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Sat, 28 Oct 2006, 01:27 PM

Super Comp Round 2 Winners

LAS VEGAS - Round 2 pairs and Round 3 ladder in Super Comp at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Sixth annual ACDelco Las Vegas NHRA Nationals:
 -------- Left Side of Ladder-------  -------- Right Side of Ladder ---------
 ------- Round 2 -------                             ------- Round 2 --------
                    --------------- Round 3 ----------------- 
 7061 S/C   L Marshall                                  H Meziere   S/C  7660
   16 S/C   A Kenny                                     K Quinlan   S/C  7630
                     16 A Kenny             K Quinlan  7630
                         Bye                T Edwards   527
            Bye                                         T Edwards   S/C   527
            Bye                                          J Klomps   S/C    39

   33 S/C   R Erks                                        B Hiatt   S/C  7726
 5000 S/C   D Long                                       G Boutte   S/C    74
                     33 R Erks                B Hiatt  7726
                   449B L Parfait         N Schindler  6380
   54 S/C   M Mustard                                 N Schindler   S/C  6380
 449B S/C   L Parfait                                   D Krieger   S/C  D706

 5270 S/C   M Potts                                       S Robin   S/C  744R
 7275 S/C   D Kruse                                     L Johnson   S/C  765L
                   5270 M Potts               S Robin  744R
                   7010 T Theobald            R Souza  6237
 771V S/C   K Verlingo                                A Rebrovich   S/C  7156
 7010 S/C   T Theobald                                    R Souza   S/C  6237

 6162 S/C   B Plourd                                    M Quigley   S/C  757Q
   52 S/C   J Cheney                                       L Wood   S/C    10
                     52 J Cheney               L Wood    10
                   6666 B Hobson        L Bernshausen  389A
 6666 S/C   B Hobson                                L Bernshausen   S/C  389A
   77 S/C   V Torres Jr.                               B Kleewein   S/C  5883

 7200 S/C   R Symons                                       R Lahn   S/C  7899
    9 S/C   T Stewart                                   M Mangili   S/C  701D
                      9 T Stewart              R Lahn  7899
                      4 K Kleinweber         B Maddox  5439
    4 S/C   K Kleinweber                                 B Maddox   S/C  5439
 7265 S/C   L Scarth                                   D LoCascio   S/C  7686

 765M S/C   J Momjian                                     R Naber   S/C     5
 2541 S/C   S Walls                                        G Kern   S/C  7280
                   765M J Momjian             R Naber     5
                   7959 R Stevenson         C Langdon  750L
 7725 S/C   M Hiatt                                     C Langdon   S/C  750L
 7959 S/C   R Stevenson                                   S Bones   S/C  768B

 7809 S/C   V Torres                                    S Langdon   S/C  7334
 6591 S/C   M Trujillo                                 C Anderson   S/C  4961
                   6591 M Trujillo          S Langdon  7334
                   7474 J Lamb               J Morgan  7395
 5904 S/C   T Simpson                                    J Morgan   S/C  7395
 7474 S/C   J Lamb                                       T McCann   S/C   534

 5995 S/C   S Swenson                                     E Olpin   S/C   550
  404 S/C   C Stull                                     J Schultz   S/C  5512
                   5995 S Swenson           J Schultz  5512
                   363X R Connolly          C McNicol  7134
 363X S/C   R Connolly                                   B Fuller   S/C  501B
 7764 S/C   D Strickland                                C McNicol   S/C  7134

 6025 S/C   J Juel                                              Bye
 7292 S/C   T Barton                                            Bye
                   7292 T Barton              Bye
                   7875 R Cracraft            Bye
 7875 S/C   R Cracraft                                          Bye
 738A S/C   D Symons                                            Bye

            Bye                                                 Bye
            Bye                                                 Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
                         Bye                  Bye
            Bye                                                 Bye
            Bye                                                 Bye

 7488 S/C   K Theobald                                          Bye
 7027 S/C   M Solina                                            Bye
                   7488 K Theobald            Bye
                   7328 B Smith               Bye
 7817 S/C   M Lane                                              Bye
 7328 S/C   B Smith                                             Bye

 7826 S/C   K Seipel                                            Bye
 6938 S/C   T Gresham                                           Bye
                   7826 K Seipel              Bye
                   5922 D Scholtz             Bye
 765C S/C   S Chennault                                         Bye
 5922 S/C   D Scholtz                                           Bye

 744Z S/C   C Rumis                                             Bye
 5492 S/C   G Wamboldt                                          Bye
                   5492 G Wamboldt            Bye
                   7336 J Davis               Bye
 4548 S/C   B Cummings                                          Bye
 7336 S/C   J Davis                                             Bye

   61 S/C   B Yoder                                             Bye
 5706 S/C   P Cambron                                           Bye
                     61 B Yoder               Bye
                   5800 R Sweetland           Bye
 5800 S/C   R Sweetland                                         Bye
 7009 S/C   D Morgan                                            Bye

   57 S/C   M Miller                                            Bye
 7188 S/C   M Allen                                             Bye
                     57 M Miller              Bye
                      8 S Gecker Sr.          Bye
 7587 S/C   T Quinlan                                           Bye
    8 S/C   S Gecker Sr.                                        Bye

   69 S/C   D Benham                                            Bye
  701 S/C   B Cannon                                            Bye
                    701 B Cannon              Bye
                     48 S Cummings            Bye
   48 S/C   S Cummings                                          Bye
 7640 S/C   T Yancer                                            Bye

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