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Sat, 14 Oct 2006, 10:51 AM

Competition Eliminator Qualifying Notes, Final Session
By Larry Sullivan

DINWIDDIE, Va. - Notes from final, round 3 qualifying in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Inaugural Torco Racing Fuels NHRA Nationals listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed this round, amount over/under index this round, position in order following run, best prior elapsed time, speed & over/under Index, and position in order prior to run:
Left Lane: Glenn Bourke Runs 8.482/155.35/-0.428, Now #27; F/ED Index: 8.91, Prior Best: 8.443/157.37/-0.467, Was #27
Right Lane: Erich Bollman Runs 7.742/173.72/-0.648, Now #15; E/A Index: 8.39, Prior Best: 7.758/173.54/-0.632, Was #15

10:23 a.m. Looks like more good air today. Weather conditions: air temperature 65 degrees, relative humidity 37 percent, barometer 29.98 inches, adjusted altitude 434 feet, track temperature 73 degrees.

Left Lane: Ralph Hope Runs 8.015/162.67/-0.465, Now #28; J/A Index: 8.48, Prior Best: 22.472/37.02/13.992, Was #32
Right Lane: Robert Book Runs 6.422/206.76/-0.678, Now #6; A/D Index: 7.10, Prior Best: 6.396/211.86/-0.704, Was #6

Book couldn't match his torrid pace from yesterday, but that's still a pretty good run. Hope made a nice run to get off the bump spot - except there are only 32 cars, so nobody is going to get bumped.

Left Lane: Mark Linebarrier Runs 7.493/179.59/-0.507, Now #24; C/A Index: 8.00, Prior Best: 7.555/179.14/-0.445, Was #29
Right Lane: Rick Hord Runs 7.442/177.25/-0.708, Now #2; BB/A Index: 8.15, Prior Best: 7.417/0.00/-0.733, Was #2

Linebarrier made a move up, Hord stayed second.

Left Lane: Kevin Houghtaling Runs 9.050/150.66/-0.690, Now #9; H/SM Index: 9.74, Prior Best: 9.049/0.00/-0.691, Was #9
Right Lane: Pat Ross Runs 8.135/165.88/-0.565, Now #12; F/A Index: 8.70, Prior Best: 8.046/167.22/-0.654, Was #12

Houghtaling almost matched his best from yesterday on a nice pass.

Left Lane: Mark Kirkman Runs 7.038/196.53/-0.692, Now #9; B/AA Index: 7.73, Prior Best: 7.209/195.11/-0.521, Was #23
Right Lane: Rick Mann Runs 15.658/50.78/7.658, Now #27; C/A Index: 8.00, Prior Best: 7.533/180.24/-0.467, Was #27

Mann slowed about 100 feet out, couldn't see why. Kirkman almost made it into the sixes on a huge improvement from yesterday.

Left Lane: Charlie Greco Runs 7.667/176.65/-0.723, Now #3; E/A Index: 8.39, Prior Best: 7.686/0.00/-0.704, Was #5
Right Lane: Tony Mangrum Runs 6.796/202.61/-0.364, Now #32; A/A Index: 7.16, Prior Best: 6.812/202.61/-0.348, Was #32

Greco stepped up on a smooth run down the VMP racing surface.

Left Lane: Doc Bilbrey Runs 7.735/174.93/-0.335, Now #30; PST Index: 8.07, Prior Best: 7.668/176.03/-0.402, Was #30
Right Lane: Dominic Surace Runs 7.615/176.95/-0.455, Now #25; PST Index: 8.07, Prior Best: 7.585/178.14/-0.485, Was #25

Left Lane: Randy Daniels Runs 7.360/182.95/-0.640, Now #17; F/A Index: 8.00, Prior Best: 7.387/182.72/-0.613, Was #18
Right Lane: Tony Stephenson Runs 7.775/170.47/-0.635, Now #11; E/AA Index: 8.41, Prior Best: 7.737/0.00/-0.673, Was #11

Daniels stepped up, Stephenson fell back. Both made nice runs.

Left Lane: Jeg Coughlin Runs 7.718/173.29/-0.692, Now #10; E/AA Index: 8.41, Prior Best: 7.758/173.09/-0.652, Was #15
Right Lane: Arnie Martel Runs 8.747/153.11/-0.703, Now #1; G/SMA Index: 9.45, Prior Best: 8.693/0.00/-0.757, Was #1

Jeg looks like a player and Martel appears to have backed it down a bit, though his speed did not fall off.

Left Lane: Larry Pritchett Runs 8.182/143.87/-0.578, Now #4; B/SM Index: 8.76, Prior Best: 8.041/0.00/-0.719, Was #4
Right Lane: George Supinski Jr. Runs 8.226/163.67/-0.634, Now #13; C/SM Index: 8.86, Prior Best: 8.202/0.00/-0.658, Was #13

Pritchett was out of the throttle well before the line.

Left Lane: Arnie Martel Jr Runs 8.841/151.97/-0.609, Now #15; G/SMA Index: 9.45, Prior Best: 8.797/153.81/-0.653, Was #15
Right Lane: Allen Stanfield Runs 9.157/147.21/-0.583, Now #20; H/SM Index: 9.74, Prior Best: 9.158/0.00/-0.582, Was #20

Stanfield almost duplicated his first run of the weekend, Martel was a few hundredths slower today.

Left Lane: David Rampy Runs 7.348/149.66/-0.562, Now #7; A/EA Index: 7.91, Prior Best: 7.214/173.27/-0.696, Was #7
Right Lane: Gerry Russo Runs 8.290/145.63/-0.640, Now #5; C/SMA Index: 8.93, Prior Best: 8.215/163.08/-0.715, Was #5

Rampy was out of the throttle around the 1,000-foot marker - so was Russo.

Left Lane: Skip Gladstone Runs 8.325/153.20/-0.585, Now #18; F/ED Index: 8.91, Prior Best: 8.279/156.10/-0.631, Was #18
Right Lane: Gary Wisecarver Runs 9.204/121.85/-0.536, Now #8; H/SM Index: 9.74, Prior Best: 9.045/0.00/-0.695, Was #8

Wisecarver was off the throttle well before the line, Gladstone was not.

Left Lane: Frank Aragona Runs 8.546/150.35/-0.554, Now #19; G/EA Index: 9.10, Prior Best: 8.501/152.11/-0.599, Was #19
Right Lane: Blake Alexander Runs 6.873/187.96/-0.487, Now #25; A/AA Index: 7.36, Prior Best: 6.886/193.77/-0.474, Was #26

Left Lane: John Caliendo Jr Runs 7.893/170.99/-0.457, Now #21; D/AA Index: 8.35, Prior Best: 7.772/172.25/-0.578, Was #21
Right Lane: Lonnie Johnson Runs 7.913/175.57/0.183, Now #31; B/AA Index: 7.73, Prior Best: 7.335/189.28/-0.395, Was #31

Last pair. Johnson lost a lot of time in the first half of the run, could not see the reason from here.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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