newell
 217P SPRO   C Prince
                   2643 S Newell

 2067 SPRO   R Devins
 U232 SPRO   J Ivey Sr.
                   2067 R Devins

 2296 SPRO   D Richardson
 255X SPRO   A Roberts
                   2296 D Richardson

    1 SPRO   M Horton
 2856 SPRO   S Crane
                      1 M Horton

 2002 SPRO   D Cole Maltba
 2854 SPRO   D Settle
                   2002 D Cole Maltba

 2766 SPRO   A Hancock
 2704 SPRO   M Padgett
                   2766 A Hancock

 G315 SPRO   J Gregory
 2881 SPRO   D Janus
                   G315 J Gregory

 2438 SPRO   A Hicks
 L277 SPRO   W Daniels
                   2438 A Hicks

 H249 SPRO   D Hicks
 2741 SPRO   R Taylor
                   H249 D Hicks

 2173 SPRO   D Vazquez
 C269 SPRO   S Crosby
                   2173 D Vazquez

 2972 SPRO   J West
 E230 SPRO   K Comer
                   2972 J West

 2148 SPRO   D Scigliuto
 226B SPRO   T Banks
                   2148 D Scigliuto

 2885 SPRO   J Pope
  251 SPRO   S Muller
                   2885 J Pope

 K216 SPRO   K McDaniel
 2187 SPRO   T Denton
                   K216 K McDaniel

 213P SPRO   M B J Pittman
 F260 SPRO   S Sinack
                   213P M B J Pittman

 200K SPRO   P Keene
 2225 SPRO   J Rollins
                   200K P Keene

 A250 SPRO   V Addison
 B254 SPRO   B Townsend
                   A250 V Addison

 280M SPRO   J Onda
 2977 SPRO   V Greer
                   280M J Onda

 2901 SPRO   D Wolfe
 2663 SPRO   T Lewis
                   2901 D Wolfe

 202V SPRO   M Brewer
 261T SPRO   C Fitzgerald
                   202V M Brewer

 2702 SPRO   S Bishop
 2518 SPRO   M Gurlaccio
                   2702 S Bishop

 F214 SPRO   M Bonacci
 2661 SPRO   V Fera
                   F214 M Bonacci

 2787 SPRO   J Kelly Hicks
 2043 SPRO   T Bishop
                   2787 J Kelly Hicks

 H218 SPRO   J Hancock
 266L SPRO   V Leto Jr
                   H218 J Hancock

 2277 SPRO   D Pittman
 281V SPRO   V Harrell
                   2277 D Pittman

 2554 SPRO   J Newmans
 200E SPRO   R Houston
                   2554 J Newmans

 2459 SPRO   J Joiner Jr.
 2241 SPRO   J Rollins
                   2459 J Joiner Jr.

 2365 SPRO   J Mella
 2062 SPRO   B Goolsby
                   2365 J Mella

 307K SPRO   A Cline
 H228 SPRO   D Harbin
                   307K A Cline

 250D SPRO   J Davide
 K226 SPRO   G McInerny
                   250D J Davide

 2536 SPRO   M Fowler
 2864 SPRO   G Daeke
                   2536 M Fowler

 208X SPRO   B Ierna
 2614 SPRO   L Mcgregor
                   208X B Ierna

 200Y SPRO   P Rebis
 7246 SPRO   C Boyd
                   200Y P Rebis

 222C SPRO   B Childs
 2414 SPRO   T Morris
                   222C B Childs

 2590 SPRO   M Hancock
 2951 SPRO   W Adcock
                   2590 M Hancock

 R206 SPRO   R Gower III
 2094 SPRO   A Strickland
                   R206 R Gower III

 2520 SPRO   D Cole Maltba
 261G SPRO   B George
                   2520 D Cole Maltba


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